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Author(s): Alexander Dugin

The Foundations

Ethnosociology: The Foundations is a systematic presentation of the main principles and analytic strategies of the discipline of ethnosociology, written by Alexander Dugin, one of the major Russian philosophers and political analysts of the present day. Through study of the main sources and schools that influenced the establishment of ethnosociology as an independent and original scientific discipline, Alexander Dugin offers a profound philosophical approach to the categories of the “ethnos,” “narod,” “nation,” and “society” and elaborates a general ethnosociological taxonomy.

Dugin’s work is distinguished by its strict consistency, a broad spectrum of knowledge, and various methodologies of ethnosociological analysis, brought together into a single, easily applicable system. While this book can serve as a manual for specialists in the field of sociology, philosophy, political science, cultural studies, ethnology, international relations, state and law, it will also be of pertinent interest to anyone who follows the latest groundbreaking developments in the humanities, or who seeks to understand the structure of human societies.

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The Foundations

1. Ethnosociology: Definition, Subject Matter, Methods

  • A Brief Excursus into Classical Sociology

  • Introducing the Concept of “Ethnos”

  • Ethnos as Concept and Ethnos as Phenomenon

2. The Fundamental Concepts, Instruments, and Methods of Ethnosociology

  • The Basic Concepts of Ethnosociology (Types of Society)

  • The Instrumental Concepts of Ethnosociology

3. The Theoretical Paradigms of Ethnosociological Methodology

  • Primordialism

  • Constructivism

  • Instrumentalism

4. Foreign Ethnosociology

  • The German School of Ethnosociology, Cultural Circles, Ethnopsychology

  • The American School of Ethnosociology, Cultural Anthropology, The History of Religions, & Ethnomethodology

  • The English School of Ethnosociology, Social Anthropology, Functionalism, Evolutionism

  • The French School of Ethnosociology, Classical Sociology, Structural Anthropology

5. Ethnosociology in Russia

  • Prehistory of Russian Ethnology

  • The Creation in Russia of Systematized Ethnology as a Science


Alexander Dugin




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