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Rose Sibyl explores how material reductionism and the Marxist worldview have contributed to the decline of organic social structures, leading to the rise of consumerism, transhumanism, and the breakdown of traditional gender roles and relationships.

You can read part one here.

Material reductionism is the root of humanism because it sees all humans as interchangeable. By placing form as essence, it increasingly spirals outward because all of reality emanates from consciousness – the dual nature of the feminine and masculine aspects of creation. Matter is a sacrifice of energy to create the physical reality that can then house consciousness – it both emanates from and evolves towards a layering of life in our ecological systems that allows for consciousness in the physical realm.

We have become crippled by the stagnation of meaning rooted in the dehumanizing nature of humanism and, by its extension, transhumanism.

It is in the roots of organic formative processes of ethnogenesis that hold the universals, not the similarities in the end results. Cross-cultural amalgamations comparing similar ends to unnaturally fuse people in certain forms of traditionalism do not respect these formative processes and are a step in the direction of detached simulations of existence and loss of living culture, i.e., detached from Being.

Form has a purpose only as much as it is connected to this life-giving source. All living systems need to have a living chain of connection or they create their own self-fulfilling illusory simulations and simulacrum. Preventing material reductionism in society is about understanding natural formative processes of cultural genesis or ethnogenesis and relations between people to continue along evolutionary processes of Being and Becoming. Living systems are able to co-create.

We have become crippled by the stagnation of meaning rooted in the dehumanizing nature of humanism and, by its extension, transhumanism. To understand the latter we must understand its root in the conundrum of superposition in quantum physics. Matter alone warping space time is material-reductionist because it assumes matter is the primary or beginning ie form before essence. All matter is a manifestation of spiritual energy and sacrifice to be able to house consciousness that emanates from it – it is a horseshoe effect. The problem is the more people that believe in a material-reductionist vantage of reality, the more it solidifies this reality into a devolving zeitgeist that is against life. As co-creators of reality, our beliefs affect outcomes. By placing the intermediary of matter as an end in itself, the horseshoe devolves at both ends and we become stuck in illusory “objectivity” of the mind.

Gramsci, an Italian Marxist theoristm said, “Man is above all else mind, consciousness – that is, he is a product of history, not of nature.” This is a valid but not sound argument that frames how people think. nature and history are not separate unless the viewer sees nature as a lifeless entity or final form instead of evolving forms from life-giving essence. History, too, in this manner of reasoning is some objective lifeless information input in a book. Even worse, it mistakes the mind with consciousness, which in itself is again replacing essence with form.

The mind stems from the spiritual essence of the person, not just the physical matter of the brain and detaching it from this essence produces suffering – a detachment of mind from Being does not allow for integrative thinking or spiritual understandings that are deeper than objective thought and connect us to all past forms of human existence in “history.” It is through our essence that we understand history, not just in memorization of dates and names. This way of thinking about man is dehumanizing because both the feminine and masculine have primal nature and higher consciousness; it is our congruence that is key. Consciousness is far more than just the mind but facilitates the synthesis of seemingly antithetical lifeless understandings of “nature” and “history.”

There is use in understanding things from an empirical model, but without essence to lead to form and then function, it contributes to the simulacrum of existence. Houses of cards shape reality itself or how we see and interact with it, preventing us from reaching our full potential. Our evolution is a holy formative process that cannot be reversed, detached, or stagnate. Yes, the mind is more masculine, and intuition or feeling is more feminine, but both should not be understood in their reduced or most superficial forms – all of us encompass some of both stemming from our essence. It is the fusion of our contributions with man that allow for a deeper complexity of thought and richness in quality of life. What is important is the relationship between these traits and between man and woman so that in union we can continue to evolve while protecting the foundations of life we stand upon.

A creative race of people falling to the material-reductionist model affects all people in all stages of cultural development since material reductionism causes a consuming anti-culture.

This shows how the Marxist worldview is inherently destructive to nature, to the family unit, community, identity, and anything that requires a creative framework where the whole is greater than the material sum of its parts. It is the end stage of mechanical worldviews, and this is not to say that there is no place or use for mechanization but that it cannot replace organic systems from the macro to micro scale. The temptation to reduce everything to base materialism became solidified by Marxism and it makes sense that it would then set Europeans as separate for an all-detached antithesis to direct their frustration towards.

Europeans are capable of the widest range of creative ingenuity and complexity in thought (not just scientific) and emotional expression in the arts. It is the vast depth of dynamism between these seeming polarities that gives the greatest range of both and propels us inward, outward, and upward through time in endless reconfigurations of meaning. Just as there is hierarchical order of men in a healthy governing body on smaller scales, this is also seen on the larger scales between peoples.

In balanced systems of human organization, us women become part of the inspiration of man’s innovation while being able to give insight without devolving into chaos since the masculine is naturally more orderly. This is why Marxism and cultural Marxism first focused on European and Western society because it is the top of the hierarchical order; making all else antithesis to this order is the same as making women and androgyny antithesis to the masculine. The ordering of the top culture relates to other cultures around the world in its ability to lead through a healthy example. Without this, the all-consuming mother or material void needs to extract resources and uproot peoples, always in need of more to fill the void. The only thing that consumerism produces is that nothing is ever enough because that void is a detachment of Being that compounds in a vicious reactive cycle until the life and death cycle culminates in extreme, unbalanced entropy – another horseshoe effect.

