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According to the recently released book Contemporary Far-Right Thinkers and the Future of Liberal Democracy by Oxford University Press, Arktos ‘is the publishing house of the European “New Right” and far-right school of political thought’.

We are aware that some might perceive us as a ‘far-right publisher’. However, we strongly reject the term ‘far-right’ as it is not something that anyone would ever call themselves. The term was made up by the Left and liberals to denigrate their political opponents. ‘Far-right’ is nothing more than a slur and is being used as part of smear campaign against people and organisations that disagree with the so-called ‘progressive’ agenda being forced down the throat of the gullible populace.

It is more apt to describe Arktos as an ‘out-of-the-box’ media company, whose range includes titles from conservative, religious, libertarian, anarchist, anti-establishment and futurist writers.

Arktos publishes famous and illustrious figures from across the globe, considered ‘controversial’ in mainstream parlance, such as the French journalist and essayist Alain de Benoist (awarded the prestigious Prix de l’essai by the Académie française in 1978), the English novelist and political philosopher Sir Roger Scruton (knighted in 2016), the French inventor of Archeofuturism and propagator of Faustian values Guillaume Faye, the Iranian-American philosopher and founder of Prometheism Jason Reza Jorjani, New Zealand writer and activist Kerry Bolton, and the English psychologist and IQ researcher Richard Lynn.

Arktos hosts anti-imperialist as well as more statist positions. We do not avoid issuing books dealing with controversial topics, from both sides of the aisle. Among our authors, we have people of colour (e.g., Sri Sri Ravi Sankar, one of the main gurus of Hindu spiritualism), and the world’s foremost expert on the Hare Krishna movement, Steven J. Rosen. Arktos is proud of the multifaceted talent it has to offer.

Arktos also refuses to be labeled a ‘conservative’ outlet. It is much more than that. It puts out dystopian fiction critical of the current status quo (e.g., environmental destruction, needless wars ravaging different countries) as well as uplifting tracts of what humanity could achieve if given the chance.

These voices add to the symphony that a true debate culture should be. All opinions and viewpoints have the right to be heard, not just the popular ones, because the ones considered ‘fringe’ by the mainstream are usually the ones that truly make people think and trigger lively discussions.

Without this kind of discourse about issues fundamental to the human condition, no society can say that it truly cherishes free speech. People should never be afraid to say or write what they think or believe, and there definitely should not be any negative consequences or punishments (such as social ostracism or being blacklisted) for doing just that.

Our books have garnered praise from across the political spectrum. In April 2013, the respected magazine The American Conservative ran a praiseful review of our collection of essays by Prof. Paul Gottfried, the father of paleoconservatism, entitled War and Democracy. Likewise, excerpts from our book Can Life Prevail?, by the radical Finnish ecologist Pentti Linkola, were included in issue 95 of the famous countercultural magazine Adbusters, which was published in May/June 2011, simultaneously with its first calls for what became the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Arktos has published over two hundred books by fifty authors, from a wide variety of political and ideological persuasions. Arktos is truly ideologically diverse and does not follow any one agenda.

The Arktos Restoration Initiative

We have handpicked a few distinguished titles, previously lost to censorship, befitting any refined bookshelf. These esteemed classics are now offered in limited leather-bound editions, with a mere 100 copies per title. Owning one not only grants you a collector’s item but also supports our mission to restore them in paperback for all.

Your contribution aids the metapolitical battle, ensuring that vital ideas and concepts remain accessible to an ever-expanding audience.

IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

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