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In this hard-hitting essay, Barbaric Disciple examines the fading of cultural heritage and the erosion of shared experiences among white Americans, along with potential future societal challenges they may face.

This article was originally published here.

How much of your people’s culture and tradition is erased from history? The American doesn’t pay enough attention to this question. Being born in the New World separated you from the old one. You can harken back to the American founding, but that was only a couple hundred years ago. Mankind has been around for much longer, and your bloodline goes all the way back to the beginning. How much American tradition we’ve lost likely pales to all the collective tradition and wisdom of our bloodline. Did you know Americans used to use the Roman salute to the American flag and it was only stopped because it was bad optics in World War II?

It wasn’t Nazi; it was just what they did. Most Americans know close to nothing about the people they descend from. You get droplets in school, just droplets. The stuff they want you to know so they can use it to twist your mind from your natural instincts. For the elite, it probably wasn’t the first time. The creation of America saw the formation of new traditions and culture, but how much did the first settlers lose from their journey to the New World? How many times did something like this happen in the Old World after a successful conquest?

How many traditions and customs have you inherited from your family? How many do you remember experiencing as a child, but were never passed down to you? The shared experience of Americans today isn’t far removed from the CONSOOMER culture we want to destroy. How much more did your parents and grandparents understand about the world that you’re just barely finding out about? A leftist would be happy with where we are, but say there is more to be done. The experiences of the past were racist anyways. For the most part, nothing you say will change their mind.

The bigger concern is those Americans who descend from the founding stock and care about the country they live in. The worldview of such Americans is also not far removed from CONSOOMER culture. They still support almost all the things responsible for their current plight. They’re more likely to attack the right — which is actively trying to stop the destruction of the country — than to attack the ones responsible. The question that then follows is, are we even a people anymore? Has globohomo already won and we just haven’t realized or accepted it yet?

There are a lot of Americans who talk big game, but how big is their game if the country is crumbling all around them?

By crumbling, I mean America, not the empire of the United States. The empire is showing no signs of losing power. It continues to dominate on the world stage and its elite are emboldened by their position to let dementia patients like Biden hold onto the reigns for a couple of years. It’s running the traditional American values through the mud, but so what? It’s still a great power no one in the world wants to challenge. Americans are completely separated from the attitudes of their ancestors and are raised under a fantastical telling of American history. Many families through the past couple of generations have been torn apart, resulting in greater destruction of the rites and traditions of our people.

How much do you really have in common with the normie American? Even among those alerted to the actions of this gay empire, there’s nonstop infighting because what we consider American still varies based on who you talk to. You can be racist and say America is white, but the vast majority of those white Americans will want nothing to do with you. The right-leaning ruralist doesn’t have much in common with the right-leaning urbanite. The gay empire, however, can mobilize leftists and get them all in the party line. They tell them when to riot (summer of Floyd) and when to hold back (overturning of Roe v Wade). Who would have thought there would be no riots at the overturning of Roe v Wade?

They don’t want you to notice the country crumbling all around you while you are watching the latest Netflix show that turns all the characters black.

A lot of Americans talk big game, but they’re deluded. They don’t realize how far behind they are. How disorganized and disunited their side is. Many Republicans, for example, love to rail against California and there’s a lot to rail about. But what they don’t realize is how many Californians might be on their side or sympathetic to their cause. If you think race matters, there are 24 million white Americans in California. You cut that in half, assuming close to 50% is right-leaning, you have 12 million, which is more white people than every other state besides New York, Texas, and Florida.

The United States in the most recent census is 58% white. If you identify as right-wing, you’re already a minority. It would be wise to adopt some never-punch-right principle, but here we are. Peter Thiel said recently that the tech boom in California allowed for poor governorship of the state and caused the middle class to move for greener pastures. Those that stuck around likely got pushed into the poor classes, but they’re even more disenfranchised because leftist rhetoric paints them as the cause of all the ailments of the world. Those millions would be valuable, no matter how you tried to reach them, from getting them to move to a more politically aligned area or figuring out how to get them back into power in California.

The question of our time, however, always comes back to “how?”

Americans are extremely isolated. Very few are organized in any way. Very few look beyond the CONSOOMER values of the United States. To even say, “Hey, we whites should start thinking like a group before we get wiped out,” would alienate you from almost everyone. The enemy truly holds all the keys to all the doors. Most won’t even try to organize because they think they’re going to become the next Waco or Ruby Ridge. This, so far, feels very blackpilling, but I believe you have to start seeing reality before you can do anything of worth.

It’s the brotherhood of armed men who make the people and their women that continue their bloodlines.

The task ahead is a great one. It’s titanic in scale. It may even be outside our reach. It ain’t as easy or simple as some people want to claim. Society is organized in such a way as to prevent whitey from saving himself. Globohomo wants you to be distracted and fat. They don’t want you to notice the country crumbling all around you while you are watching the latest Netflix show that turns all the characters black.

The worst thing you can do is think that whoever you elect president will fix these problems. Look at Biden who’s in office now. Do you think he’s making any decisions? The guy doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. Our problems are on a societal and cultural level. The elite prey on us, but don’t be naive enough to assume you can vote your way out of this mess. If they can put a dementia patient like Biden in office and run the empire, what good is a Trump or DeSantis?

To rub salt in the wound, look to how the Ancient Greeks ran the polis.

The Ancient Greeks disliked tyrants, so their city-states were organized to prevent tyranny. When you examine how the families and poleis formed, you can’t help but wonder how the American can get out of his current plight. The foundation to any people is the gang, the war band of barbarians who carve out their piece of the world for their own. It’s the brotherhood of armed men who make the people and their women that continue their bloodlines. The ascension of heroes into kings likely came next, but their descendants squandered their memory in the hearts of the Ancient Greeks before the written word. What we get from the Greeks are the memories of evil tyrants and how they organized society to prevent more of them from coming.

