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Rose Sibyl examines the role of the 14th Amendment in shaping the current sociopolitical landscape, arguing that its interpretation has led to a reductionist view of citizenship, the erosion of identities, and the perpetuation of globalist ideologies.

There is no better example of the courts being insufficient to deal with the simulacrum of the transhumanist void than in the recent Supreme Court ruling against West Virginia defining sports by biological sex. The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was used to give trans people “equal protection” under the law – an absurdity hiding that doing so denies girls and women protection from trans males. This is not a natural occurrence but forced by the elite-mob axis in the final stages of the trader consuming the hero in globalization.

The 14th Amendment added insult to injury in its inception since the right to autonomy was taken during the Civil War and then “given back” in a supposed union of states. The simplistic narrative is now pushed that the Civil War was about slavery, but it was about top-down economic consolidation of people. The irony is that the freedman and the lower classes in the North were usually treated far worse with more hostile living conditions than in the South. The illusion that the North was against slavery was in de jure and not de facto terms; it turned a constant aspect of human existence into a hidden and insidious state, demonizing the strong and using us as a tool of our own enslavement.

Organic identity, hierarchy, and community are basic functions of all human organization and a fundamental human need that only White countries are denied because we are seen as the grievance group by globalism, as are healthy forms of complex masculinity.

The 14th Amendment was the beginning of the federal government’s full detachment into abstraction by placing itself relative to the people in its borders in a material reductionist manner, sidestepping local identity and the actual cultures of this nation, seeing all people as interchangeable. From this point on, the populations themselves did not matter, but became passive actors because the amendment gave top-down citizenry to anyone born on American territory. The federal government was no longer beheld to enact what was best for its people since the people were thus defined by the geographical location, instead of the location being defined by the people. Not only do the states not have the right to their own local identity and culture or to be free of the union, but also the federal government became detached from the citizenry it represents.

Anyone born or naturalized in the nation then is a citizen with no respect to the foundation of the nation for natural peripheral ethnogenesis, allowing the federal government to become a mechanization of globalization. The people become an interchangeable tool of the state instead of the state as a tool of the people. A key aspect of globalism is this acted-upon aspect of man relative to systems of governance that are entirely mechanized and to create a mob of slaves so that all that might be capable of resistance must be targeted and destroyed. If there is no foundation that citizenry is defined by and new additions accountable to, then it makes the federal government ripe for international oligopoly control and using demographic assault to shift votes and create new workers.

Organic identity, hierarchy, and community are basic functions of all human organization and a fundamental human need that only White countries are denied because we are seen as the grievance group by globalism, as are healthy forms of complex masculinity. Slavery, an entirely separate subject I will touch on in the future, is unreasonably focused on to shame Whites compared to any other group. If the politicizing about slavery and shaming of us today were so “logical,” it would be directed at places that today have actual slavery. The fact that it is not shows rabidity towards Whites and nothing more.

The 14th Amendment’s interpretation over time shows the subjectivity of shifting mob rule in a mechanized model of human “resources.” It rapidly went from destroying states that wanted to maintain local identity, or Whites being held accountable to our actual peers in the courts, to targeting the foundation of families by targeting our children with the delusions of being able to choose gender. This is far from the first time the 14th Amendment has been weaponized against West Virginia, and the same globalists like Soros, pushing multiculturalism and transgender delusions into the subconscious via mass media, are using it to lead the courts. The federal government has become a shell of internationalism and the foundation of people it enslaved is used to spread internationalism through the military-industrial complex and to fund globalist organizations; notice the pattern of trauma and destabilization of the use of heroes by traders and then shifting of blame.

To then say that all are equal under the law and that both sides are just equally emotional is a further distortion of reality itself. There can be no objective justice or middle ground between these two divergent archetypical currents. The biological sex of a person is a form that derives from his or her essence. There cannot be a form outside of essence that is not inherently detached from reality, thus creating a simulacrum of existence.

The encouragement to negate biological sex is a form of child predation because it purposefully misleads natural processes into a simulacrum of detachment that will only cause them harm.

The fact that in rare cases there are hermaphrodites or people genuinely confused does not change this rule but points to environmental and epigenetic issues that are compounded and ignored by the same reckless disregard for life enacted by international oligopolies and world governing organizations. It also shows that these archetypes were always present in the past even if kept at bay by less subsumed societies.

This is not to say that these people should be treated in a hostile manner, but they have now fused with an avalanche of atypical assault on mankind in a manner that, unless they consciously separate themselves from the simulacrum of form, makes them part of the assault. It is impossible to treat all the compounding and confounding variables of a sick society because it is infectious and sexuality is highly influenced by top-down anti-culture. Those that still have life force left to create families and are trying to stay afloat are of a higher priority than those lost to the transhumanist void.

Our current paradigm is an assault on childhood with naturally occurring imaginative play. Children are innocent and should be allowed some range of self-expression but also guided into healthy understandings of the world and themselves as they grow. The foundation of our minds is symbolic, so healthy spiritual symbols of a range of human complexity are needed to foster growth and development; it is this layering that later allows for what we consider to be logical or higher-order reasoning. The encouragement to negate biological sex is a form of child predation because it purposefully misleads natural processes into a simulacrum of detachment that will only cause them harm. In turn, they will want to harm all that is healthy.

