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Alexander Wolfheze outlines the Balkan Front’s battle for sovereignty and multipolarity against Western aggression.

See also part two and part three.


(*) Dedication: This three-fold ‘iconostasis’ is dedicated to an Eagle in the East: the Serbian nation and its courageous freedom fight against truly overwhelming odds.

(*) Organization: Part One of this three-part essay gives a written outline of the author’s presentation for the Serbian Eurasianist Movement in May 2023. It serves to remind the international reader of the fact that the anti-globalist struggle, at the highest level of international diplomacy and military effort, not only has an Eastern Front, where a titanic, truly world-changing battle is currently being fought over the Eastern Slav lands, but also a Balkan Front, where a smaller, true David-against-Goliath battle was recently fought over the South Slav lands. Part Two, the centrepiece of this essay, gives the author’s review of Michel Chossudovsky’s book The US-NATO War of Aggression against Yugoslavia, one of the few impartial English-language treatises on the largely ‘memory-holed’ topic of the West’s ‘controlled demolition’ of Yugoslavia. It serves to remind the reader of the Yugoslav War antecedents of the current Ukraine War: the former prefigures the latter as a stand-off between Western sea-power, which aims at imposing Atlanticist hegemony and globalist uni-polarity, and Eastern land-power, which aims at creating Eurasianist sovereignty and non-globalist multipolarity. Part Three concludes this essay with the author’s report on his July 2023 attempt to visit General Ratko Mladić, a long-term political prisoner in a United Nations-sponsored facility located in the author’s old home city of The Hague, the Netherlands. For over twelve years now, General Mladić has been serving a life sentence, allegedly for ‘war crimes’ but actually for defending his country and his people against Atlanticist aggression, while people like Clinton and Blair, the actual instigators of the first European war of aggression since 1945, walk free. This third part serves to remind the reader that doing the right thing in the present must start with righting the wrongs of the past.

(*) Acknowledgements: The author wishes to express his gratitude to Rade Drobats, Deputy President of the Belgrade Forum for Equals, for providing a review copy of Michel Chossudovsky’s book The US-NATO War, to Milorad Djoshic, editor-in-chief of publishing house Cirilitsa, for facilitating an important forum discussion, and to Bobana Andjelkovits, Eurasianist Movement representative, for her many useful introductions and good conversations.

Part One: ‘Unforgiven’

Presentation for the Serbian Eurasianist Movement

(Belgrade, May 2023)

Errare humanum est sed perservare diabolicum

The first time the author of this essay visited Serbia, then still at the heart of the Yugoslavian state, was in the summer of 2000, a little over a year after NATO’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ and a few months before the colour ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ overthrow of President Slobodan Milošević. At that time, Belgrade was undoubtedly one of Europe’s most tourist-proof capital cities: that year, very few visitors from NATO aggressor states were tempted to visit Belgrade. Admittedly, it was a surreal experience: the city was studded with patches of bombed-out buildings, suffering frequent utility blackouts and many city centre shops and establishments were permanently boarded up. The train connection from Budapest was interrupted at Novi Sad due to the NATO bombing of some bridge — the journey had to be continued by car, with taxis slowly slaloming around bomb-damaged intersections on improvised field roads and endlessly queuing at supply-starved fuel stations. Although wads of worthless billion-dominated old banknotes still adorned the few tourist kiosks of the near-empty Kalemegdan park avenues, hyperinflation had already given way to the grim austerity of the deutschmark-pegged last Yugoslav dinar. The sanction-struck economy was clearly on its last legs: during that last summer of independent Yugoslavia, scarcity and poverty had already pushed many citizens to the standard responses of ‘disaster capitalism’: the black market, emigration and despair. The vacant stare of young soldiers in well-worn uniforms at the bus stops, the resigned patience of old women in tattered scarves scouring the markets and the paranoid alertness of dark-suited bodyguards at Mercedes car doors — all these tell-tale signs pointed to the impending ‘final victory’ of ‘market economy’ and ‘democratic values’. Rump-Yugoslavia, by then reduced to Montenegro and Serbia (minus its NATO-occupied southwest), simply constituted the very last outpost of the doomed Second World, just about to disappear.

Since the Western conquest of Yugoslavia, these same strategies, ranging from media manipulation and economic blackmail to colour revolution and military invasion, have been used against many minor and medium-sized ‘poles’ of resistance to the Western hegemon’s unipolar New World Order project, from Venezuela to Iraq, from Hungary to Hongkong and from Belarus to Yemen.

