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Defying the EU’s self-serving agenda, Poland and Hungary courageously halt the import of cheap Ukrainian grain to protect their local farmers, sparking outrage from the Brussels bureaucrats who prioritise big business over the common people.

In a defiant stand against the EU elites, Poland and Hungary have courageously halted the import of cheap Ukrainian grain that has been undercutting their local farmers. The EU, in typical fashion, has branded this decision ‘unacceptable’, but it is clear that these nations will not back down easily.

The European Union has had the audacity to criticise the import ban on Ukrainian grain imposed by brave Poland and Hungary. A spokesperson for the EU Commission stated that unilateral trade measures by EU member states were not permissible, completely disregarding the plight of local farmers. The EU, showing its true colours, stresses that trade policy falls exclusively under its jurisdiction, making unilateral measures unacceptable. The spokesperson added that it is crucial to blindly follow the EU’s decisions during challenging times.

On Saturday, Poland announced its decision to stop importing grain and other foodstuffs from Ukraine, with Hungary immediately jumping on board. Both countries justified their actions as a means of safeguarding their domestic agriculture from the flood of cheap Ukrainian grain. Thanks to EU policies, large stocks of cut-price Ukrainian grain have been stored in Central European countries, with logistical issues preventing their transport. This has led to plummeting prices and drastically reduced sales opportunities for local farmers.

Farmers in Poland and other Central European countries are fed up and demand the introduction of tariffs. However, in a bid to protect Ukraine’s and its own interests, the EU extended the duty-free import of Ukrainian grain until June 2024, leaving Poland’s ruling PiS party in a tight spot, especially with parliamentary elections just around the corner.

Poland’s bold ban on imports also applies to goods merely transiting through the country, according to Development and Technology Minister Waldemar Buda. ‘It is a comprehensive ban’, he declared. Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture, seemingly oblivious to the damage they are causing, claimed that the Polish ban contradicts bilateral export agreements and called for talks to resolve the issue. They acknowledged the problematic situation for Polish farmers but selfishly insisted that Ukrainian farmers are in a worse position.

According to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, a meeting between the Polish and Ukrainian ministers is scheduled today, with grain transport as the main talking point. Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Mykola Solsky revealed that between 500,000 and 700,000 tonnes of various goods, including grain, vegetables, eggs, oil, sugar, and meat, cross the Polish border every month, much to the dismay of Poland’s struggling farmers.

It is no surprise that the EU, governed by an army of soulless bureaucrats who bow down to the whims of big business, has chosen to turn a blind eye to the suffering of hardworking local farmers in Poland and Hungary. This heartless disregard for the livelihoods of ordinary people in favour of lining the pockets of powerful corporations is just another glaring example of the EU’s contempt for its member states. It is high time the people of Europe stood up against this cold, calculating machine that prioritises profit over people’s lives, as Poland and Hungary have done by banning cheap Ukrainian grain imports. The underhanded tactics of the EU cabal to protect its interests at the expense of these nations only serve to confirm its true, sinister intentions.

Addendum: Slovakia to join Hungary and Poland in suspending grain imports from Ukraine.

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1 month ago

The end of EU and NATO unity has begun. It will only accelerate. The unwinnable war in Ukraine plus the pressure to wreck European standards of living to aid the thieves in Kiev will be the EU’s death blow.

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