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The author, a right-wing nationalist, explains his pro-Ukrainian view and stresses the importance of focusing on immediate levels of influence within local networks rather than grandiose ideas about global politics and affiliations, emphasizing the need for direct connections and mutual respect within ethnonationalist groups.

After some articles I have penned for other outlets, Arktos approached me as one of the few in the circle to highlight why I believe in the pro-Ukrainian view when many other Westerners believe in Russia/Putin. Now I believe right-wing ideology is a spectrum with their own accompanying foundation for what to believe, logically speaking. I have seen even the Hitlerian side of this spectrum fall into support for Russia, though it is convincingly less than one might expect of the more moderate side taking the (in my opinion) more extreme position of Kremlin support where “globalism is bad” and therefore “multipolar efforts good”.

Many never consider that they instead have been confused by Kremlin-sourced anti-Western rhetoric when it suited their anti-globohomo positions.

How else could it be rationalized that the very far Right would support the side that has just openly declared an anti-fascist crusade? I could mock such persons but there is always a grounding for such stances though whether it is sound is another story. Because of the toxic effects of democracy on the proletariat’s mind, many right-wingers also imagine themselves these Rothschildian puppetmasters pulling the strings of the grand chessboard or at the very least imagine they themselves must have opinions in line with such grand awareness of “the real war/reasons/history.” Or that the anti-Nazi crusade is merely lip-service to confuse the Western libs at the expense of our world view, which is probably no more than a hobby to some and therefore easily rationalized when cognitive dissonance sets in. Many never consider that they instead have been confused by Kremlin-sourced anti-Western rhetoric when it suited their anti-globohomo positions. This becomes obvious when RT parrots both the ethnic tolerance line of: “The West is bad because black people are treated unfairly” and also the anti-immigration line of: “Look at these cities being trashed and how many millions more immigrants are coming.” At this point the individual must become wary because it isn’t only of importance what manner of opinions men have, but also what manner of men they are that have them to scrutinize them for legitimacy. I believe to many Westerners this has not happened and when the reality check came, they fell into the conducive behavioral pattern many cultists fall into when the doomsday date passes with nothing happening. It is more painful for many to deny years of Russia support and RT broadcasts than to merely rationalize denazification.

My support isn’t for Ukraine the state or the Ukrainian government; it is for grass roots nationalist groups and autonomous peoples that hold the interests of their ethnicity central.

But so what of the opposite? How does this very social and national man rationalize the globohomo empire supporting the Jewish oligarch(y) in Kiev? Surely this N’wah has lost his mind? Not entirely I’m afraid because I feel the working man in the West is as responsible for his government as he is in Ukraine, Russia, etc. Neo-feudalism has set in around business conglomerates with puppets that wield state armies and security services for personal protection and these entities of force provide them for a paycheck. We should reflect on the matter that the global fight is nationalism vs capitalism and thus rooted peoples vs elites. My support isn’t for Ukraine the state or the Ukrainian government; it is for grass roots nationalist groups and autonomous peoples that hold the interests of their ethnicity central. This extends to ethnonationalist Russians as well that have suffered greatly at the hands of the Putin government for the sake of the Eurasian empire. Nationalists in the West know that demographically Russians suffer as much as we do and are repressed as much as we are. In the West the police won’t show up when a Pakistani rape gang besets your house; in Russia the Chechen rape gang is part of the official state security apparatus coming to get you. We have such a shared burden and yet we are driven to support this war and all its World War II effects it will have on Eastern Europe like replacement migration and Jewish desk jockeys miraculously surviving the war, ready to push over a weary populace. These brother wars have always weakened the white race, they have always had a devastating effect on our demographics and political will and they have always strengthened globalist power structures and weakened national ones. It is because national interests die in the fields while international interests continue power brokering far away from the cold, dirt and bombs.

Now I have suffered inane arguments in my lifetime and sat through grandiose displays of mental gymnastics to rationalize a position. These positions are always buttressed by esoteric and often unverifiable knowledge. The type that the CIA would have and could check for instance but is now in the hands of the prole because of CHRISTIANSFORTRUTHBLOG911.TK. I feel the common man takes solace in grandiose and fantastic rationalizations as an escape he himself cannot construe himself and therefore it must be true as a mode of the personal “Jewish big lie” he tells himself. Therefore it falls to nationalists like myself to tell the small and unattractive tale of our people.

