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Rose Sibyl reveals the unelected liberal elite’s control of Israel’s judiciary, media, banks, and military officials, undermining democracy and mirroring globalist control in other countries.

There have been large-scale protests and counter-protests In Israel for the last four months. They have a unique law, passed in 1992, called Basic Law On Human Dignity and Liberty, which their democratically elected government tried to overturn legally. This law draws upon the founding declaration of Israel and its unique nature of being created by the UN. These current tensions and issues parallel the humanist globalizing force of top-down control in many nations wearing skins of patriotism and nationalism to attract people willing to destroy themselves under the control of liberal traitors.

The Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty sounds good, like all liberal humanist propaganda. In reality, it gives the judiciary carte blanche control of the entire government with the ability to strike down any law formed by the democratically elected Knesset and to make de facto law in precedent. The Israeli media, banks, big tech, intelligence agencies, top military officials, and judiciary have formed an unelected humanist governing system comparable to other Western swamps. The Israeli model gives them rapid acceleration of control even with most of the country and soldiers being nationalist or right-wing patriots – this seems to be the same pattern as the West but not yet as “progressed.”

Liberal globalists have such extreme control of Israel that they outright threatened Netanyahu and the Knesset with a civil war for performing their law-making and executive functions. The liberal mafia spokesman and former Defense Secretary Benny Gantz instigated violence against the elected government by encouraging protests even in their armed forces. Yet, any approval of the legislation by members of their armed forces has been met with extreme consequences.

“If you continue on the path you are following, you will be responsible for civil war in Israeli society,” Gantz said at his National Unity party’s faction meeting, just days after the elected government agreed on its four-point legislation. He continues that the legislation “will have a fatal impact on national security – both in the sense of the resilience of citizens from all parts of society, and in the ability of the High Court of Justice and the legal system to be our legal iron dome vis-à-vis the world.”

Gantz then calls for liberal rebellion to prevent the democratic process of ending the unelected government. Ruling “liberal right-wingers, who love the state,” should be “the first to go out and protest” for what they believe in – “not against Netanyahu or against the government, but against the demolition of democracy and this unbridled, destructive move.” Using liberal quintessential doublespeak and framing as if they are the underdog instead of the controlling elite, he urges the mob to the streets, saying, “This is the time go out en masse and to demonstrate, the time to make the country tremble.”

Threatening a civil war and calling for protests that leave them more vulnerable to constant external threats are major developments that have been ongoing for months. So why do almost no Westerners know this is happening when Israel is usually given extreme coverage by our media overlords? What is not given appropriate focus by the media is as important as what is overemphasized.

Western media now directs our judiciary (see the suicide of Nebraskan military veteran Jake Gardner) and allows the zeitgeist to move increasingly humanist and multicultural in the West; Israeli media is eerily in sync with their liberal humanist unelected ruling class in the same manner. Western media is not covering this huge story because it would defeat the purpose of seeing Israelis as a proxy for conservatives to be pulled back into neocon propaganda. Israel cannot be shown to be controlled by a globalist swamp but instead played into evangelical apocalyptic beliefs and proxy patriotic struggles with the primitives that conservatives wish they could engage in at home.

Conservatives need constant proxies to feel they are on the side of justice to join the military-industrial complex meat grinder or fund globalism as the tax worker base. This proxy distraction was also implemented during the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict to fund the forced martyrdom of Ukrainians for NATO. Pictures of old women and young girls with firearms seem to be the propaganda needed to make conservatives feel like there is an underdog they can champion instead of facing their own internal enemies and increasing constraints at home. There is a similarity between Western proxy bait and IDF propaganda featuring female fighters and the liberal control of the Israeli armed forces. Although the Israeli Right does not necessarily condone the use of such propaganda, it is a product of the liberal influence on the armed forces.

Imagine the power of the Israeli swamp if Netanyahu and a right-dominated Knesset gave in to the threats and compromised instead of facing their internal enemies’ disruption of the democratic process. No worry that all regular right-wingers are being forced to martyr for globalism since the top positions of our unelected governments are dominated by liberal traitors – Ukrainians, Israelis, and regular vets here in the US. You would think Israelis would see where this leads. Still, they hit cognitive dissonance from their persecution complex leading to externalizing – instead of self-correction or facing their own, they accept a position of always being acted upon.

