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Alexander Wolfheze investigates the geopolitical and numinous implications of an all-out anti-globalist spring offensive.

Unternehmen Sonnwendei
(Turanian Spring Solstice)

Looking to find words for this special season in Budapest, his place of exile, the writer of this essay watches the cold sun of early spring sparkle up the waves of the Danube, speeding towards the Black Sea as it passes under the sleek span of the Liberty Bridge, an art nouveau wonder soaring up into slim spires topped with Turan’s Turul bird. Emperor-King Franz Joseph himself put the last rivet in this bridge, which would long bear his name – this was long ago, when Hungary celebrated its millennium. One hundred twenty-seven years later, he would still recognize this part of his old domain: here, the dignity and beauty of the Old World still linger on, stubbornly defying the degradation and ugliness that have blanketed the heart of Europe over multiple lifetimes of SU-communist and US-liberal occupation. From the writer’s Pest bank look-out, there is a splendid Buda-side view across Liberty Bridge, a view filled with the high cliffs of Gellért Hill and topped off by the slender Liberty Statue with its palm leaf, held up to a steel blue heaven. So bright is the sunlight and so clear is the sky that, for once, even the normally dark-grey Danube becomes pale green, matching Szabadság híd. And, for once, the sheer beauty of the place hushes the loud-mouthed, brain-dead tourist mob. Masses of torn-clothed, phone-wielding zombies are crawling all over the remains of Old Europe everywhere, but they seem particularly attracted to the Hungarian capital. Of course, here, they do the same thing they do everywhere: stare down into their little screens to home in on their standard-fashion narcissistic supply sources: selfie moments, Insta likes, Tinder decors. In this spot, between Market Hall and Liberty Bridge, they silently stare for a while into glittering sunlight, gaping at un-comprehended wonders. Then they shuffle off again, retreating into their nearby un-reality lairs: globo-homo food outlets, over-priced brand shops and app-guided night spots. Fortunately, their mass appearance in this spot is limited to certain pre-set migration weeks and feeding hours. For most of the long autumn and winter, and the early part of the brief spring, this spot is free of them: just a commute crossroads for the modest natives, with the occasional foreign exile mixed in to walk his dog – and wonder. But even as this year’s tourist migration season starts, and even as today’s zombie feeding hours start, somewhere after late-breakfast mid-morning, something seems to be – ever so slightly – different. Looking up from writing these words, just after spring solstice, the writer notices that there is something different about this year’s season: unmistakably, a faint tinge of true spring is in the air. A faded trace, perhaps, of the true all-compassing rebirth principle that must have filled this season when the world was still young – long ago, when its heaven was a truer blue and its growing a truer green. The kind of blue and green that old and tired eyes can no longer grasp, a memory of which may nevertheless linger in Monet’s old-age fin-de-siècle masterpiece Water Lilies.

This year 2023, to have any such sense of authentic spring in the heart of Old Europe would seem highly counter-intuitive: it is, after all, fully caught up in the globalist-nihilistii take-down of Western civilization. Post-p/l/scam/ndemic/vaxx ‘excess death’, war-accelerated ethnic replacement, sanction-driven hyper-inflation and woke-enforced hyper-degeneracy are rapidly eliminating Old Europe’s past, present and future. But this year 2023, for the first time in decades, not even the most Pavlov-reflexed observer can deny that the ‘Global West’, here conveniently defined as the present-day globalist-nihilist (or: neo-Atlantean) hegemonial sea-power that originates in the Western fringe of the Eurasian landmass,iii as well as its ‘rules-based order’ are in free fall. It may, in fact, be plausibly argued that the West has already fallen and that all current major civilizational and geopolitical developments are mere symptoms of the ex-West’s decomposition process. Irrespective of the exact current stage of this Fall of the West, however, it is clear that the West-based world empire, the West-shaped power order and the West-defined life-world – all of which grew out of Old World Europe and then morphed into a global-nihilist anti-empire, anti-order and anti-life in the New World America – are now rapidly disintegrating. If, this year 2023, a true spring experience – civilizationally and geopolitically – would be plausible in the rising Eurasian East and the rebalancing Global South, such should not be the case in the Falling West. Nevertheless, spring solstice 2023 may still hold hope for a dead-and-buried West – hope of a future resurrection into a different kind of life.

It may be no coincidence that the first faint inkling of such hope, and the first tiny tremors of a subtle shift, are first perceptible in Budapest, the grande dame capital of rump-Hungary. She may be the impoverished widow of a long-deceased Empire – Austro-Hungary, Hapsburg, Holy Rome – but she is still intricately networked into the immense Kulturkreis web, visible and invisible, woven by that Empire. Budapest was its co-capital in its heyday and her network web still stretches across all of continental Europe in manifold ways, abstract (in living cultures) as well as concrete (in living humans). But she does so in a rather unexpected way. Because the estate that she rules, Hungary, may naturally constitute the land-heart core of Europe, where it occupies the sea-distant and land-climate Carpathian Basin, but it also culturally constitutes Europe’s ultimate ‘counter-point’. Hungary is the only European nation-state historically founded by a nomadic people, it is the only Central European country with a non-Indo-European identity and it is the only European nation that is essentially East-aspiring rather than West-aspiring. The heart of the Hungarian nation remains Turanian: rather than to the rich urban centres and artificial garden landscapes of the Atlantic rimland, it remains attuned to the wild steppes, the great rivers and dark forests of inner-Eurasia, from where it sprung and of which the Puszta, the Danube and Sylvania are mere pale reflections. Accordingly, in Hungary, everything Western is ‘reversed’. The order of given first and family name is reversed – because tribal allegiance and descent consciousness prevail. The order of day-month-year dating is reversed – because cosmic greater-to-smaller time precedence prevails. But, most importantly the Hungarian language – House of Being for its mere 15 million native speakers and window-to-the-soul for a mere handful of foreign admirers – is all that the Indo-European languages, by which it has been surrounded and swamped for centuries, are not. Onomatopoeic word roots, vowel-harmonic reverse determination, non-gendered nouns and forever fluid verbs – these are only the most obvious distinctions separating Hungarian from the Indo-European forms and norms between which it has survived. And which – with Hungarian reality single-handedly resurrecting the Sapir-Whorf thesis in all its glory – have shaped a truly unique, talented nation with uncommon mathematical, scientific and artistic gifts. Hungary’s astounding roll call of geniuses – Noble Prize winners, mathematical innovators, scientific pioneers, avant-garde composers – can speak for itself. Similarly, Hungary’s history is ‘inverted’: Hungary ever tends to row against the waves of so-called ‘historical progress’ flooding over it from all directions according to the season, proudly associating itself with lost causes and heroic stands. It is ever the exception to the self-set ‘rules’ of the West with which it has been (self-)identified through its West-derived religious (Catholic, Protestant) and historical (Hapsburg, EU) associations. Coming out on the losing side of Europe’s great 19th- and 20th-century wars, Hungary was punished and mutilated accordingly by a series of vindictive victors. Most particularly by the 1920 ‘peace’ treaty of Trianon, the grossly unjust terms of which, incredibly, still prevail now, over a century later. Under terms of the Trianon Diktat, the Hungarian state was not even allowed to choose its own form of government (it remained a Kingdom but without a King) and it was coerced into giving up two-thirds of its historical territory, separating it from millions of ethnic-Hungarian border-land inhabitants. The fact that Trianon is still an intrinsic part of the West-derived ‘international rules-based order’ glaringly proves the irredeemable hypocrisy of that order, making a mockery of its high-minded principles of ‘self-determination’ and ‘democracy’. Thus, despite its best self-effacing efforts and its saintly patience, Hungary still stands outside the ‘common home’ that the Western and ‘Pan-European’ institutions were supposed to create for the European peoples, maintaining its ‘odd man out’ status till today. Now, however, Hungary is starting to gradually reassert its own identity and interest, crawling out of the dust and darkness of decades of East-Bloc and West-Bloc dominance. Ever so slowly, Hungary’s very own ‘Operation Solstice’ is starting to take effect.

