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During this year’s Hanukkah celebrations in the Polish Sejm, the image of a known Jewish supremacist rabbi was put on display, eliciting an intervention from the country’s most famous monarchist MP.

Polish MP thwarts Hanukkah celebration in Parliament

For nearly two decades, the Polish Sejm has been host to Hanukkah celebrations. The country has a small Jewish minority, with roughly two thousand individuals declaring adherence to the Jewish faith. This year, the celebration featured a portrait of former Chabad Lubavitch leader Menachem Mendel Schneerson, an infamous rabbi known for the following statements:

  • “Slavs, and among them Russians, are the most unbending people in the world. Slavs are unbending as a result of their psychological and intellectual abilities, created by many generations of ancestors. It is impossible to alter these genes. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.”
  • “A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity… the entire creation of a non-Jew is only for the sake of the Jew.”
  • “Souls of non-Jews come entirely from the female part of the Satanic sphere. For this reason souls of non-Jews are called evil, not good, and are created without [divine] knowledge.”

A response to this travesty came in the form of an intervention from Konfederacja MP Grzegorz Braun, leader of the monarchist party Konfederacja Korony Polskiej (Confederation of the Polish Crown). Using a fire extinguisher, he interrupted the ceremony by extinguishing all the candles in a spectacular fashion.

Video of the action

While performing this action, he was assaulted by a Jewish woman, later revealed to be Magdalena Gudzińska-Adamczyk — an epidemiologist involved in the promotion of the COVID vaccine. It bears mentioning that such an attack on a Member of Parliament is a criminal offense.

Braun then elaborated on his reasoning before his fellow MPs, explaining that there could be no place for “racist, wild, Talmudic cults” in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. He pointed out that he was merely restoring normality and balance in the face of “Satanic, Talmudic racist triumphalism” and challenged all those gathered to a theological debate in order to prove the validity of his claim. It was at this time that Speaker Szymon Hołownia responded to this statement by accusing Braun of “insulting followers of other religions.” After a brief response from the MP, who repeated his challenge, Hołownia chose to have Braun removed from the room rather than address his arguments and informed him that he would face prosecution.

Up until this moment, the monarchist leader has been attacked by politicians of all factions with the exception of his own. Hołownia is threatening to attempt to deprive Konfederacja MP Krzysztof Bosak of his position as Deputy Speaker of the Sejm if the party does not throw Braun out, effectively holding the nationalist MP’s seat hostage until the party pays a ransom in the form of acquiescence to the narrative and will of the country’s oikophobic liberal elites. The Presidium of the Sejm has additionally chosen to deprive Braun of his parliamentary salary for six months and half his parliamentary allowance for three months — the maximum punishment they were able to impose.

An unofficial fundraiser in support of the MP gathered over 12,000 zł within less than an hour, followed by another one by Korona which gathered 90,000 zł in just a few short hours. Due to pressure from left-wing activists, fundraising website shut the initiative down.

Przemysław Wipler, rumored to be the de facto puppet master in Konfederacja’s leadership, has condemned his fellow MP’s actions, followed by Konfederacja co-leader Sławomir Mentzen declaring much the same. The party’s leadership also chose to ban Braun from delivering speeches in the Sejm for an indefinite period — a punishment all of his fellow Korona MPs voted against.

This decision was met with intense backlash from the party’s supporters on Twitter, many of whom voted for them in spite of their drift towards centrism before the 2023 parliamentary election simply because they put their faith in Grzegorz Braun. Now tensions are rising as the three-party coalition that is Konfederacja threatens to collapse like a house bereft of its supporting wall. This happens at the same time as Konfederacja co-founder and Polish right-wing legend Janusz Korwin-Mikke declaring his intention to create a new political party.


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