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P R Reddall explores the voluntary embrace of evil and the power dynamics of consent, drawing from literary and mythological examples to highlight their relevance in personal and societal transformation.

One of the most sinister villains in popular horror is Count Dracula. He walks by night, has the ability to live forever, and he can shape-shift into a wolf, bat, large dog and even mist. He is frightfully charming but behind the intense, hypnotic gaze is a ravenous lust for blood.

If you enter his abode, beware. However, despite all his power, in order for him to enter your dwelling he must be invited in.

Living in his castle are three brides of Dracula. When the English solicitor Jonathan Harker visits the Count on business, he is told not to wander the hallways. Harker ignores the advice and finds himself in a room with the undead women. They do not attack, but use their sexuality to bring Harker willingly to his near downfall.

There was something about them that made me uneasy, some longing and at the same time some deadly fear. I felt in my heart a wicked, burning desire that they would kiss me with those red lips.

(Dracula, 1897, Bram Stoker)

We see through Bram Stoker’s literary example that embracing evil is a voluntary act.

Elsewhere there are other stories which corroborate this idea. In one radio drama I recall listening to on a winter’s night, a man was offered a deal by the devil whereby the devil was allowed to take one item from the man’s garden. Thinking that all he had in his garden was a solitary apple tree, the man agreed. Yet upon returning home he saw to his distress that his daughter was playing in the garden.

In the European myth, Loki is the god of trickery. Like any god he holds powers far greater than mortal man, yet his deeds involve subterfuge. He is not one to be worshipped, but there are certainly teachings which we can learn from.

Surely, between the Christian devil, the god Loki and the literary Count Dracula, they would hold the power to simply do whatever they wanted to mortal man? Yet it appears not. They rule by deceit and require us to take a voluntary step into their world.

Like all significant folk tales, such things are full of useful lessons which must be understood. The primary one which I would like to get across is that those who attempt to control us in this realm of existence are not all-powerful and rely on our consent.

I am not going to go into detail in regards to the law as this will vary considerably depending on where one lives; however, research will invariably uncover highly enlightening information which drives a wedge between what the powers that be want you to believe and what is actually true.

Furthermore, and of much greater importance is how we conduct our lives on a daily basis. Often we abide by an unwritten set of rules which have either been handed to us from parents, learned from popular media or concocted by ourselves and which are in fact totally incorrect. These ‘rules’ on what can or cannot be done often stem from fear. I am not talking about the traditional ideas which can aid us in leading a wholesome, healthy life, but the rules which unconsciously halt our achievements and slow our progress.

Just as progress in the gym is achieved by doing more repetitions than you thought you could manage, success in life can also be seen as pushing past fears and into new territory.

The plans clearly laid out by what may be called the ‘New World Order’ depend on compliance, but before we worry about what ‘they’ are trying to do to us, first concern yourself with the rules and regulations which you impose on yourself.

Not eating carbohydrates late in the evening is a very good rule, generally speaking, so if that is a rule of yours, then stick to it.

Not asking the most attractive girl you know out on a date is a very bad rule which comes from low self-worth. This may be related to how you take care of yourself physically but may also simply be negative self-talk and totally unfounded. Often the two go hand-in-hand.

Don’t put the pretty girl on a pedestal, out of reach, and while you’re at it, do not pedestalize your corrupt ‘world leaders’ either.

One excellent solution to both get the girl and remove Loki from the government is to get down the gym and lift.

As you perform every rep, say loudly, ‘I will not consent to my own destruction.’

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P R Reddall

P R Reddall grew up in the industrial midlands, but a love of the countryside saw him move to a small village in the west of England where he presently lives with his wife, three children and dog. Always pagan in his views, he came upon the faith of Odinism in his late teens. It appealed to his sense of natural order and offered a logical folkish lineage to gods and ancestors. He leads a small Odinist hearth, enjoys hikes in the mountains, lifting weights, riding his motorcycle and playing the guitar.

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Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
10 months ago

Never consent to talk to any Law Enforcement!

Philip Reddall
Philip Reddall
10 months ago
Reply to  Twin Ruler

This, I believe, works well in America. In the UK it is not so simple after one is arrested.

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