Over the last decades, Hungary has, in many ways, slowly transformed itself into a kind of ‘no man’s land’ – a ‘grey zone’. Nominally remaining in the Western-globalist political and economic orbit under the ‘rules-based order’ letter institutions (EU, NATO, etc.), it nevertheless deviates from – or even rejects outright – key ‘Western’, i.e. globalist-nihilist ‘values’: it has sabotaged ECB monetary rule by holding off on Euro-membership, it has sabotaged Big Pharma’s eugenics program by allowing in non-mRNA Chinese vaccinations, it has defied the EU’s sexual degeneracy (gay-trans) agenda and it has refused participation in NATO’s (Ukraine) proxy-war on Russia. In some ways, all this fits Hungary’s (ex-Asian) ethnic, (non-Indo-European) linguistic and (East-West mixing) cultural unicity. In other ways, it defies its historical trajectory as part of the East Bloc, which it followed from 1945 till 2010. During the ‘liberal bonanza’ of the ’90s and ‘00s, Hungary went through the same piracy-capitalist rituals that struck the other ex-Eastern and now-Central European countries: all-out de-industrialization, ‘shock therapy’ privatization, brain-drain emigration, expat colonization, social ‘west-toxification’, cultural globalization and EU-NATO occupation. By 2010, when the Hungarian liberal-left governing clique was removed from power after having been exposed as explicitly referring to the nation as its very own kurva ország, ‘whore country’,iv Hungary’s grande dame capital, dishevelled and impoverished, had become a haven for international organized crime and a staging post for Third World mass migration to the West, as well as the porn capital of the world. With the 2010 elections, Hungary switched to a form of government that may be typified as mildly nationalist and classically liberal – ironically termed ‘illiberal’ by Western commentators. And, ever so slowly, Budapest started to recover.

úgy fordul át Budapest a szervezett bünözés központjából és pornófövárosból
a kultúra fövárosáva a világban és válik az európai hídföállása
a kontinenseket összekötö kultúrális és gazdasági hídnak
ahol kétirányú közlekedés áramlikv

‘thus Budapest turns from the centre of organized crime and the capital of porn
into the culture capital in the world and it becomes the European bridgehead
of the cultural economic bridge that brings together the continents
over which two-way traffic flows’

As Hungary continues this slow ‘Operation Solstice’, turning away from the decaying West and to the rising East, it needs time and space. As it seeks to shake off globalist-nihilist institutional tutelage and liberal-nihilist indoctrination, as it seeks to recover its Turanian heritage and its Eurasian roots, it should be shown the patience and consideration that is due to a man recovering from a long and serious sickness. Till Hungary recovers, for dissident exiles from the West, thrown into a truly cosmopolitan mêlée with vaxx-refugees from Central Europe, New Silk Road pioneers from the East, exchange students from the Global South and avant-garde artists from all over the world, its grande dame capital will continue to be what it is now: a halfway-house to freedom – with a Casablanca-level movie setting to match. They can only wish the Hungarian nation a speedy recovery of its full independence – and a speedy crossing of Liberty Bridge.

Unternehmen Frühlingserwachenvi 
(Globalist-Nihilist Spring AwOkening)

Thinking about that despairing spring long ago, now fast receding from living memory, when Hungary lost its independence, a strange inverse analogy comes to mind: how in March 1945, the doomed Third Reich, still supported by Hungary, launched its last major offensive of the war on the Hungarian front, which had, by then, been pushed back westward across the Danube. That offensive, code-named ‘Operation Spring Awakening’, staked the Third Reich’s last strategic reserve and the fate of Hungary on one last throw of the dice, only to be disastrously defeated in short order. By then, Hungary, for its own particular and legitimate reasons, had fought ‘on the wrong side of history’ for near on four years – and it would continue to do so to the bitter end, an end that also brought about Stunde Null to European civilization. Writing in spring of 2023, well into the fourth year of the globalist-nihilist Great Reset program, seemingly custom-designed to wipe out Western civilization, one wonders whether the whole Great Reset power project may, in fact, already be in its death throes. Perhaps, its current ‘Ukraine’ gamble has a close analogy to the Third Reich’s ‘Operation Spring Awakening’: perhaps it is the last ‘Spring AwOkening’ gasp of yet another megalomaniac Griff nach der Weltmacht, doomed to expire in the ‘Blood Lands’ battle zone of Central-Eastern Europe.

This spring of 2023, there seems to be a first tantalizing inkling of the coming downfall of the globalist-nihilist elite’s entire ‘Combine’vii, i.e. the seemingly all-powerful combination of West-based Big Government, Big Banking, Big Tech and Big Pharma now engaged in an undisguised quest for world dominion. This spring of 2023, there seems to be a subtle change pervading the ether across the sealed-off public sphere, slowly but surely seeping through the cracks of the still firmly closed Overton Window. Slowly, it is filtering through into the Combine’s air-tight MSM echo chambers: the swagger of its neocon mouthpieces and the self-righteousness of its media presstitutes are faltering as the imperative narratives of ‘safe and effective’ and ‘victorious Ukraine’ are seeping through their fingers. In fact, the first slight shivers of doubt – and fear – may be sensed shaking the entire globalist-nihilist edifice: here a resignation over lockdown ‘mismanagement’, there a withdrawal of liability for ‘vaccines’, here a foretaste of truth about a pipeline blow-up, there a trace of war-weary ‘appeasement’, here a glimpse of strangely massive ‘pension-related’ unrest, there a sudden batch of ‘bank failures’. Persistent rumours about ‘unexplained’ excess death, recurrent ‘died suddenly’ interruptions of sports events, whispered words about ‘Biden syndicate’ slush funds, well-timed ‘media leaks’ about casualties in the East, repeated ‘fake news’ reports of an impending financial meltdown. Interspersed with ever shallower MSM distractions – ‘balloon hoaxes’, ‘UFO sightings’, ‘AI apocalypse’ – the atmosphere of the ex-West’s former public square is increasingly filled with unmistakable signs of narrative breakdown and psychotic meltdown. All sure signs that the whole underlying infrastructure (economic functionality, financial stability) and the whole overarching power structure (institutional sustainability, political credibility) are unravelling.

As the writer of this essay has stated before,viii the hostile elite is engaged in a desperate va banque manoeuvre: it has chosen a ‘flight forward’ strategy of do-or-die external aggression – in fact, a war of world conquest – to stave off an internal crisis that is both systemic (overleveraged financialization, environmental unsustainability, democratic deficit) and existential (cultural nihilism, collective narcissism, social implosion). First, it enacted the worldwide ‘shock and awe’ ‘Covid’ psy-op to shut down the globalized economy and establish undisputed war powers across its Western home territory: this stage was initiated by the sc/p(l)andemic physical lock-down and economic shut-down in the winter of 2020. Over the following months, its ‘emergency power’ was expanded into the legal and political spheres of the West by the ‘BLM’ colour revolution and the ‘Biden’ coup, effectively decreeing anti-law and anti-identity and imposing blanket media censorship as well as undisguised uni-party dictatorship. If the ‘J6’ moment is taken to be the ‘Reichstag Fire’ consolidation point of the globalist-nihilist Machtergreifung,ix then this is the point in time by which future historians can formally date the Fall of the West. Thus, ‘Ten Months That Shook the World’ was all it took for the hostile elite to take over the West. From that point onwards, it can be plausibly argued that it is more appropriate to speak of the ex-West, an area now roughly synonymous with the overseas ‘Five Eyes’ Anglosphere plus its World Island off-shore islands and beachheads: Japan and Taiwan in the east and ex-Catholic and ex-Protestant Europe in the west.