Clearly, this was the terminus of the old Eastern Bloc, the very edge of the blank slate that is supposed to come with the ‘End of History’, reached only after a full decade of the West’s full-spectrum assault on the East. The full history of this decade of systematic and coordinated Western infiltration, bribery, sabotage, blackmail, sanctions and violence perpetrated on the then-Eastern Bloc — with multiple variations on the theme of Stunde Null for each of the affected countries — has yet to be written, but it is unlikely to be well-received until some great historical change has occurred within the current Western Bloc. Any attempt at historical fact-finding regarding the defeat of the Eastern Bloc is, in fact, sure to be carefully censored as long as the victors’ narrative stands — and it will stand as long as its beneficiaries stand: the corrupt sell-outs of the old communist nomenclature, the shameless traitors of the abolished nation-states and the collaborating conmen of the neo-liberal order. In the widest sense, this beneficiary category includes all those belonging to the nouveau riche ‘money class’ that grew fat on the corpse of the Eastern Bloc during the wild 90’s ‘regime change’ decade — from the handful of oligarch billionaires who came out on top during the ‘privatization’ gold-rush, to the multitudes of now-‘legit’ black market pioneers who pocketed the last savings of the betrayed workers and peasants of East Europe’s former ‘people’s republics’. And the ex-Eastern Bloc’s successor generation, its present-day gilded youth, comfortably wrapped in a ‘virtual reality’ bubble-life of Western-style materialism and hedonism, is unlikely to be interested in the true story of their parents’ path to status and money. Their parents’ true story, crawling through the ‘90s open sewer of raw gangsterism, naked prostitution and shameless grifting, has been glossed over by a very carefully crafted narrative that permits no substantial questioning of its ideological dogmas — especially any actual content investigation of its ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘meritocracy’.

But if it is still too early to write a full history of the fall of the Eastern Bloc and the break-up of its larger states, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, it is not too early to learn some preliminary lessons about the geopolitical strategies by which these larger states were defeated, strategies that allowed the First World West to quite literally devour the Second World East. Such propaedeutics, a collection of well-researched case studies on the agony of Yugoslavia, are now available in Michel Chossudovsky’s book The US-NATO War of Aggression against Yugoslavia, which is reviewed in Part Two of this essay. It would be highly perilous for the presently rising Multipolarity and Eurasianist movements to ignore the lessons that can be learnt from Professor Chossudovsky’s historical study because it describes the globalist West’s standard multi-dimensional warfare strategies, strategies by which it not only defeated, divided and enslaved Yugoslavia but by which it exercises hegemonic power all around the world. Since the Western conquest of Yugoslavia, these same strategies, ranging from media manipulation and economic blackmail to colour revolution and military invasion, have been used against many minor and medium-sized ‘poles’ of resistance to the Western hegemon’s unipolar New World Order project, from Venezuela to Iraq, from Hungary to Hongkong and from Belarus to Yemen. More importantly, the Western hegemon has recently engaged these same strategies — albeit with ‘updated’ technical instruments and on a much larger scale — in what appears to be meant as a final offensive against the world’s last major sovereign powers, Russia and China. The neocon-created Ukrainian phantom-state — effectively a neo-Khazarian anti-state — is meant to handicap, challenge and degrade Russian sovereignty, most directly through proxy war, in the same way that the phantom-state of ‘Kosovo’ was (and continues to be) meant to handicap, challenge and degrade Yugoslavian and Serbian sovereignty. Anyone studying Professor Chossudovsky’s work will immediately notice the similarity in the schemes of the Western hegemon: it should be compulsory reading for all those who wish to understand current global geopolitics as well as for all those who are engaged in realpolitik resistance to the Western hegemon’s imperialist agenda.

But before proceeding to the review of Professor Chossudovsky’s book, the author, who was born, raised and educated in the West, here wishes to address a few words to his ex-Yugoslav and especially his Serbian audience. It is only proper to state the obvious: that no words of apology, however well meant, would undo the evil done to Yugoslavia as a whole, and to Serbia in particular, by the Western war-mongers responsible for that evil — such words would neither bring back the dead to life nor undo the tangible (‘depleted uranium’) and intangible (‘guilt narrative’) poison that the West injected into the Balkans during the ‘90s. But it is also important to state the less obvious: that no such words can be expected to be spoken unless and until the Western Empire of Lies collapses in on itself — an outcome that may be hoped for and striven to, but that only Divine Providence can have the final word on. The burden of guilt and shame, created by the Yugoslav war and many other subsequent wars of aggression farther afield, now accumulated by the collective West, is simply too great. It would require a true revolution of mind and soul (in more archaic words: repentance and atonement) to acknowledge and discharge this burden — and no such revolution is possible as long the key institutions of the Empire of Lies — NATO, EU, IMF, World Bank — endure.