The survival of any one man likely depended on his ability to stay with his polis. Failure to follow the laws would lead to death or exile. Exile was likely little better than death during these times. The word polis is where we get words like policy or politics. The law became their religion in a way. On a level perhaps beyond the American religious worship of the founding Constitution. There is a major difference in how they viewed the polis and how the normie patriotic American views the Constitution.

The laws of the polis were made to help ensure the survival of its people. The citizens of the polis took OATHS to the laws. Their children were made to remember and recite those laws. The Ancient Greeks weren’t as far removed from nature as we are today. Survival depended on the polis’s ability to fight and defeat enemy city-states or nations. The laws of the polis were the gathered wisdom of their ancestors who they viewed as heroes and gods after death. The people of the polis, in addition to their holy laws, also shared similar upbringings, similar blood, and suffered in very much the same manner. They were brought together by their blood and their struggle for survival.

Most research shows that race distinction will hold over all others, but then you look at white Americans and wonder if that will be true for us as well.

What do Americans have that even comes close to these bonds? Do you have a war band formed with the men who grew up with you? Are you even in your hometown? How alien is the culture you’re in right now compared to the culture you grew up in? How many men can you call on for help? That you can trust, whose loyalty won’t ever be questioned? If you do have friends and brothers like this in your life, how much power do you have not on the world stage but on the local level? Do you and your friends have a plan should some war break out?

Americans, if they aren’t yet a conquered people, are isolated and on their way to be.

There may be some among us who will fight, but the most they’ll get for themselves is a glorious death unless they can figure out how to mobilize people to their side. The Ancient Greeks, along with most primitive peoples, banded together in order to survive in nature. The espirit of shared suffering is a powerful unifying force that the modern American doesn’t feel right now for various reasons. The United States is THE world power; the people’s survival doesn’t feel threatened. Most white people feel ashamed of their race. The vast majority of people are distracted by technology.

The current path I believe has the United States headed toward some racial conflict (if you haven’t noticed already, it will be directed at whites). Most research shows that race distinction will hold over all others, but then you look at white Americans and wonder if that will be true for us as well. Do you work towards undoing the self-hatred of whites? Do you think about ethnogenesis with the people around you in the spirit of shared suffering? America is a big place with many different peoples. Some racial alliances or ethnogenesis may be the only way. It might also just depend on where you are.

If you look at California, the some twenty-four million whites are probably not split 50/50. It might be 60/40 or 70/30 against the right. But rightoids aren’t the only ones to flee the state as you have many people claiming it’s liberals invading their own states and turning them blue. It’s easy to say move to where your friends are, but this isn’t possible for most people. A hard red state will feel safer and believe they have a better chance should things turn sideways, but they probably aren’t as well organized as they think they are. The bare minimum, the starting point, is to make friends. Real friends who share your values and you can count on.

Most Americans don’t even have friends. Leftists rage against the idea of isolationism as racist, but goddamn if the average American isn’t extremely isolated from the people he lives around. Everyone keeps to themselves. Leftists included. This isn’t true everywhere, but it’s true in most places. OK — you may be an exception, but so what? Most of your people are the rule. How do you plan on recruiting legions or a legion to your side? How will you inspire fanaticism and zealotry in your men?

By all standards, we aren’t a people anymore. Many of us may share the same race, but our shared experiences are little to none. The only thing we have in common is being the object of hatred for the left. We need more than that to win.

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The Path of Cinnabar
Barbaric Disciple

Barbaric Disciple is devoted to the Resavaging of Man, the Pursuit of the Great Work, and lighting the Fire in Men’s Souls. He is a Warrior Religion Activist. You can subscribe to his substack at

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Rose Sybil
3 months ago


I’m from California but was raised by Nebraskans and partially in Nebraska. I would culture is a living and changing thing… great external pressure can reforge much of it. It was extremely regional before.

Nebraskans are insanely neighborly but so are many older Californians. People love to blame especially for voting things in… but most Californians moving out are far more open to racialist stances. When I lived in Idaho many were far more than Idahoans. I always hear people say stuff like that “oh they will just vote how they did there” and I correct them and say maybe the ones moving for only financial reasons but not most.

Being from there actually helps me get through to them and I rapidly red pilled many of my former Californian customers in Idaho. By knowing which city I know what they are most exposed to and can lead from there. Idaho by the way is already an extremely corrupt state into its own power and doesn’t allow for racialism. It never was even back at ruby ridge but they still arrest counter protesters to liberal things for being on public property. I would not suggest that state.

I totally agree on the ancient Greeks and it’s so sad their potential inflection point to world hegemony was lost by Alexander the Great extending way too far.

I moved back to the area my family is from and I like it much better as it reminds me of childhood and spending summers out here. Idaho might be white but not for long and the culture sucks, the government is way too intrusive and top down controlling of its population. They have like one of the highest incarceration percents per capita in the nation.

Old America is lost but people always should identify more with localities and those have the potential to live on. Even here though a lot has become more isolated since I was a child. I don’t see kids out and about playing all the time on their own like they did when I was young. Likely many are on tablets or playing video games.

Oh and a huge part of what’s turning states blue is migration and refugee influx not just white Californians. Mexicans dump out of California too.

A lot of people leaving California to get away from primitive gangs have shared experiences. The problem is they dump into places like Idaho and a good percent of them are still wanting to just pick up where things were a couple decades ago.

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