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Science: The Lesser Sphere – Part 1

‘God does not play dice.’ This simple phrase, taken (as is even needless to say) from perhaps the most publicly recognized intellectual figure of the past century, in a certain sense stands as the watchword of an era. In the…

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When Form Ignored Darwin – Part 3

There are certainly examples of unmistakable metamorphosis in the organic world, for example the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The action of a specific hormone sets into motion that series of actions and transformations which cause a crawling…

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When Form Ignored Darwin – Part 2

Part 2 Already from these few lines it is evident how in the theory of Saint-Hilaire, as much as in that of Goethe, the fixity of living forms is absolutely out of the question: species transform, they adapt to external…

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When Form Ignored Darwin – Part 1

Part 1 The theory of Evolution was without a doubt one of most influential scientific theories in the culture of the 19th century, and it remains to this day the dominant theory, at least within the biological sciences. At the…

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