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On this day, the first of May 2020, Arktos celebrates its ten-year anniversary.

Over the course of this mere decennial, Arktos has gone from an obscure start-up company to one of the major pillars of contemporary traditionalist and anti-globalist literature. Our register includes 193 titles by 77 authors, with works published in a total of 17 languages. 14 of our books have been recorded as audiobooks, with many more to come. We have broken ground in the domains of fiction, history, religion, philosophy, political theory, science, and spiritualism. We proudly represent the works of some of the major dissident figures and intellectual currents of our time, including the European New Right, the Traditionalist School and Fourth Political Theory.

Our official Arktos podcast, Interregnum, has published to date forty-nine conversations with incisive authors and thinkers, with the fiftieth soon to come, and our Arktos Journal has totalled 230 articles, the bulk of which are original productions or translations.

In the midst of these achievements, we have experienced unforeseen setbacks and unexpected windfalls. We have weathered groundless attacks by a variety of individuals and organisations, obtuse attempts at deplatforming and censorship, viciously closed-minded campaigns of disinformation and prejudice against our house, our books and, in the most despicable cases, our colleagues and authors — but we have emerged from all of this stronger than ever.

This would not have been possible without the constant support of our community.

We look back at these past ten years with a mixture of pride and gratitude for the loyal readers who continue to honour us by reserving a slot on their shelves for the Arktos brand. We are gratefully obliged to you, and take your faith in us as our duty to continue striving for the high standards to which you so rightly hold us.

Last, but far from least, we extend our profound thanks to our authors for believing in us and in our work, and for giving us the chance to represent them in a ‘marketplace of ideas’ which all too often seems radically closed — a false pageant of artificial banalities, which seeks to limit the horizons of the mind rather than expanding them. Our authors deserve pride of place in the contemporary discourse on the present, the past and the future, and it is our honour to give them the platform they so richly merit. We remember those of them who have passed on — some within the lifespan of our publishing house itself — and we pledge our ceaseless support to those of them still hard at the good fight.

And so, to our readers, patrons and authors: as we celebrate the initial successes of this young publishing house’s life, we raise our glasses in thanks to all of you.

As for the ten years to come — we look forward to a new decade of hard work and shining results, the exploration of new genres and media, trenchant investigation into the ideas and philosophies necessary to address the great challenges of our time, and publications of the highest quality in all senses, from outer aesthetics to inner content.

In that spirit, we send our heartfelt salute to the entire Arktos community. To a new decade: may it outrival the last!

The Arktos Staff

Dear loyal supporters,

as we are in the midst of the crucial start-up phase, we need your help to keep Arktos going. Maintaining a sophisticated website like ours is costly and to continue posting new, free content regularly, we need funds urgently. We kindly ask that you consider becoming an Arktos Member or making a one-time donation. By doing so, you will not only support our work but also gain valuable knowledge and information in return.

We aim to reach at least 250 subscribers and $4,000 in donations by the end of June. As of now, we have 138 subscribers and $2495 in donations. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being part of the Arktos community.

Subscriber goal (138 / 250)


Donation goal ($2495 / $4000)


Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.

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