How rapidly norms have shifted shows how simulacra of mechanized systems of human organization compounded to create more of themselves; a decade ago, a giant man in a dress was a rare occurrence, but now they are everywhere. They will not live and let live, nor will their supporters; they want to infect everyone they can. It is always a shift and then they take more ground. It was not long ago that children would get years of counseling before being fooled into butchering themselves instead of integrating past trauma. Now children are being butchered and given hormone blockers with inherent extreme consequences that doctors outright lie about. Feeding trauma with more trauma is how globalist anti-culture destroys its host.

Anyone with common sense and basic scientific understanding knows that stopping any point of natural hormonal development will cause an array of epigenetic issues and diseases like cancer. The fact that chronic disease is on the rise from the same zeitgeist and reckless mechanized control creates further confounding variables to recognize this. Yet, it does not change the fact that our children are being purposefully targeted for harm.

The rapid shifting and moving of foreign people from the same amendment and mechanization also create confounding variables in recognizing how harmful consumerist-driven experimentation is to long-term populations, plus international oligopoly control of the transmundane creates such an unreasonable desire for stasis and control that it creates the consumptive aspect at unnatural rates. The clustering of disease patterns and the ability to find the various causal factors become convoluted when populations rapidly shift from demographic replacement and flee from the effects of it. Once again, it is not the fault of the shifting people but of the detached system itself.

The assault on femininity and women never ends and, with all the clamoring for safety with things like masks, the greatest dangers are thrust upon us with the full force of the entire system. This reminds me of the case in Virginia where a trans delusional male – I refuse to refer to them as female – was not only allowed into a female bathroom to assault a girl but then moved to another school to do so again. The school tried to cover it up because they could not recognize their own detachment from “reason,” given that encouraging this unhealthy behavior to feel better about themselves will only lead to more harm.

Another example was BLM terrorizing residential and commercial White areas while the media gaslighted Westerners by calling this “activism.”

It is even more horrific that the father of the second girl who was assaulted was taken out of a school board meeting by police for covid “safety” while his daughter’s tangible safety was of no regard. The concept even of “backing the blue” becomes confounded because the police are fully mechanized as well: the police who see the problems with arresting a father in that position stand to lose their own ability to provide for their families should they disobey the order to arrest the father. Though disobeying such an order and being fired might be honorable, their replacement could be even worse: maybe affirmative action hires that already have the desire to traumatize us all further. Top-down measures like pushing the vaccine or the pressure to bend the knee to BLM were done as part of this mechanization process, to weed out anyone who is still loyal to the foundation of what they are supposed to serve. This is another example of form detached from essence because the policing force was and should always be a part of the community they serve. However, even those with the best of intentions in the current paradigm are still under the control of a system that is inherently harmful and that uses demographic replacement and mass media manipulation for votes in an over-blanketed system that feeds back and forth while moving forward along the same zeitgeist.

Not only does this system set up people for trauma where we must wait to be victimized to have a recompense, but it is even ignored. This is all very similar to the recent shooting of churchgoers by a trans delusional man or the black man who drove his car into a Christmas parade of White people or cartels taking over small towns in states that cannot protect their own people against them: all made possible by the same 14th Amendment. The system sweeps everything under the rug that does not align with seeing masculine White males and feminine White females as antitheses.

Another example was BLM terrorizing residential and commercial White areas while the media gaslighted Westerners by calling this “activism.” There was a family in Virginia where BLM lit fire to their home and barred the way for first responders but somehow escaped any charges. Meanwhile, a veteran in Nebraska defended his livelihood from looters and was then persecuted with the total weight of the media leading the “justice” system, driving him to such despair that he took his own life. Every aspect of this was made possible by the 14th Amendment and seeing all people as interchangeable for a globalizing simulacrum of existence and interpretation.

The trauma done to these families compounds and folds right back into the devouring mother or material void leading to transhumanism and globalization. The supposed opposition in the two-party system is just as convoluted with international oligopoly control, especially in higher positions. Republican vantage of the mechanization of all people as interchangeable parts, overly puritanical simplifications of human nature, and not recognizing ethnos as a fundamental human need allows the pendulum to swing back and forth in seeming opposition along the same ever-globalizing zeitgeist. It is enough to continually entice the dwindling number of strong White males into sacrificing for the machine.

This is the most insidious form of tyranny because even a tyrant usually stands against the mob-elite axis. This insidious and suffocating authoritarianism is somehow also used to demonize actual functional or totalizing hierarchical structures that would protect us from this. I wonder if the 14th Amendment would protect my right to identify as a Supreme Court justice, but their degrees from studying a simulacrum of objective fact somehow qualify them to continue this abomination.

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Rose Sybil

Rose Sybil, born in California’s Bay Area in the late 1980s, was influenced by the contrasting cultures of Silicon Valley and the Midwest plains. With interests spanning various academic subjects, she believes in a dynamic spiritual growth process, drawing on diverse religious traditions such as Odinism, Taoism, and Vedicism. Passionate about preserving cultural uniqueness, Rose enjoys art, dancing, music, and outdoor activities. As a mother of two, she finds deep meaning in motherhood and is committed to celebrating the union of man and wife, the continuation of life through children, and the rich tapestry of world cultures while standing against the threat of globalism.

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Dr. Charles William Dailey
Dr. Charles William Dailey
1 year ago

Good point about engineered demographic replacement obscuring the causes of disease in populations.

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