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We are proud to announce that, with this week’s publication of View from the Right, Volume III: Controversies and Viewpoints, Arktos has achieved its ambition of producing the first full English translation of all three volumes of Alain de Benoist’s monumental review of the thinkers, events and ideas of our time.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has made possible the English-language publication of this groundbreaking work of the French New Right, and most especially those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. Your indispensable support brings these essential writings to all Anglophones at a historical moment when they are more needed than ever.

Dear loyal supporters,

as we are in the midst of the crucial start-up phase, we need your help to keep Arktos going. Maintaining a sophisticated website like ours is costly and to continue posting new, free content regularly, we need funds urgently. We kindly ask that you consider becoming an Arktos Member or making a one-time donation. By doing so, you will not only support our work but also gain valuable knowledge and information in return.

We aim to reach at least 250 subscribers and $4,000 in donations by the end of June. As of now, we have 138 subscribers and $2495 in donations. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being part of the Arktos community.

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Donation goal ($2495 / $4000)


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