In the earlier essay ‘The White Whale’, the writer has already touched upon the deeper implications of the West’s ‘zombie-shift’ as it moves into a ‘post-Western’ state of un- and anti-reality.x These implications are profound, both on the concrete existential and abstract ontological level, for the ex-West internally as well as for the non-West externally. Currently, they are being investigated and preliminarily diagnosed by non-Western thinkers and publicists – not least of which those of the Eurasianist movement.xi For the non-West, the timely formulation of responses to and the timely implementation of remedies for the existential threat and ontological challenge posed by the ‘zombie-shifted’ ex-West are matters of life and death. Substantial research in this direction has already been done by the leading light of the Eurasianist movement, Alexander Dugin, who has been pointing out the need for the re-establishment of full-spectrum (multi-dimensional, ontology-defining) sovereignty.xii

In the final analysis, the re-establishment of full-spectrum sovereignty, as Eurasianism promotes it for all authentic nations and traditions, can only be viably based on an all-encompassing alternative Weltanschauung: a comprehensive world-view that matches – and outcompetes – the globalist-nihilist world-view claim to absolute rule and world-dominance. Eurasianism provides a unique political-philosophical and geopolitical thought system in which multiple (and overlapping) religion-, culture- and empire-based world-views can each claim absolute validity within their own particular realm, allowing the simultaneous formulation and maintenance of multiple absolute sovereignties. The globalist-nihilist clique ruling the ex-West, however, is determined to deny all rights and privileges attached to any such sovereignties and, more than that, committed to combatting the very concept of sovereignty. It is currently testing the boundaries of its opponents’ resolve to defend and reconquer sovereignty. It is meeting unprecedented resistance externally while at the same time facing an unprecedented crisis of confidence internally – this moment should be seized for a maximum push-back by the hostile elite, by its enemies abroad and by its dissidents at home. The fate of the seemingly unstoppable globalist-nihilist hostile elite and the future of its seemingly all-powerful Combine hangs in the balance. Just one more one-timed push and its whole house of cards may very well collapse in on itself. Just as once upon a time the Red Army absorbed the blow of the overreaching Wehrmacht in Unternehmen Frühlingserwachen and then skillfully turned around to deliver the coup de grâce to the Third Reich, so now the Empire of Lies’ imperial overreach in the Blood Lands of Eastern Europe may very well bring it down once and for all. Such an outcome of the current ‘Ukraine Crisis’ conflict, and hopefully that of the entire ‘Last War of the World War’ of which it is part and parcel, would, in fact, be an outcome immeasurably more beneficial than the outcome of the earlier world wars.

The Abolition of Man’xiii
(False Spring Prophylaxis)

Three geese in a flock
One flew East
One flew West
And one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

At the current point of equilibrium, at which the outcome of the globalist-nihilists’ all-out war on its external enemies hangs in the balance, it is necessary to remind the reader of what is truly at stake. Of what is at stake beyond the blood-stained front lines around Artyomovsk, beyond the BRICS-filled headlines of the MSM, beyond the ‘culture wars’ fault lines running across the ex-West. The writer of this essay, born and raised in the West and having observed the slow-and-then-quick Fall of the West in an up-close and personal fashion, deems it necessary to add a specifically West-based, experience-based perspective: a necessary reality check to prevent a possible reversal in the good fortunes of the Eurasianist cause – which, if properly though out and pursued, aligns with that of the European Dissident cause. There will remain a risk of such a reversal, great and even catastrophic reversal, as long as there remains even the slightest doubt as to the real intent and ultimate goal of the ex-West’s hostile elite. Having much first-hand experience and some insider knowledge of the workings of power structures of the ex-West, the writer of this essay wishes to insert three points of warning:

