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Karl Richter explores how advertising, schools, and media groom the youngest generation to embrace ‘diversity’ and LGBTI concepts.

In the Austrian capital of Vienna, a bitter culture war is currently raging. It is symptomatic of most Western countries. Several LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) initiatives are pushing to present either readings or entire ‘drag queen’ shows to children. In the run-up to the first event, opponents displayed a banner and posters on the venue’s facade. The event itself on 16 April had to be protected from angry counter-demonstrators by a significant police presence.

Similar activities in other countries have also caused protests. Christian and parent initiatives criticise that young children are to be confronted with a gender image in the shows that is not clear-cut. As recently as February, dozens of Britons protested against a ‘drag show’ for children in London.

In Vienna, only the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) – which is currently regularly mentioned as the strongest party in opinion polls and has achieved a series of electoral successes in recent months – opposes the performances. The Viennese FPÖ leader, city councillor Dominik Nepp, calls for a ban on the events and goes to the fundamental issue: ‘Many parents are rightly outraged. This indoctrination of children must be stopped immediately.’ Viennese children ‘should simply be children and not be inundated with transgender propaganda’.

The Plattform Christdemokratie (Platform Christian Democracy) has recently joined in. They accuse the organisers of the relevant events of the ‘reckless sexualisation of even small kindergarten and primary school children’. Drag shows like the ‘Queens Brunch’ are suitable for increasing the insecurity and psychological burden of children and adolescents – and the target group is getting younger and younger.

This is precisely the crux of the matter. Not only in Austria but in most Western countries. Gender ideology and ‘diversity’ are high on the agenda everywhere. And because every regime sooner or later comes up with the idea that it must co-opt the very young in order to secure its own power permanently, propaganda now starts as early as preschool age. On all channels: television, advertising, children’s books – and the responsible school authorities set the pace. It is a conspiracy against everything natural that can rightly be called Satanic.

In the green-red governed Munich, the city-funded Pedagogical Institute (PI) has specialised for years in presenting particularly shrill (and questionable) performances in schools and dismantling conventional role and gender images.

In the children’s channels of public broadcasters, a subtle culture war has been waged for some time. In well-known children’s series, new characters – who are either disabled, immigrants or otherwise marginalised – are discreetly introduced. The methods of manipulation, or rather conditioning, are subtle. While in one case it is about better integration of the disabled – the big buzzword is ‘inclusion’ – events like the Viennese ‘Queens Brunch’ aim to co-opt and habituate children and adolescents to sexual peculiarities and the creeping disorientation.

In the past, the correct term for this was ‘disturbing children.’ This is how sociologist and publicist Helmut Schoeck titled a still-readable book on the subject in 1987 (Kinderverstörung). Subtitle: ‘The abused childhood. Re-education for a different republic’. This is precisely what the propagandists of the new, ‘diverse’ pedagogy are after. One can understand and only encourage ‘normal’ countries like Hungary or Russia to want to be spared from such ‘values’ of the West.

Re-education no longer stops at the nursery. The toy industry has long since become an accomplice. From the blonde Barbie doll, an identification symbol for girls and aspiring women for decades, there are now a variety of lesbian, African-American, or disabled variants.

LEGO is no longer what it once was. Generations of children could build cars, airplanes, and castles with the colourful plastic bricks of the Danish toy manufacturer, thus playfully developing a sense for technology, shapes, and mechanical connections. This is no longer desired, and, of course, LEGO has also adopted the ‘diverse’ agenda. On the website, new characters, a new logo, and a reboot of the LEGO theme world have recently been announced. The ‘LEGO Friends 2023’ replace the previous play characters and are named, among others, ‘Paisley’, ‘Aliya’, and ‘Zac’. Most importantly, they are all gay, lesbian, and disabled. Or have an immigrant background. This is not surprising. Matthew Ashton, deputy chief designer at LEGO and creator of the new figure set, is himself an openly gay man. On the LEGO homepage, he explains that with the new figures, he wants to ‘to step up and make a resounding statement about love and inclusion’.

Here the circle closes. Childhood and family – that was yesterday. Today, parents are no longer called ‘father’ and ‘mother’, but ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’. Just recently, the German news programme Tagesschau launched a particularly intrusive re-education attempt (but then backed down in the face of viewer protests): a mother was seriously referred to as a ‘birthing person’. The intention of such linguistic manipulations is clear: the natural, biologically predetermined gender identities are to be dissolved, talked away, and debated away.

And everyone is pulling together: schools, media, advertising, politics. They have all committed themselves to transforming the population into a faceless, arbitrarily manipulable, ‘gender-fluid’ mass. Even the youngest should no longer know who they are. Huxley’s brave new nightmare world is becoming a reality right before our eyes.

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Racial Civil War

Translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Karl Richter

Karl Richter was born in Munich in 1962. After completing his military service, he studied history, folklore, Sanskrit and musicology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. From 2014 to 2019 he was the office manager of a member of the European Parliament; from 2008 to 2020 he was a member of the Munich city council.

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9 months ago

It is a war on all fronts. And our enemies will weaponize EVERYTHING against us and our families.

9 months ago

Re-education no longer stops at the nursery. The toy industry has long since become an accomplice. From the blonde Barbie doll, an identification symbol for girls and aspiring women for decades, there are now a variety of lesbian, African-American, or disabled variants.

Set the World on FIRE!

9 months ago

The fact that a radical LGBTQI agenda is being openly pushed onto children in different countries throughout the world is not an accident or bizarre coincidence as an international cabal of pedophiles, sexual deviants, and sadists have found their way into various positions of power and influence on an international scale and seek to do overtly what they could only have done secretly before; use the young, the vulnerable, and the innocent as their sexual playthings, or worse still, as an outlet for those much more base and bloodier passions that find their expressions in cruelty, abuse, torture, and murder. How is it that the exact same agenda of dehumanization, hyper-sexualization, and psycho-sexual conditioning of children is being introduced across the globe at the exact same time if not through a highly sophisticated international network backed by the globalist power elite. Our nations, our institutions are led by joyless sociopaths who must engage in ever more extreme sensations to induce those heightened levels of pleasure they otherwise have become emotionally blunted to, similar to drug addiction, what one becomes used to requires greater potency/quantities for an increased high.

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