Our race is beset worldwide by demographic pressures and hostile governments of elites; there are no allied governments; there are no allied sides; everyone is out to use or kill you and all we have is ourselves and people like ourselves.

It is my hope that the Azov battalion, which is now heavily integrated and financed by the West, will morph into a local Taliban-like power

It is my hope that the Azov battalion, which is now heavily integrated and financed by the West, will morph into a local Taliban-like power, an “enemy of my enemy” situation gone wrong that will help shore up some protection for people like us. Furthermore, it should be said that next to having a white Hezbollah, we need a white Ummah with a religious capital, Ukraine is close to the Hyperborean homeland of the Indo-Europeans and hence it is sacred ground. For my considerations the stage is set for expanding European interests in Ukraine to contend with the Zelensky government and its nefarious benefactors.

Azov may fall into the Operation Gladio-style dynamic where neo-Nazi groups after World War II were kept active to fight the Soviet Union in case of an emergency that never came. One thing is certain is that the vast majority of fighting men are extremely right-wing in Ukraine.

Certain Russian ethnonationalist groups have also shown their dissatisfaction and switched sides; perhaps they too have a hope that perhaps in Ukraine things will be better. So too do many Western ethnonationalists go to Eastern Europe in search of… protection is not the right word; let’s say “non-repression.” What Western ethnonationalist could stomach an immigrant life and then tell the natives that they should consider submitting to a foreign power? If such people speak of realpolitik, then for God’s sake execute it as well, or at the very least have the honor to not deny them their ambition, or spare yourself the irony of having become Eastern Europe’s version of the colored that now berates the locals.

You might have noticed throughout this article that I have not once appealed to the grand chessboard or Russia’s right to defend its goalpost-moving borders from Western biolabs and other esoteric deep-ops with Nord Stream 2. We will never know for sure on any of these topics; we do not have the clearance for it. Yet this is where most Westerners place their gaze because it is easy to fill in the plotholes when you know nothing. Yet for the depressive and powerless reality many nationalists find themselves in, it is important that we remind ourselves that we are adults with a job to do and that we must do it. I may hope that Azov will be the ship on which my dreams for the white race sails, but I cannot re-enforce it short of uprooting myself and fighting or working on their behalf.

People may be as skeptical of that belief as I am of theirs that Russia will defeat globohomo with Putin ushering in the true age of conservatism. I think we cannot fault each other for wanting to believe these things and that we can only remain skeptical of those beliefs actually coming true.

Now here comes the set-up: even though we believe these things about events we have no control over, in places that don’t really impact us and that we mostly do nothing for other than grandstand on the internet about, we are in fact squandering what does matter; we are neglecting our adult duties for things we do have control over. That is not alienating each other, I’m talking about us ethnonationalists having found the democratic vehicle #30525 invented by clever spin doctors to once again be at each other’s throats over. We are splitting with groups and people we meet daily over Ukrainian and Russian nationalists we’ll never meet. In fact, as stated earlier, you’ll probably meet an Eastern European ally much sooner than a Russian or a Ukrainian, who now hates your guts for wanting to throw him under the bus for the sake of the grand chessboard on which you never moved a single piece! What an awful deal.

Now I have been fortunate enough to meet Russian and Ukrainian “extremely far-right” types and they are as upset with the state of the government and race as you are, but what can you do when everyone starts blasting each other? Would an American object to shooting a white Canadian who has come to liberate his washing machine just because Biden is in office? I do not think so; rounds are flying and anomalous concepts of political theory aren’t relevant in such intense situations. This merely highlights that all Westerners are very fortunate not to have bullets flying in their vicinity so that they do not have to make any moral concessions for their direct safety. But then our obligation not to break ranks and to treat this situation seriously only doubles We should leave side issues in storage while we deal with core issues like our immediate dispossession in our homelands, which a victory on either side will not remedy in the short term.

