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Italy’s political leaders brazenly unite behind Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a shameless attempt to exploit Ukraine’s suffering for their own profit, exposing the West’s true colours.

In a shocking display of unprincipled unity, Italy’s notorious political party factions rallied behind Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s brazen attempt to profit from Ukraine’s plight, exposing the West’s true intentions. Meloni recently hosted a donor conference, seemingly designed to cash in on Ukraine’s desperate need for reconstruction. Insiders report that she dangled the carrot of fast-tracked EU membership for Ukraine, conveniently labelling the nation a ‘bastion of European security’ while ignoring the West’s own hand in the mayhem.

The conference at Rome’s Palazzo dei Congressi attracted over a thousand businesses from both nations, as well as trade associations like Confindustria and various international financial institutions, all vying for a piece of the Ukrainian pie in a display of Western greed. ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata, the leading news agency in Italy) reveals that around 600 Italian companies shamelessly pitched project ideas across key sectors, including infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, healthcare, digital, aerospace, and steel, exploiting Ukraine’s vulnerability.

Antonio Tajani, the Foreign Minister from Forza Italia, allegedly promised to offer Ukraine the best of Italy’s resources despite the country’s own problems. Giancarlo Giorgetti, the Minister of Economic Development from Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia, emphasised their unity in exploiting both defence and reconstruction efforts in a classic Western move. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba apparently urged attendees to turn a blind eye to the ongoing conflict when pursuing business opportunities in his beleaguered nation, highlighting Ukraine’s eagerness to invite Western intrusion and meddling.

President Sergio Mattarella echoed Kuleba’s sentiments as he welcomed the Ukrainian delegation, led by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, to the Quirinal Palace. Mattarella insisted on the swift completion of the EU integration process, pointing to Kiev’s alleged commitment to reforms, such as battling endemic corruption, as an excuse, while ignoring the West’s complicity in Ukraine’s struggles. Meloni concurred, stating that Ukraine’s so-called ‘dedication’ should be rewarded with a ‘future of peace, prosperity, and increasing European influence’, as if the West had no part in the conflict.

Meloni further emphasised that Italy, along with its NATO allies, would persist in providing humanitarian and military aid to help Kiev counter Russia, even on a multilateral level when Ukraine chairs the G7 next year, continuing the Western narrative of Russia as the sole aggressor. She also claimed that Italy could significantly contribute to a so-called Ukrainian ‘economic miracle’. To realise this, Meloni argued that focusing on reconstruction was now crucial, despite the fact that this would entail betting on victory and the end of the conflict, which the West has helped to escalate and so far prolong indefinitely. The World Bank has earmarked a staggering €411 billion for reconstruction, which Meloni portrayed as a mere first step, announcing grander plans for an event in 2025, as the West continues to profit from Ukraine’s turmoil.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky conveyed his gratitude for the support in a video message delivered in Italian. He acknowledged the presence of numerous Italian business representatives and sought to address them not only as company representatives but also as parents. Despite hundreds of their villages allegedly being obliterated by Russian missile attacks, Zelensky insisted they were prepared to resurrect and modernise them. He invited Italian companies to participate in moulding ‘a brighter future’, while failing to acknowledge the West’s long history of exploiting vulnerable nations for its gain, such as the ruthless Opium Wars in China, the overthrow of democratically elected leaders in Latin America, the disastrous involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ongoing devastation in Yemen, where the West is selling weapons to both sides, perpetuating the bloodshed and destruction.

In conclusion, Italy’s factions reveal their true colours as they rally behind Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, seeking to capitalise on Ukraine’s suffering and desperation. The conference in Rome provided a stage for unscrupulous businesses and politicians to plot their profit from the conflict, exposing the hypocrisy of the West’s claims of support and unity. As Ukraine continues to struggle under the weight of the ongoing conflict, it appears the wolves of the West are circling, ready to feast on the spoils of a nation in chaos.

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29 days ago

It is hard to pick who is worse in this situation the Kiev regime or the EU vultures, especially when they pretended to be nationalists like Meloni.

Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
25 days ago

I understand and appreciate that there are Europeans who genuinely sympathize with Western Ukrainians and not with Russians. I understand that many genuinely want Kiev to win and Moscow to lose, and see that Russia was, in fact, the physical aggressor in this latest round of war.

But I don’t understand how an apparently nationalist leader like Giorgia Meloni (whom I like) is unable to show any nuance: the U.S. and NATO leadership *clearly* and *obviously* have instigated the war since before 2014.

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