  1. The Eurasian East and the Global South face nothing less than total war. The forms and formalities of international diplomacy and relations may still stand, but they are now mere façades – and the hostile elite of the ex-West uses them as deception behind which it is executing its world-take-over manoeuvre. This elite may be desperate and its MSM may be psychotic, but nobody should be deceived as to the intelligence and attentiveness of the ultimate globalist-nihilist decision-makers, i.e. the hidden cabal controlling all the puppets that take the stage in its carefully crafted theatre of politics and infotainment. At its most conscious decision-making level, the ex-West’s hostile elite is fully aware of the political reasonability, economic viability and socio-cultural compatibility of the Eurasianist vision and its multipolar program. It simply refuses to conform to these positive aims; rather, it systematically pursues their deliberate inversion. It has abundantly proven its intent over the 30-year-long Bush-to-Biden ‘unipolar moment’, during which it has systematically combatted even the faintest attempts of sovereignty anywhere around the world, erasing such traces whenever it could get away with it and inflicting maximum suffering whenever it could not. From the utter destruction of Iraq and Libya to the all-out assaults on Yugoslavia and Syria, from the successful colour revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine to their unsuccessful counterparts in Venezuela and Iran and from the degeneracy promoted in Hungary to the unrest fomented in Hong Kong, the malicious intent of the globalist-nihilist hostile elite and its so-called ‘rules-based order’, as well as its ultimate goal of world dominion, have been proven beyond any doubt. The all-out war on Russia, using the Ukraine puppet regime, and the deliberate provocation of China, using the Taiwan puppet regime, are merely the hostile elite’s logical next moves to its final goal, viz. the forceful imposition of unchallenged control over the World Island through the abolishment of Russia’s and China’s state sovereignty. Having achieved that goal, the hostile elite would then presumably be left with the easy task of mopping up the remnant sovereignties of recalcitrant ‘lesser’ enemies such as Iran and India. There should be no mistake: this is an all-or-nothing power grab by the ex-West’s hostile elites. They will never settle for anything less than total control and therefore should not be permitted to recuperate after any defeat. Its ex-West-based Empire of Lies must be utterly destroyed and its ruling elite must be hunted down. If need be, it must be chased right into its last ‘bunker’ refuge under the smoking ruins of its last hold-out. The whole Big Government-Big Banking-Big Tech-Big Pharma Combine must be utterly destroyed and its entire (‘Young Global’’) leadership must be put on trial. This evil has to be destroyed root and branch. There is simply no other choice.
  2. The ex-West-based hostile elite poses an existential threat to the whole world – and humanity as such. It does not merely seek to deprive the Eurasianist East and the Global South of their sovereign rights and to defeat their now combined attempt to shake off the supremacist shackles of unipolar political hegemony and ‘Westoxificied’ cognitive dominion: it also seeks to establish a borderless worldwide totalitarian control grid in preparation for a deliberately planned supersession of humanity itself. As the globalist-nihilist Great Reset moves forward, the contours of its neo-feudal future vision are looming large: elements of a cross-border bio-medical control grid (‘vaccine’ mandates, ‘QR-code’ status-checks) are already in place, experiments with a cross-border behaviour-manipulation grid (ChatGPT data-gathering operations, Central Bank Digital Currency trials) are already taking place. Within the home territory of the ex-West, the power of the Combine, now fully meeting the classic definition of fascism (cooperation between monopolist big business, Big Banking-Big Tech-Big Pharma, and the apparatus of a totalitarian superstate), already runs politically unchallenged since the Great Reset’s ‘J6’ moment, but the aim of the Combine’s program is much deeper than the achievement of mere political power. As philosophically and metapolitically addressed by thinkers of note over the last decade,xiv the Combine’s ultimate aim (and the whole Great Reset is merely one step towards it) is the transformation of the entire expression of human life on the planet – and that of the human condition itself. This involves trans-nationalized ‘global governance’, trans-gendered ‘open society’ and, ultimately, trans-humanized ‘edited life’. During the West’s liberal-normative decades, roughly from the neo-liberal Reagan-Thatcher-Kohl shift to the neo-totalitarian Covid-BLM-Biden shift, the groundwork for this transformation was laid by the systematic denial of biological realities (race, gender), the systematic deconstruction of cultural identities (nation, family) and the systematic introduction of ‘alternative realities’ (on-line avatar identities, web-based virtual worlds) through a finely tuned combination of technical innovation, educational conditioning, media indoctrination. To effectively fight the Combine and defeat its program, it is crucially important to first understand its ultimately trans-humanist aim: the supersession of the human condition. Left unchecked, i.e. if the Combine succeeds in overcoming external (state-actor) and internal (dissident) resistance, it may very well achieve an Eloi-Morlock ‘eco-system’ between a bio-technically (life-span extended and/or cognitively ‘wired’) enhanced elite and a digitally-controlled (implant-directed and/or ‘vaccine’-controlled) enslaved serf-population, the latter likely reduced to a fraction of current numbers after a series of ‘culling’ events of which the current ‘vaxxinocaust’ may merely be the first and least dramatic. Even if such a redefinition of the human eco-system does not turn out to be a mere transitional stage towards an even more sinister, fully post-human (post-mortal, AI-merged) condition, the resulting neo-feudal conditions are entirely incompatible with even the most rudimentary notions of human dignity, let alone the ethical and aesthetical minimum-demands of any of the many significant religious or philosophical systems known from recorded human history. The ex-West’s current ‘trans-sexual’ agenda, with its doctrinal and physical intervention in the developmental trajectory of vulnerable children, and its current ‘gene-editing’ program, with its mRNA-based euthanizing and sterilizing of blackmailed workers and students, are mere appetizers to the full ‘hell on Earth’ menu that is on the cards once the globalist-nihilist Combine is free to realize its true trans-human and anti-human project.
  3. This fight against the globalist-nihilist hostile elite is more than a fight for survival – it is a fight against evil. The larger transformative project of the hostile elite, significantly accelerated and openly manifest through the Great Reset, not merely targets human culture, including all historical and contemporary forms of socio-economical autarky, political autonomy and cultural identity, which are rejected as ‘primitive’ and ‘obsolete’: it also targets human nature, including its most basic physical categories, such as gender, race and age – which are, of course, combatted as ‘exclusionary’ and ‘discriminatory’. As stated under (2) above, it is more a program of willed transition than of supervised transformation: a transition from human to post-human. By its very design, this transition is destined to explore, incorporate and insist on the logical anti-theses of what is human, viz. on what is un-human and anti-human. In terms of Traditionalist analysis, this transition, which implies the erasure of the very foundations of human culture and identity, eliminating the anagogic structures and transcendent potentialities embedded within them, is inevitably regressive. The Great Reset’s post-humanist goals, marketed through ‘progressive’ slogans, such as ‘sustainable development’, ‘global governance’ and ‘build back better’ (‘666’), and hidden by ‘woke’ new-speak, such as post-gender ‘fluidity’ (‘transgender’ grooming agenda), post-race ‘equity’ (‘critical race theory’ anti-white agenda) and post-gene ‘therapy’ (mRNA ‘vaccine’ depopulation agenda), are essentially achieved by reducing human sensory and cognitive receptivity. This reduction is assisted by the already very real separation, of modern humanity as a whole, from those natural habitats, reproductive chains and ancestral traditions that shaped its sensory and its cognitive abilities. After decades – in some instances: generations – of such separation, the programmed further reduction of sensory and cognitive processing (as well as input) of ‘modern mass man’ is child’s play, as he is subject to compulsory educational indoctrination, omnipresent mass media manipulation and algorithmically controlled virtualization. As the West’s ‘baby boomers’, the first majority ‘post-religious’ and majority ‘post-moral’ generation, completed its hippie-to-yuppie ‘march through the institutions’, the last ‘checks and balances’, previously built into family, education, media and governance systems, have fallen away. As the neo-liberal ‘greed is good’ and ‘be yourself’ decades passed by, the last ‘reality checks’, in the forms of father figures, male teachers, truth-seeking journalists and responsible politicians, were systematically eradicated. In this new, literally ‘fact-free’ and ‘alternative reality’ environment, the upward-directing mechanisms of the West, those that allowed Western man to approach and access the transcendent sphere, are no longer functional. At a collective level, Western man’s senses and cognition are now no longer ‘anagogic’, i.e. directed at character-building challenges, experience-based self-knowledge and spiritual liberation, but rather ‘katagogic’, i.e. directed at the precise opposites, viz. narcissist self-indulgence, fantasy-based infantile regression and sensual oblivion. In this new ‘alternative reality’, all the higher expressions of human culture and civilization, including social rules, religious teachings and spiritual exercises, are necessarily perverted and inverted: they become templates for realizing an opposite outcome and an anti-reality of sorts.

The visible ‘mainstreaming’ of Mammon worship (from ‘Reaganomics’ to The Wolf of Wall Street), sexual perversion (from ‘Sexual Revolution’ to ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’) and child sacrifice (from Rosemary’s Baby to ‘vaccination for children’) in the West is, in fact, entirely predictable: it simply takes the movement towards ‘opposite transcendence’ to its logical conclusion. In a philosophical sense, it represents the literal application of the Umwertung aller Werte. In a religious sense, it represents an actual attempt to establish the reign of the antichrist on Earth. It is useful to remember this: all those who committed themselves to the fight, each in his or her own way, against the globalist-nihilist Combine and its New World Order, including those doing so in the Eurasianist movement for the cause of the Eurasian East as well as the Global South, should remember what they are really fighting against:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12

Thunder Child’xv
(Short Circuit Spring Sacrament)

I was sent forth from the Power
I have come to those who reflect upon me
I have been found among those who seek after me
— ‘Thunder, Perfect Mind’, translation George MacRae

Once the enemy has been properly identified, the danger has been properly estimated and the mind has been made up, there remains one more preparation to be made: to dedicate oneself. This is what made the Roman legions invincible, in the sense that they could never really lose their battles: either they triumphed over the enemy by victory or they triumphed over death itself – by sacrifice. In various attenuated forms, this sacramentum militare,xvi by which Roman soldiers became effectively immortal whilst still walking the Earth, still exists in some military traditions. The Christian West had its knight crusaders, the Muslim World had its holy warriors and pre-modern Japan had its samurai, some faint traces of which still exist. There also is the largely ignored and purposefully misrepresented passionarity of the countless soldiers who fought and fell for their Fatherlands and Nations in those modern wars during which these Fatherlands and Nations were reduced to mere propaganda terms by insincere politicians pursuing hidden anti-patriotic and anti-national agendas – but that does not diminish these soldiers’ intent and sacrifice. There is also the as-yet unarticulated ground-swell of steely determination and heroic predisposition that is rising in the hearts of the many nations of the Eurasian East and Global South that have been systematically cheated, bullied, abused and violated by the Empire of Lies as it stretched forth its blood-stained tentacles from the cesspool that is now the West. As global tensions continue to rise and as the West continues its overreach, inevitably, many boiling- and breaking-points will be reached – some already have. This incoming tide of powerful indignation must not only be channelled by proper analysis and good statesmanship: it must also be articulated in a sacred commitment that binds men together and that directs them to victory – spring is the season for such preparations and commitments.

