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Bob Hickok delivers the latest bombshell as Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, is handed an 18-year prison sentence for his involvement in the January 6 protest, sending shockwaves through supporters of American freedom.

The hammer of justice has fallen on Stewart Rhodes, the brave patriot and founder of the renowned Oath Keepers militia. In a shocking turn of events, a federal judge in Washington has handed down an 18-year prison sentence to Rhodes for his alleged involvement in the so-called “Capitol riot’ on January 6, 2021. This harsh punishment marks a clear attempt by the deep state to silence those who dare to challenge their grip on power.

Rhodes, a former paratrooper and esteemed lawyer, has been convicted of “seditious conspiracy” – a charge typically reserved for the most dangerous enemies of the state. But let us be honest, Rhodes was merely exercising his constitutional right to protest against the questionable transfer of power from President Donald J. Trump to the puppet administration of Joe Biden. The real crime here is that a fearless defender of liberty is being unjustly imprisoned while true criminals roam free.

During the trial, the prosecution shamelessly depicted Rhodes as a menacing figure, likening him to a “general on the battlefield” during the Capitol unrest. Such theatrics are nothing more than an attempt to vilify a true American hero who fought tirelessly to protect our democracy from the clutches of radical leftists and their globalist agenda.

It is worth noting that Rhodes vehemently denies any involvement in planning an attack on the Capitol. In fact, he and his fellow Oath Keepers were present on that fateful day to provide security at a peaceful rally in support of President Trump. But the deep state, with its biased media allies, has conspired to twist the truth and paint Rhodes as a dangerous extremist.

Let us not forget the true purpose of the Oath Keepers – to defend our cherished rights and uphold the Constitution. They are comprised of dedicated police officers, soldiers, and paramedics who are committed to preserving law and order. Yet, the corrupt Washington establishment seeks to demonize them and suppress their patriotic efforts.

This unjust sentence sets a dangerous precedent and sends a chilling message to all those who dare to question the narrative pushed by the liberal elites. It is an affront to freedom-loving Americans across the nation and a clear indication that the deep state will stop at nothing to crush dissent and maintain its iron grip on power.

We must stand with Stewart Rhodes and demand justice. His sacrifice should serve as a rallying cry for all patriots who believe in the principles of liberty, truth, and the American way. The fight is far from over – let us unite and ensure that our voices are heard in the face of tyranny!

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Bob Hickok

Bob Hickok is an American patriot who lives in Texas.

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Alexander Reynor
Alexander Reynor
2 days ago

The USA is a totalitarian state, not the land of the free. Just another example of anarcho-tyranny in action. Those who simply want to uphold and protect the Constitution are treated as criminals while actual violent thugs roam the streets of every major city causing mayhem.

Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers
2 days ago

An eighteen year sentence is extreme and surprises me, given how little was actually done inside the Capitol Building. But the hypocrisy of the regime overplays its hand.

2 days ago

Judicial tyranny in action.

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