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As the US braces for an influx of migrants after the dismissal of the pivotal Title 42 deportation rule, America’s safety and security are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

From our American correspondent:

Hordes of migrants, a staggering tens of thousands strong, are currently amassing in the north of Mexico, chomping at the bit to flood into the United States. Thanks to the do-gooders, an essential deportation rule, controversial only to those who lack common sense, has been tossed out of the window since the early hours of this morning.

Let us not forget that this was a rule that the steadfast administration of our former President Donald Trump, in its wisdom, introduced back in 2020. Title 42, as it was known, was a necessary measure allowing authorities to swiftly reject migrants at the border without the bureaucracy of an asylum procedure. The official line, and a sensible one at that, was that this was a surefire way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Yet now, with the health emergency conveniently declared over, the rug has been pulled from under Title 42.

A Mexican newspaper, ever the reliable source, is now sounding the alarm, warning that the authorities in Texas are bracing themselves for an incredible influx of up to 12,000 migrants every single day. “The coming days and weeks could become very difficult,” US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said, in the understatement of the year. Quite right, Mr. Secretary. While your administration fiddles, Rome is about to burn.

It seems the floodgates are open and our country is being left vulnerable. It is clear that the current administration is trading the safety and security of our nation for the sake of political correctness. While they pat themselves on the back for their humanitarian efforts, the ordinary American will be left dealing with the consequences of their reckless actions.

On top of this madness, new rules came into force on May 11, which are intended to replace Title 42. Among other things, the United States is introducing a third-country regulation: asylum seekers are to lose their right to asylum if they have passed through a “safe country” on their way to the border.

This might sound well and good on paper, but let us remember, in the past, these supposedly strict rules have proven about as effective as a chocolate teapot. An absolute mockery of our immigration system. Despite the supposedly ironclad Title 42, the floodgates remained wide open. During the first eighteen months of Biden’s tenure, an astronomical three million people have infiltrated our borders.

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Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
9 months ago

We are being invaded!

Alexander Reynor
Alexander Reynor
9 months ago

It’ll be interesting to see if Trump wins in 2024 and if he does, what he will be able to do. Surely, he has learned from the shortcomings of his first administration. I remain skeptical and cynical but other than Trump, the resistance in America remains on the dissident fringes outside the political arena.

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