As blurry battle lines are starting to consolidate and as wondering minds are starting to focus, it becomes possible to divine the outlines of what such sacred commitment in the fight against the Empire of Lies would require at the geopolitical level. A few of the minimum conditions of a meaningful victory, i.e. of a victory not based on a premature ‘compromise’ and the naïve belief that any ‘balance of power’ stability can be achieved with the Atlanticist supremacists still in place, may already be discerned:

  1. the immediate dissolution of NATO and the EU, which are the main mechanisms by which the globalist wars of aggression and the globalist occupation of Europe have been channelled during the last decades – alongside assorted globalist ‘rules-based order’ mechanisms of lesser range (Euro, Schengen, UNHCR, IOM, etc., etc.);
  2. the immediate withdrawal of all non-European military forces from all of continental Europe and the commitment of all continental European nations to complete neutrality, including a solemn (Monroe Doctrine-mirror) undertaking by all nations to never allow any foreign military forces, whether European or non-European, on their territory. American troops out, American bases closed, American agents expelled, American media banned, American tech barred, American bribes blocked. Perhaps, once the USA accepts minding its own business and staying out of the affairs of others, its diplomats may eventually be invited back in, its tourists may cautiously be welcomed back in and its trade may partially be allowed back in – but from now on under strict supervision;
  3. the negotiated one-time settlement, on the template of the 1648 Westphalia and 1815 Vienna Treaties, of all border disputes with the European space. Such a settlement will, in one stroke, void all injustices of the ‘victors’ peace’ treaties that were imposed on Europe after WWI and WWII and end the ‘divide and conquer’ boundaries drawn and maintained by the trans-national and totalitarian ideologues of the USSR in the East and the EU(SSR) in the West. It will also reassert the principles of the right to self-determination for all nations, state sovereignty in international diplomacy and mutual non-interference in domestic affairs;
  4. a re-drawing of nation-state borders based on a balanced consideration of various factors, with priority to creating ethnic cohesive boundaries and accommodating aspirations of national self-determination, followed by lower priority considerations such as the facilitation of sea- and river-access, infrastructure viability, historical-cultural continuity and reconciliation of historical injustices.

For any European committed to the Eurasianist vision, these four points represent not only a self-evident recipe but also absolute minimum prerequisites for a restoration of a once-again fully sovereign, identity-assured and virtue-loving European community of nations, striving to a Res Publica Christiana of European nations that is liberated from the Atlanticist joke to live in harmony. Not keeping to these minimum prescriptions and allowing Atlanticism to survive on the European continent is the equivalent of chasing off a rabid dog but allowing him to wander around freely – the animal is bound to return and strike again. This mad dog must be put down once and for all.

Thus, for the ex-West in the short run and for the East in the long run, the worst outcome of the now smouldering ‘Last World of the World Island’, initiated by Russian President Putin on 22-02-2022, would be a premature ‘peace’, i.e. a compromise between a part-victorious Eurasian Bloc and a part-defeated Atlanticist Bloc after a failure of the latter’s ‘Ukraine Crisis’ project. Any such ‘peace’, based on the victor’s anachronistic deference to ‘classical diplomacy’ and his ignorance of the vanquished enemy’s incorrigible bad faith, would be certain to leave Western and Central Europe under the Atlanticists’ heel, leaving intact their geopolitical bridgehead on the World Island as well as their institutional (NATO/EU) root-structures, buying them time to consolidate and recover. During that time of reprieve – perhaps some years, perhaps a decade – not only would they perfect their bio-technological and digital-totalitarian enslavement domestically within their remit, but they would also be able to learn from their defeat and prepare for new ways to eventually resume their fight and finally defeat the East.

After Russia was invaded and nearly destroyed by Napoleon in 1812, it pursued its enemy right back into his lair, right back into Paris, ending his megalomaniacal attempt to rule Europe. After it was once again invaded and once again nearly destroyed by Hitler in 1941, Russia once again pursued its enemy right back into his lair, right back into Berlin, putting a premature end to the overreaching Third Reich. Similarly, the Anglo-sphere-based Atlanticist monster must not be let off the hook once it is on the back foot: this rabid dog must be killed. The monstrous globalist-nihilist weed that is strangling and suffocating Europe and the world must be pulled out, branch and root. There is no other choice. Even if it costs us all.

‘This is no time for caution
Caution will get you killed’
— Interstellar

Gaudeamus Igitur’xvii
(Eurasianist Spring Cleaning)

Crescat una veritas
Floreat fraternitas
Patriae prosperitas

‘May truth alone grow
May brotherhood flower
And the fatherland’s prosperity’

The first faint trace of change, this spring of 2023, allows us to imagine what the future may hold once the minimum conditions for victory over the Atlanticist monster, set out in the previous paragraph, are met. We may imagine that, after such a victory, different parts of the globalist-nihilist hostile elite would meet different fates. Some may fall into the hands of the ranging mobs and be summarily subjected to ‘direct justice’, while others may be brought before special tribunals for the many different crimes they have committed. Some justice may require Nuremberg-level publicity, as in those cases where democide was committed and where medicine was perverted. Some may require swift and heavy people’s justice, as in those cases where Epstein-esque private outrages fully come to light. Some, conditioned and indoctrinated beyond repair but without blood on their hands, may be declared insane and permanently placed in well-guarded care homes. Some second echelon figures, judged redeemable and sincerely repentant, may be briefly punished and then pardoned to help undo their evil. Some, who prominently collaborated ‘for a fistful of dollars’ only, may be punished appropriately, stripped of ill-gotten wealth, made to confess in public and then put to heavy labour for the public good. Some, the irredeemably corrupt who are not criminally indicted but proven to be unwilling and unable to function in a saner world, may just be banned to some far-away ‘reservations’, where, under appropriate supervision, they can live out their lives continuing their sandbox games using their ‘monopoly money’ just between themselves, unable to extort others – there will be plenty of worthless bank paper for children to play around with.