Israeli nationalists blame Western culture, never mind that we have the same overlords and dynamic they can see and had the chance to get out of – the West did not get a glimpse into the liberal future that Israelis ignore. They do not understand a stasis of blood is not the same as cultural genesis and that facing your own to self-determine is a healthy formative process. They want to save every Jew at all costs because they are complacent with an acted-upon state and externalizing blame. It is their own that subject them to a state of constant trauma yet they have lost the true belief of the Maccabees for in their perception of modern history they only have external threats to blame. On the other hand, regular old Americans conservatives are becoming more disillusioned by the day so the media dare not let them see the parallels of control with the proxies supposed to placate them.

What we see in modern states is the top-down simulacrum of nation, culture, and superficial identity. Ephemeral democracy leads to implicit plutocracy, especially with judiciary control being “objective,” i.e., humanist interpretations without care for the cultural and ethnic foundations of any of their nations. Unlike the democracies of ancient Greece that supposedly inspired modern representative democracy, modern states are abstractions that do not protect the living cultures of their nation but see people as interchangeable parts. Indirected governments that are displaced from the people they supposedly represent are a hallmark of this age.

Israel has many confounding variables in their worldview and is a perfect example of a top-down amalgamation of a nation with no internal consistency. They see the intrinsic value of their land in their religious history but are ruled by their perception of their modern exile history to where it bonds them to their own traitors – their religiosity is a stasis of past forms that is no longer a living selective pressure that allows for cultural genesis or ethnogenesis. Their vantage is that of a group continually acted upon but unwilling to self-correct or take risks necessary for autonomy or self-determination. They were formed by a UN decree with humanist globalist tropes as their founding documents, yet they do not see that they never earned nationhood and are still unwilling to earn it against their own humanist overlords.

What is also concerning about Gantz’s words is the framing of the state itself as to what patriotism is directed towards – not the people or the living cultures of that nation that are tied to both blood and cultural genesis, but the state. This is eerily similar to the weird spinning of the ever-liberal humanist shifting zeitgeist in the West that frames unquestioned jabs as the patriotic or unwavering support of a top-down government detached from any populace other than physical proximity, i.e., the mechanization of peoples. This is an acted-upon state of people by the mechanisms of the final form of this civilization’s evolution. Likewise, the idea that nationalism is just blood negates the acted-upon ability of ideas, culture, and spiritual beliefs to shape and cull harmful elements. The material reductionism of blood to its mechanized parts and not the spirit it holds allows for nationalism and patriotism to be worn as a skin by globalism.

Notice that Gatz also talks about the judiciary being the legal iron dome accountable to the world, so top-down world state allegiance is what top-down national state allegiance is? Not the people? This doublespeak is the language of globalist indirection. After they kill healthy organic cultures, they fracture the integrated whole for its use. Cultural genesis, actions, merit (not financial but towards the culture and people which distinguishes noblesse oblige from mechanized models of worth), blood, ideas, and love are reduced to hollow patriotism or subjugated nationalism without the formative whole or driving force of acting upon the world. Creative forces are curtailed by making superficial skins of deeper concepts to wear. This is systematically and strategically done to use healthy instincts and take the life force of peoples and their cultures for the material stasis of liberal globalism.

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Rose Sybil

Rose Sybil, born in California’s Bay Area in the late 1980s, was influenced by the contrasting cultures of Silicon Valley and the Midwest plains. With interests spanning various academic subjects, she believes in a dynamic spiritual growth process, drawing on diverse religious traditions such as Odinism, Taoism, and Vedicism. Passionate about preserving cultural uniqueness, Rose enjoys art, dancing, music, and outdoor activities. As a mother of two, she finds deep meaning in motherhood and is committed to celebrating the union of man and wife, the continuation of life through children, and the rich tapestry of world cultures while standing against the threat of globalism.

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Dr. X
Dr. X
20 days ago

How are you guys not arrested, just constant race treason for likudnik third worldism, useless lives

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