A creative race of people falling to the material-reductionist model affects all people in all stages of cultural development since material reductionism causes a consuming anti-culture. Placing blame on the most capable instead of a responsibility to create something new is also reductive. What is considered strong within a consumerist or Marxist vantage of reality is only that capable of destroying and devouring – true strength comes from the ability to bring back order where there is chaos or bonds where there is detachment. Class issues are created by this material paradigm of detachment and loss of connection to living cultures so feeding into them helps the consuming mother or Marxist worldview. Material classifications of individuated parts of living cultures are misleading because the hero can come from all classes.

Feminism as a Type of Marxism and Historical Shifting of Antithesis to Defeat Thesis

The temptation of the material exchange of all people and aspects of life in Marxism leads to a devolving social dynamic. Modern feminism is a loss of the primal or universal formative processes of being in the roots of identity, detaching us into a simulacrum of consciousness, i.e., transhumanism – not technology inherently but that we can use it to detach from a state of primal being or essence. Women also share universalizing tendencies in their evolutionary strategy so taking the feminine attribute to a balanced whole and detaching it causes top-down universalism. This stems from Marx removing spiritual synergism from the Hegelian triad, reducing his dialectic into a material-reductionist dichotomy of woman versus man instead of us having our separate realms and pair bonds in overlapping realms.

When we fall into an antithetical relationship to our dynamic counterpart, there is no creative synthesis because it reduces living co-creating beings down the material in the same manner of essence upholding form and function. Men took the reduced place of form in the lowest sense of providing needs in a material exchange while women became their birthing or sexual function alone, increasingly losing the bonds that bring out the best of our nature.

Women have a deep and inspiring spiritual connection while men create the framework that gives context to the spiritual. Our reduced forms are not as fulfilling without attachment to essence and community, so both fall to the “male” reduced form of worker in their interchangeable role in society as society becomes increasingly mechanized – we have allowed our tools to change human organization without intentional thought being acted upon instead of conscious actors. Devoid of real community, the spiritual essence is replaced by the devouring mother in the void of connectedness and emotional reactions to the loss of deeper bonds. Men lose their purpose in mind or work and then eventually into lack of self-actualization, feeding back into feminist perceptions of men.

Marxism’s destruction of synthesis is in the image of a mechanized society of interchangeable parts. We then double down on the antithetical stance of woman to man in various forms reacting to the past wave, spiraling out of control. It is hard to see the difference between the synergistic triad of essence, form, and function from its detaching and devolving into form separate from function until the two eventually collapse into transhumanism and the full loss of meaning. Without essence, form becomes function and function form; then nothing has a root or being so we arrive at transhumanism.

The lack of organic social structures with mass media culminated in the combining of the transmundane with the shifting of popular opinion. The lapse in organic build-up of bonds and synergistic relations to other people lead to the top-down influence of the transmundane. Since we are conscious beings that help to create reality, when large amounts of people buy into a material reductionist paradigm, then the illusion becomes self-fulfilling. True spirituality and spiritual unity with meaning and identity is devoured not long after organic governing bodies, because the consuming material void always follows.

Communism, Hyperproduction and Consumerism

Since Marxism posited the feminine as the antithesis to the masculine, the detachment from our Being led to a race of the hyper-material to fill emotional voids with the rationalization of competition with external forces that was partially self-fulfilling. The mechanization of human systems lead to hyper production and mass urbanization.

Motherhood, in its essence, is nurturing, but when essence is taken from man and woman, consuming fills the void of bonds.

Hyper consumerism is the next stage to Marxism’s material dialectic because the rapid urbanization and industrialization of Marxist countries detached society fully into the void of the form. Hyper productive communism is the pair to hyper consumerism – both over the extreme urbanization axis, which is why it is a false dichotomy to see them in opposition to each other.

Material-reductionist paradigms detach people from living cultures and in doing so create a void that cannot be filled. This drives consumerism since the superficial simulacrum of status replaces the foundation and authentic ordering of cultures in society. There is no longer need-based innovation or release of technologies onto the population, but instead mass experimentation to uphold a top heavy unnecessary system of international oligopolies that further mechanizes and uproots people. The consumers following trends or fads are really trying to fill the void of deeper meaning in self-expression and organic bonds.

Zeitgeists are about archetypes, and the last avalanche feeds right into the next. Marxism to materialism via hyper production was the devouring of material resources meant for future generations because of the detachment of social connection reached a peak. By placing the form of providing as the essence of man and woman, both no longer need each other even in the material sense. Motherhood, in its essence, is nurturing, but when essence is taken from man and woman, consuming fills the void of bonds. Alhough everyone has some masculine and feminine attributes they espouse, order is masculine and thus so is leadership in hierarchy. Without this ordering in our governing bodies, we devolve into chaos but with too rigid of ordering and mechanical living it folds right back into the material-devouring paradigm, which is one of many false dichotomies to see hyper-mechanized society as masculine – simulacrum of the “mind” is a detached form of masculine that actually is part of the devouring mother archetype of safety and detached reasoning in house of cards paradigms, i.e, scientism. It might take some of us longer than others, but eventually we will lose momentum and fold into the devouring mother – instead of being our true selves to contribute in a complementary way with men.

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Rose Sybil

Rose Sybil, born in California’s Bay Area in the late 1980s, was influenced by the contrasting cultures of Silicon Valley and the Midwest plains. With interests spanning various academic subjects, she believes in a dynamic spiritual growth process, drawing on diverse religious traditions such as Odinism, Taoism, and Vedicism. Passionate about preserving cultural uniqueness, Rose enjoys art, dancing, music, and outdoor activities. As a mother of two, she finds deep meaning in motherhood and is committed to celebrating the union of man and wife, the continuation of life through children, and the rich tapestry of world cultures while standing against the threat of globalism.

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