Those not implicated in the crimes of the hostile elite will walk in the sun and, even though they cannot build the New Jerusalem in the here and now, they will be thankful for the new era and for delivery from globalist-nihilist servitude. Of course, they will only be able to resume any semblance of ‘normal life’ after years of nitty-gritty restoration work, especially in the deeply sullied lands of the ex-West where multiple life-times of damage and trauma need to be overcome. But it is a happy thing to do the work of righting wrongs and restoring rights. From a Eurasianist perspective, a number of geopolitical ‘spring cleaning’ tasks come to mind as being most urgent:

  1. in practical terms, the necessary re-drawing of the map of Europe will be greatly facilitated by the erasure of all those artificial state constructs that have benefitted the ‘divide and rule’ strategy of the globalist-nihilist elite. The re-drawing of the map will have to prioritize Central and Eastern Europe, where border-based conflict(-potential) is most acute: ‘Bosnia’, ‘Kosovo’, ‘North Macedonia’, ‘Moldova’ and ‘Ukraine’ will have to go – to be fairly divided between neighbours, more or less along ethnic lines with some minor adjustments for other factors. The territorial gains of these neighbouring states will facilitate the ceding and exchange of territories necessary for settling other border disputes, allowing the border-changing states to end up with a ‘net gain’. The gaining of most of Moldova and parts of Ukraine and Serbia will allow Romania to cede some of Trans-Sylvania to Hungary. The gaining of most of Trans-Carpathia will allow Slovenia to cede its ethnic-Hungarian borderlands to Hungary. The regaining of half of Bosnia and half of Kosovo, plus some minor border areas of Croatia, will allow Serbia to cede some of the Banat to Hungary and Romania. The unification of Albania with the other half of Kosovo, plus the annexation of some ethnic-Albanian border areas of Montenegro and North Macedonia, will allow Albania to cede its own ethnic-Greek border areas to Greece. Similarly, the unification of Bulgaria with (most of) North Macedonia will allow Bulgaria to cede some ethnic-Turkish border areas to Turkey;
  2. a second priority in re-drawing the map of Europe will be in the largely symbolic but psycho-historically vital settlement of long-term disputes that have haunted Europe for decades and centuries, causing military conflicts, ‘ethnic cleansing’, political tensions and much human suffering. Such ‘symbolic’ solutions, along the line of inventive and well-balanced ‘Vatican State’ and ‘condominium’ arrangements, will go a long way to right many wrongs – primarily at the level of collective consciousness. Thus, Turkey may be inclined to agree to some ‘Constantinople-Vatican City’-type and ‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’-type arrangements with the Christian Orthodox powers, in return for the voluntary cession by Greece and Bulgaria of some ethnic-Turkish border areas, plus the division of Cyprus between Turkey and Greece and the equitable division of continental shelf riches between the two. Mini-state-based, enclave-based and extra-territorial right-based solutions may also reconcile identity-essential claims with ethnic boundary claims (e.g. to protect Bosniak-Muslim rights in Bosnia and Serbian rights in sacred sites in Kosovo);
  3. most acutely, the current West-East stand-off triggered by the globalist-engineered ‘Ukraine Crisis’ may be resolved by a collective agreement to a shift and decisive – hard but just – territorial settlement to resolve, once and for all, all the many outstanding grievances that exist across the Catholic-Orthodox and West Bloc-East Bloc boundaries. The present ‘internationally recognized’ but unjust and unrealistic borders of today must be erased to do justice to Russia’s fair demands for equity and security. Not only the Crimea, but all ethnic-Russian inhabited eastern and southern regions of former Ukraine, including areas not as yet annexed by Russia such as Kharkov and Odessa, could simply be internationally recognized as integral parts of Russia. Additionally, the suppressed and persecuted ethnic Russians living in Estonia and Latvia could be all brought into Russia by having them settle in and around Narva and Daugavpils, which could then be transferred to Russia. Trans-Nistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia should, according to their own wishes, be internationally recognized either as parts of Russia or as independent states. In return for these gains, Russia could opt to ‘trade in’ some of the ‘bargaining chips’ it gained at the end of WWII: it could cede (parts of) the anomalous exclave Kaliningrad region to Poland and Lithuania, allowing Lithuania to compensate Latvia for Daugavpils and Latvia to compensate Estonia for Narva. More importantly, such Russian generosity, which would significantly boost Poland’s security situation, would allow Poland to reciprocate by pledging withdrawal from NATO and the EU and agreeing to strict neutrality;
  4. the issue of Polish historical grievances, which have pushed Poland to accept its current status as the globalist regime’s prime asset in Europe during the current ‘Ukraine Crisis’, needs to be addressed realistically. A territorial solution, combined with the economic opportunities with full Road-and-Belt access to Eurasia, may address these grievances and motivate true Polish neutrality. To do so, Russia may agree to let Poland have (a part of) the Kaliningrad area and/or participate in the division of Ukraine. Eastern Galicia, i.e. the current areas of western Ukraine ruled by the Second Polish Republic not too long ago, may, following consultation with its population, be allowed to enter a confederate state on the model of the original First Polish Republic. Such a Warsaw-centered confederacy, joined by Galicia and the Baltic States, would create a truly neutral ‘Intermarium’ zone. Such a restored Polish Commonwealth, provided it commits to strict neutrality underpinned by Eurasian economic integration, would enhance the security of its own confederated peoples as well as that of its neighbours, most importantly Russia;
  5. it is quite conceivable that a similarly generous Russian attitude could induce other currently ‘unfriendly states’ to also accept an amicable settlement of globalist-induced and/or -exploited disputes. To return a sliver of the sparsely populated Petsamo region that Russia gained from Finland after WWII, once again giving Finland access to the Arctic Sea, may ‘break the ice’ between the two countries. In return, Finland could recommit itself to strict neutrality. The added advantage of such an arrangement is that the new border of such a newly ‘Finlandized’ Finland would separate Russia from Norway, creating another truly neutral ‘Intermarium’ land buffer between the Eurasian Heartland and the Atlantic Rim seaboard. Russia may be induced to accept similar land-for-peace arrangements with other nations (Japan comes to mind), provided they take place as part of a larger border-change package that would grant Russia a sizeable ‘net gain’, with the Crimea, its SMO gains, the rest of ethnic-Russian Ukraine and the ethnic-Russian border cities of Estonia and Latvia all internationally recognized as intrinsic parts of Russia. Further ‘net gain’ prestige may be achieved by Russia being internationally recognized in its natural role as the protector of all the Slavo-sphere and the whole Orthodox world. Concretely, this could be expressed in a confederate state structure uniting Great Russia, White Russia (Belarus) and Little Russia (Ukraine). Little Russia could then be redefined as the central part of the ex-SSR Ukraine, i.e. the area left after Russia annexes all of its ethnic-Russian east and south, after Hungary and Slovakia annex its Trans-Carpathian region and after its eastern Galician part joins Poland in a Warsaw-centered new commonwealth. Having shouldered the heavy burden of the SMO, Russia could also be rewarded by being accepted as the formal guarantor of the new Slavic borders across East and Central Europe. To create a safe southern border for Russia – and Europe – and to permanently eliminate the danger of outside meddling, the ancient fellow-Orthodox border-nations of Georgia and Armenia may be induced to join the new Russia-centred confederate empire-state, in which their identities and rights could be guaranteed and in which their socio-economic prospects would greatly improve through Road-and-Belt-based Eurasian integration. If Russia gains the trust of its large non-European neighbours through an equitable and generous settlement after its victory in Europe, it will likely be accepted as an honest broker in the now-intractable border disputes between Armenia and the Turkish states. Turkey and Azerbaijan may be willing to make some territorial concessions (Ani, Ararat, Karabakh) in exchange for a land-link between the two and Russia’s agreement to a Pan-Turkic confederacy, stretching from Adrianople to Alma Ata. The close political alignment with and economic integration of such a Turkey-centred Turanian confederacy with a Russia-centred Orthodox confederacy to the north and an Iran-centred Aryan confederacy to the south would realize an essential component of the Eurasianist vision;
  6. undoubtedly, the most elusive of all map-redrawing tasks would be the creation of a sustainable and equitable territorial order in those parts of West and Central Europe that are far beyond Russia’s remit. The decadent West, sunken into vice and complacency for many decades, may have to be shaken up far more than has been the case until now, but such a ‘shaking out of comfort zones’ may yet take place before long. In fact, the longer the SMO and related tensions continue, the more certain a shift out of status quo decadency becomes likely. In societal terms, priority will have to be given to dealing with the poisonous legacy of the globalists’ Great Replacement program, which is currently causing the ‘reverse colonization’ of West and Central Europe by the Third World. A combination of subsidized re-migration of recent arrivals, substantial assimilation programs for well-adjusted immigrants and millet-type sphere-sovereignty for un-assimilated settlers will reduce socio-economic tensions and restore law and order. Such sphere-sovereignty may include voluntarily separated living spaces for some of the large non-European ethnic communities that have been created by decades of globalist-sponsored Umvolkung: thus, conflict- and resentment-realities that threaten to spiral out of control may be controlled and defused. In territorial terms, it is clear that there is a lot of boundary re-arranging to do in West and Central Europe. Reality-oriented Eastern Germany may be well advised to separate from virtuality-distracted Western Germany and formally reestablish the distinctive Prussian and Saxon identities, still expressed in relatively cohesive ethnic and historical identities, that persist to this day. The natural state of Germany, after all, is to have many states with distinct identities, united in a Kulturkreis of the heart and soul rather than centralized state-power. To a small, renewed Prussia, a Kaliningrad-enriched and eastward-expanded Poland may be persuaded to abandon its patently anti-historical claims on Stettin and Breslau – and to right some of the great wrongs done to the German people after WWII. Such a freely granted breathing space, much of it sparsely populated as it is, may offer Germans seeking an escape from denatured urbanity a welcome opportunity to recultivate root traditions. Further west, the patent absurdity of the Low Countries being divided into three artificial states (with Belgium carved out of the middle by Britain to permanently weaken the whole), instead of seventeen confederated cantons, must be remedied. The anti-ethnic and anti-historical borders of the highly artificial Fifth Republic similarly need revision: the Basque country and Catalonia wish to be united across borders, Corsica wishes freedom and its non-ethnic-French border regions, such as those around Nice, Dunkerque, Metz and Strasbourg, deserve a free choice to move away from enforced identity and repressive centralizing. In fact, the real France, la France profonde, must be allowed to find itself again, perhaps in natural devotion to Church and King but certainly free from the freemasonic plague of make-belief ‘secularisms’, ‘revolutions’, and ‘republics’. In other parts of the West, older and deeper state institutions may also reinvent themselves again: dignified kingship may suit Sardinia, Sicily and Naples better than being ‘poor cousin’ appendices to the mixed freemasonic-Jesuit-mafia ‘Italy’ that has brought them very little benefit since it was invented out of thin air in 1861. Similarly, the crowns of Navarre (which could be made to represent the Basque people), Aragon (which could be made to represent the Catalan people) and Castile (which could be made to represent not only the Iberian heartland but also much of Latin America) may remain united on one head, but could represent highly divergent national identities, requiring highly divergent governance systems. Even the old lair of the globalist-nihilist beast, the British Isles, may at long last see its long-suffering peoples tire of their increasingly unbearable ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ allegiances to the Bankster-stooge ‘UK’ and the Irish EU plantation and opt to restore their old freedoms: reinstatement of smaller territorial jurisdictions, restoration of common law and reinvention of tax-free property rights. Multi-layered and micro-re-territorialized border- and governance-arrangements are naturally suited to the whole of West and Central Europe. Various forms of ‘archaeo-futurist’, i.e. re-found but future-adjusted, rule may be experimented with in different regions: a mixture of ‘free city’ republicanism for the many great ports and cities, devolved cantonal self-government for the many traditional in-land regions and loose monarchical confederacies for the many regional Kulturkreise suggests itself as the natural habitat for a re-stabilized Western Europe. Once liberated from globalist-nihilist rule and once de-conditioned from the flat-earth secular-utopia projects and one-size-fits-all control illusions of ‘global governance’, Western Europe may very well experience a spontaneous revival of long-repressed local identities and natural allegiances, followed by a revival of prosperity, alongside a rebirth of the arts and sciences. Did not all these flourish, once upon a time and at the same time, in the many city-states of Italy, the many small states of Germany and the many cantons of the Low Countries and Switzerland? The Easter bells of Western Europe may yet joyously ring again over reborn nations and reborn peoples. If that is the case, a great victory parade should celebrate the defeat of the Empire of Lies, to mark the revival of spirit and glory in a resurrected Europe.