Without excluding a truly (eschatology-) ‘based’ scenario, in which the ex-West drags all of humanity into a fire-and-brimstone final reckoning, we should remember that it is also possible – and it would not be the first time in human history – that the Wrath of the Creator is channelled through human agents.

The author’s memory may here serve to illustrate the true weight of this collective burden. One day during the first week of ‘Operation Noble Anvil’, i.e. the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999, when the author was still employed by a large financial corporation in Amsterdam, during his break, he joined his colleagues in the corporate canteen where a large crowd of office staff watched the TV news on a large screen. Almost without exception, his colleagues cheered and clapped as they watched a barrage of missiles and bombs hitting Belgrade, much like a crowd of football fans watching an exciting match. Then and there, the author realized that talking and arguing with such people is useless: these people unthinkingly cheered on the death of innocent people and the destruction of precious work, for reasons that they were too stupid to understand and under pretences that they were too lazy to investigate — all from the safety of their spacy offices and their luxury apartments, filling their fat bellies from their fat paychecks. No meaningful apologies can ever come from such people: these are not merely docile ‘sheeple’ — these are accessories to murder and accomplices to evil. Since that time, these people and their brood — and there should be no mistake about it: there are still masses of them around the West — have consistently added to the mountain of their collective guilt, now weighing down on the collective West to the point of altering its collective consciousness. These people are complicit in the reign of terror that the Western ‘rules-based order’ has unleashed on the world and that has, over decades, drowned entire nations in blood, tears and sweat, first far away — Libya, Syria and Yemen to name but the most obvious places were suffering was deliberately imposed — and then nearer to home, in Ukraine. They have, again and again, swallowed the MSM lies hook and sinker (‘911’, ‘weapons of mass destruction’, ‘Russian collusion’, ‘MH17’, ‘Putin is Hitler’); they have, again and again, voted in obvious cheats, liars and war criminals (Clinton, Blair, Bush, Johnson, Biden), they have, again and again, enthusiastically supported degeneracy exports (‘Femen’, ‘Moscow Pride’, ‘SOVA Centre’) and they have, again and again, generously funded war-mongering puppets (Saakashvili, Guaidó, Zelensky).

By now, the West — one could say: ex-West because it lost the soul that gave it life — is so deeply mired in sin, having deliberately distanced itself from redemption, that the crimes it has committed, and continues to commit, at the collective level have surpassed the level of mere ‘deadly sins’: these sins are now attaining the level of what, once upon a (pre-Vatican II) time, the now effective defunct Catholic Church recognized as peccata clamantia: ‘screaming sins’, i.e. sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, designed to deliberately provoke the Wrath of the Creator. There is, however, one level of sin deeper still: the unforgivable sin, i.e. the kind of persistence in mortal sin, without penitence, that is inspired by sheer malice. In the final analysis, this ultimate sin involves the sinner’s self-condemnation, by-passing divine mercy by the sinner’s free and conscious choice, to hell. Of course, hell on earth is exactly what the West’s radical nihilism, taken to its logical consequences, aims at. Within the ex-West, that hell has already been realized in many ways and many spheres. One need only look at the unspeakable filth of the West’s online ‘sexual liberation’, the industrial-scale genital mutilation of its children, the massive child sacrifice resulting from its ‘abortion’ and ‘vaccination’ rituals, the perversely inverted ‘justice system’ that glorifies criminals (‘BLM’) and punishes the innocent (‘J6’), the institutionalized racism that gives preferential treatment to colonizing invaders (represented as being ‘asylum seekers’) while dispossessing innocent natives (represented as having ‘white privilege’) and the shameless lies and false flags by which it justifies its ever-escalating wars of imperialist conquest, aimed at carving up resource-rich states that dare resist its demands (Libya, Syria, Russia). Once these sins, deadly and screaming to Heaven for vengeance, do finally reach the status of unforgivable sin, a time of reckoning is sure to follow. Without excluding a truly (eschatology-) ‘based’ scenario, in which the ex-West drags all of humanity into a fire-and-brimstone final reckoning, we should remember that it is also possible – and it would not be the first time in human history – that the Wrath of the Creator is channelled through human agents. Sometimes, the avenging angel is just a man who decides he has had enough. It is not inconceivable that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, enough good men will have had enough and decide that they will settle the score once and for all. The Eurasianist mission is to work towards just such a brotherhood:

эа вашу и нашу свободу.

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Alexander Wolfheze received his MA in Semitic Languages and Cultures in 2004 and his cum laude PhD in the Humanities in 2011, both from Leiden University. With extensive research experience in the fields of Assyriology and Cultural Anthropology, he subsequently authored several publications in the field of Near Eastern cultural history.

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