Do not let ethnonationalism of the peoples water down into telescopic civic nationalism of governments and states.

While I have traveled much and spoken to many interesting individuals, I won’t pretend I somehow have more influence on the grand chessboard than you, my reader. Sure, I know people, but this is more a local boon than one that will change the course of history. Yet history can be distilled into immediate levels of influence, and hence I do not think you must cripple yourself in the here and now with what important influence you have over your peers for the fantastical things or persons you have no control over. Do not let ethnonationalism of the peoples water down into telescopic civic nationalism of governments and states. We are threatened at every turn in our every facet of life with influences designed to allure and pull you into little games that amount to nothing. Forget about them! While less glamorous (and indeed worth escaping), your local networks and people call for your guidance to strengthen them to weather economic and ethnic difficulties that are sure to come. There is no easy and quick escape from this responsibility unless delusion is considered a worthy alternative (it isn’t).

My closing thoughts will be that whatever side you support, make sure it has sworn fealty to you directly as a person and not through some long and complicated sense of affiliation like anxiously standing close to the cool kid in school. He’s not your friend; everyone knows you are pretending; please cease immediately. Making such distinctions will separate the adult from the child in a world where adulthood is in short supply and Westerners are continuously conditioned to live these Peter Pan-style lives of non-committed affiliation.

Every group I support, I have met. This will be the only measure which separates me from you, but it has always served me well. Someone you do not know will always use you, yet someone you know can and might vouch for you. Having such a system based on mutual respect and friendship will never falter you. Let it help you as it has helped me.

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Nick Balt

Nick Balt is a renegade marketer turned nationalist that spends most of his time connecting groups and organizers to businesses. He also writes occasionally.

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1 year ago

Project Ukraine is the globohomo liberal west’s #1 priority. Beyond anything and everything. To try to pretend Ukrainian nationalists in practice are anything but attack dogs for that idea is pure cope.

Richard Wilson
1 year ago

Extremely blinkered,a naivete that is deadly is the worst kind. A panoptic idealistic nationalism reliant on an evil empire( usa) that sacrifices children,on the international metropolitan elite for simple existence is not really a nationalism , any nationalism that pronounces itself in negatives only and half truths and lies is a nationalism that will be defeated. The Ukraine. Get it right. An article is needed ,The Ukraine IS Russia,always will be. Anyone who says otherwise is a puppet. Your strings will soon be cut. The Ukraine will return to Rossiya Mat’.

Alexander Reynor
Alexander Reynor
1 year ago

I would say that the only hope for Ukrainian nationalists at this point would be to betray Zelensky with a coup d’etat and then once obtaining state power, broker a deal with Putin. Siding with US/NATO against Russia means they are going to lose in the end. Either they lose to Russian forces (the most likely scenario) and will be removed OR if the US-NATO-Ukraine forces win, they will likely face their own Night of the Long Knives where the United States will pressure their new client state into cracking down on the Ukrainian nationalist groups.

Like it or not, the world is a chessboard and a small country like Ukraine simply lacks the military, economy, and culture to impose hegemony regionally in the area. The world is becoming multipolar and ‘big spaces’ are forming. Ukraine is in the middle of the US-West and Russia. Naturally, Ukraine is going to fall into one of those two spheres. I am skeptical of the Intermarrium geopolitical project as long as all participating members are in NATO.

1 year ago

Never mind the fact that what we call Ukraine in this conversation is at least three nations. Zelensy isn’t even fluent in Ukrainian. Almost nobody is. Ukraine is like Montenegro or Kosovo, an artificial construct. Perhaps the solution is to redraw the borders between Russia, Hungary, and Poland.

Simon Willoughby
Simon Willoughby
1 year ago

The article and argument came across as somewhat fractured and unconvincing. The Azov Battalion becoming a Taliban of the West is wishful thinking, when there is a peace settlement NATO at the behest of the EU will immediately move in and put an end to any such chance of a liberation movement. It’s a nice thought but ultimately unrealistic. A Euro-Siberian Federation with the Russians looks like our only hope of maintaining European Culture.

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