Im Geiste des Alten Fritz’xviii
(Prussian Spring Spirit)

(*) Some words of wisdom for those now at war. Some realpolitik aphorisms by philosopher-king Frederick the Great, who out-witted, out-fought and out-lasted a most intimidating ‘coalition of the willing’. Free-formatted translations by Alexander Wolfheze:

* How persistent discipline must inform political virtue:
Seien Sie fest in Ihren Entschlüssen: wägen Sie das Für und Wider vorher ab.
Aber wenn Ihr Wille einmal erklärt ist,
so gehen Sie um alles in der Welt nicht mehr davon ab.
‘Be steady in your decisions: carefully weigh the pros and contras beforehand.
But once you made up your mind,
then do not deviate from your course for anything in the world’

* How a military mindset must underpin diplomatic policy:
Diplomatie ohne Waffen ist wie Musik ohne Instrument
‘Diplomacy without weapons is like music without instruments’

* How patience must have limits (apropos 22 February 2022):
Lange genug war ich Amboss, jetzt will ich Hammer sein
‘I was an anvil for long enough, now I want to be a hammer’

* How political caution relates to military daring (apropos ‘unprovoked aggression’):
Es gibt Vorsichtskriege, die Fürsten aus weisen Gründen unternehmen:
sie sind in Wahrheit offensiv, doch sind sie nicht weniger gerecht
‘There are preventive wars that rulers undertake for wise reasons:
in truth, they are offensive, but they are nonetheless just because of that’

* How war is a law onto itself (apropos ‘ICC indictments’):
Wenn Fürsten Krieg wollen, so beginnen sie ihn.
Und lassen dann einen arbeitsamen Rechtsgelehrten kommen, der beweist,
dass es also Recht sei
‘When rulers want war, they just start them.
They then invite some industrious legal scholar to prove that the law is on their side’

* How uncorrected evil is sure to defeat itself (apropos the Empire of Lies):
Das ist die Belohnung der Schlechtigkeit, dass die, welche dem Verbrechen nachgehen zum Schaden der Tugend, wenn sie auch wirklich die Strenge der Gesetze entrinnen, Urteil und Vernunft verlieren
‘It is the reward of evil that those who commit to crime in breach of virtue,
and really escape from the severity of justice,
will lose their judgment and their mind’

* Always KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid):
Man muss für sein Vaterland kämpfen und fallen, wenn man es retten kann.
Und wenn nicht, ist’s Schimpf, es zu überleben
‘One should fight and fall for the fatherland if one can save it.
And if one cannot, then it is a disgrace to survive it’

Весна Священная xix
(Faerie Queene Easter Visionxx)

This essay must conclude with a simple dedication of our cause to the Sacred Heart, for the sake of all that we seek to protect – for all that is beautiful, innocent and holy in humanity. Thus, as a final step, let us pause, and put all these weighty matters out of our minds. We can confidently entrust them to Providence, and give it time. Let us remember that our Creator is generous beyond all measure – and that with this season, in Easter and Pentecost, He gave us all and we are invited to reciprocate.

