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Hackers have unveiled thousands of documents that detail George Soros’s far-reaching attempts to manipulate politics and undermine traditional values across the globe.

In a flabbergasting turn of events, valiant hackers have allegedly exposed the twisted machinations of billionaire puppet master George Soros, bringing to light a treasure trove of documents from his Open Society Foundation. According to US security services, these documents, numbering more than 2,500 and including strategies, plans, and funding requests, were posted on, giving the world a chilling glimpse into Soros’s far-reaching web of control.

The Soros-funded Open Society Foundation, an organisation that deceitfully masquerades as promoting democracy and free markets around the globe, is now laid bare as a tool for manipulating politics in various countries. The leaked documents reveal the foundation’s insidious strategies, priorities, and reports on elections, migration, and asylum in Europe.

Pro-Israel groups are livid, accusing Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, of being anti-Israel after discovering that Open Society has funnelled millions into organisations supportive of Palestinian civil society groups, including Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.

The supposed role of Russian hackers in making public Soros’s dark secrets begs the question: is Russia trying to protect traditional values and resist the creeping influence of Western liberal forces? Or is this just another baseless claim by the West to escalate tensions between Russia and the Western world?’s Twitter account has teased further revelations: ‘Check George Soros’s OSF plans to counter Russian policy and traditional values.’ Attached was a screenshot of a $500,000 budget request for an Open Society programme designed to undermine Russian influence among European democracies.

Despite US security services blaming the leaks on Russian state-sponsored hackers, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has dismissed these claims, stating there is ‘no proof whatsoever’ of Moscow’s involvement. The Kremlin, too, has branded the idea that Russia was behind the attacks as ‘absurd’.

While Soros’s supporters argue that his philanthropic efforts promote democracy, human rights, and free markets worldwide, particularly in former communist countries, the leaked documents tell a different story. They outline Soros’s globalist agenda and his attempts to manipulate politics, destabilise nations, and discredit conservative values.

In addition to these conspiracies, Soros has been a prominent financier of the Democratic party in the United States, reportedly committing more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and other Democrats, including a staggering $6 million contribution to the pro-Clinton super-PAC Priorities USA.

A 2011 document, unearthed by The Daily Caller, delineates the cunning tactics employed by Soros’s foundation to discredit and undermine those brave enough to stand against Muslim radicalism. Soros-funded efforts targeted figures such as Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller, who dared to organise the ‘Draw Muhammad’ event last year. This revelation shows the devious lengths Soros and his minions will go to in order to silence and suppress voices that challenge their twisted globalist agenda.

The fearless DCLeaks site has previously blown the lid off the warmongering schemes of former NATO General Philip Breedlove. These eye-opening revelations told the story of Breedlove’s demented attempts to manipulate Barack Obama into igniting a full-blown conflict with Russia over Ukraine back in 2014. Once again, this shocking disclosure highlights the malevolent forces at play, as Soros’s cronies try to provoke hostilities with Russia in their pursuit of global dominance.

The supposed role of Russian hackers in making public Soros’s dark secrets begs the question: is Russia trying to protect traditional values and resist the creeping influence of Western liberal forces? Or is this just another baseless claim by the West to escalate tensions between Russia and the Western world?

As the world watches on, it remains to be seen what impact these bombshell revelations will have on Soros’s Open Society Foundation and its scheming work. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the alleged involvement of Russian hackers will lead to additional international tensions or merely expose the truth about Soros’s true intentions. One thing is certain: the world is waking up to the reality of Soros’s sinister globalist plot, and there’s no turning back now.

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5 months ago

How could any self-respecting nation allow the Soros groups operate within their borders? They are an absolute cancer and mind virus. Engaged in constant conspiracy ACTION. It’s why they exist. This is a very informative article. Thank you to Arktos News Bureau!

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