The fine purple
The purest gold
The red of the sacred heart
The grey of the ghost
The L of the lips are open
To the O of the host
The V of the velvet
The E of my eye
The eye in wonder
The eye that sees
The I that loves You
Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!


iGerman: ‘Operation Solstice’, a reference to a German counter-offensive (15-18 February 1945) against the over-extended Soviet front in Pomerania, created by the Red Army’s break-through of the German defence on the Vistula and its rapid advance to the Oder. This ‘turn-around’ operation, one of the last German offensive operations of the war, was meant to reverse the collapse of the German Eastern Front between the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains and it did achieve tactical surprise as well as some initial gains, but it failed to dislodge the Red Army’s spear-head against Berlin. It did, however, sufficiently disrupt Soviet planning, delaying the final Soviet offensive against the German capital.

iiThe term ‘globalist-nihilism’ is here used to represent the concrete (real-world) power expression of the abstract cultural-nihilist ideology of the Anglo-sphere-based globalist hostile elite. As globalist-nihilist power originates on the Atlantic sea-board of the World Island and still has its power-centre in the Trans-Atlantic Anglo-Saxon alliance, it could also be referred to as ‘Neo-Atlanticist’. For more precise definitions and contextual analyses of the author’s terminology, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, Rupes Nigra. An Archaeo-Futurist Countdown in Twelve Essays (Arktos: London, 2021) xxvii-xxxvi.

iiiFor the author’s cultural-historical analysis of the rise of present-day globalist-nihilism (or: neo-Atlanticism) as a function of Modernity itself, incarnated in the ‘Global Modernist Thalassocracy’, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, A Traditionalist History of the Great War, Book II: The Former Earth (Cambridge Scholars, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2020) 32ff.

ivA reference to the political fall-out of the so-called ‘Osöd Speech’ of 2006, given by then-ruling PM Ferenc Gyurcsány in closed chambers, but leaked and widely published, permanently discrediting the Hungarian liberal left and allowing Viktor Orbán’s right-populist Fidesz party to achieve a super-majority that it has held ever since.

vFrom the memorial plaque placed in Régiposta utca, Budapest.

viGerman: ‘Operation Spring Awakening’, a reference to the Third Reich’s last strategic offensive (6-15 March 1945), aimed at lifting the Red Army’s threat to Germany’s last remaining oilfields in Hungary and Austria and recapturing Budapest. Indicating the crucial strategic value of the Carpathian Basin, Hitler committed his remaining strategic reserve to fight for Budapest and Vienna rather than for his own capital. It should be noted that, unlike Germany’s other coalition partners in Europe, Hungary (led by Ferenc Szálasi’s Hungarist Arrow Cross Party since its German-backed overthrow of the peace-inclined regency government of Miklós Horthy on 16 October 1944) chose to fight to the very end rather than abandon its Axis alliance.

viiA reference to the ‘critical’ analysis of the ‘Chief Bromden’ character in the famous American psychological drama movie One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Milos Forman, 1975).

viiiAlexander Wolfheze, ‘The White Whale’, 4 November 2022.

ixFor the author’s analysis of the (cultural-nihilist) ideology and aetiology of the (globalist-nihilist) hostile elite, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, Alba Rosa. Ten Traditionalist Essays about the Crisis in the Modern West (Arktos: London, 2018) xii ff. Note that this work, together with numerous other works by numerous other dissident writers, has effectively been forced out of regular print and distribution with the recent de-platforming of its publisher, Arktos Media (for the author’s applicable ‘obituary’, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, ‘Ronin’, 22 March 2023).

xAlexander Wolfheze, ‘The White Whale’, 4 November 2022.

xiFor the author’s short introduction to (Neo-)Eurasianism, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, ‘Le rouge et le noir: an Introduction to Eurasianism’, 15 November 2018.

xiiE.g. Aleksandr Dugin, ‘Censorship: the Metaphysics of Sovereign Culture’, 4 April 2023 and ‘The Concept of Foreign Policy as the Apotheosis of Multipolarism and the Catechism of Sovereignty’, 7 April 2023.

xiiiThe title of Clive Staples Lewis’ 1943 philosophical treatise which warns of the ultimately dystopian effects of long-term mass exposure to subjectivist and relativist indoctrination.

xivFor an overview of the full implications of the trans-humanist revolution and its ultimate philosophical underpinnings, cf. Jason Jorjani, World State of Emergency (Arktos: London, re-edition 2021). For useful updates on the trans- and anti-humanist agenda of the globalist-nihilist hostile elite, cf. Alexander Markovics, ‘The Philosophy of Transhumanism’, 14 March 2023 and Alexander Dugin, ‘Post-men or Post-humans?, 22 March 2023.

xvA reference to the fictional war vessel ‘HMS Thunder Child’ in Herbert George Well’s 1898 novel The War of the Worlds: by sacrificing itself in a daring attack on the ‘Martian’ war machines, ‘Thunder Child’ manage to cover the departure of an evacuation fleet, allowing many civilians to safely escape overseas.

xvi (Latin) ‘Military Oath’ – the Roman military sacrament, activated by an oath under the standard (signum) during a religious ceremony by which the oath-taking soldier became divinely ordained (sacer). Imposing a genius sacramenti on the military collective, this ceremony created the numinously charged esprit de corps that underpinned the Roman legions’ indefatigable morale.

xviiLatin: ‘So, Let Us Rejoice’, the title of Europe’s most famous, carpe diem-themed commercium song, dating back to the Middle Ages.

xviiiGerman: ‘In the spirit of Old Fritz’, a lyrics line from the famous military march Preussens Gloria, ‘Prussia’s Glory’ (1871) written by Johann Gottfried Piefke. ‘Old Fritz’ was the affectionate nickname by which Frederick the Great was known by his soldiers.

xixRussian: ‘Holy Spring’, the original working title of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s avant-garde ballet and orchestral work Le sacre du printemps, which finally came out as the ‘The Rite of Spring’. It was first performed in Paris on 29 May 1913 by the Ballets russes ballet company under its impresario director Sergey Diaghilev, choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky and stage-designed by painter Nicholas Roerich. This stellar-casting but disastrous premiere performance effectively was an attempt to create a proto-futurist Gesamtkunstwerk and may be considered one of the Sternstunden of Western civilization. For the author’s assessment of its belle époque cultural-historical context, cf. Alexander Wolfheze, The Sunset of Tradition and the Origin of the Great War (Cambridge Scholars: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018) 222ff.

xxFrom the lyrics of Kate Bush’s song ‘Why Should I Love You?’ (The Red Shoes, 1993). The writer here wishes to slightly correct the two lines that follow her line ‘Have you ever seen a picture of Jesus laughing?’ in her lyrics. They should not be ‘Do you think He had a beautiful smile? A smile that healed’. They should be: ‘He has’ and ‘that heals’ – present time. SDG.

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Racial Civil War
Alexander Wolfheze

Alexander Wolfheze received his MA in Semitic Languages and Cultures in 2004 and his cum laude PhD in the Humanities in 2011, both from Leiden University. With extensive research experience in the fields of Assyriology and Cultural Anthropology, he subsequently authored several publications in the field of Near Eastern cultural history.

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9 months ago

‘Diplomacy without weapons is like music without instruments’

This has been stuck in my mind since reading it. Very powerful observation and advice.

George Lynx
George Lynx
8 months ago

I have only half read the article and will revisit when I have a couple hours of careful reading.

What I have read it seems to be spot-on. But it also seems that three articles are packed into one – the rather amusing and not so amusing description of Hungary, spring, etc., the Hungarian approach to the tides of the times, and the all-out-fight of the the hidden cabal against the rest of the world.

While it is not my place to criticize an article provided for free, it may benefit from edits into these three articles. Powerful stuff, really.

the moonlight wanderer
the moonlight wanderer
8 months ago

Excellent read. Thank you Arktos

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