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P R Reddall delves into the intricate interplay between quantum physics, spirituality, and consciousness, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and meditation in navigating the mysteries of the multiverse and our place within it.

Our physical realm is governed by physics; before one drops a stone to the floor, the time before impact can be calculated. This is rational science at its most simple.

When one moves into the world of quantum physics, however, things can get a little strange. Indeed, the scientist that excels in this arena might be more likened to a musician or an artist than a scientist, for he must adopt a different mindset in order to theorise or grasp the strange ideas of sub-atomic activity.

Yet both music and art have mathematics at their core… although most would agree that great art and great music need a special ‘je ne sais quoi’ in order to be truly wonderful. A magician’s touch or perhaps a godly, creative input.

Our lack of deep understanding of the inner workings of the multiverse can make unfathomable occurrences seem magical, and there tends to be a divide between mathematicians / scientists / atheists versus artists / quantum physicists / those with a religious faith.

This divide is caused by the dark era in which we live. In the present Wolf Age, things are not seen clearly. Man can view only minute aspects of existence and, generally speaking, can only manage to anthropomorphise his gods. Advanced quantum physics may seem strange and magical simply because one cannot yet fathom the ‘rules of the game’ — how things really are.

Just because we reside in darkness does not mean that there are no sparks of light.

The quantum world is not separate from our reality; for example, in quantum experiments, when one looks for a particle, one finds a particle and when one looks for a waveform, one finds a waveform. So it is in life; one tends to find what one is looking for.

In this regard, if one decides to search for the origins of man in a particular part of the world, this is what will be found. Furthermore, if one wishes to ignore such things as a creative force or an animating spirit which can move into and out of flesh, one can then look at genetics and trace the material being of man to anything he wishes to find, be it apes or perhaps even trees (Ask and Embla — the ash and elm of Odinic myth). Either may be true materially speaking. But it does not explain the spark of consciousness.

Therefore the only rational way to view the multiverse is to spiritually ‘red pill’ oneself and attempt to awaken to the bigger picture.

Moving towards this awakening goes hand-in-hand with the Yugic cycle; as the cycle progresses (or declines), so does man… as man progresses (or falls), so does the Yugic cycle.

Therefore, as European folk, the Hyperborean myth should be considered (which is a primal truth) rather than base ideas purely on science, which is completely dependent upon the dark age in which we presently live. This is not to say science is always incorrect. Religion also suffers the same malaise, in that the present understanding of the majority is rooted in the Kali Yuga. What one must do is awaken in order to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Just because we reside in darkness does not mean that there are no sparks of light. Here and there are scientists and spiritual folk who radiate pure cosmic understanding due to their higher awareness. As one works along the path of awakening, these sparks of light are noticed more clearly.

In regards to the method of awakening, meditation is the key. Note that meditation is not an alien practice; the Hyperborean folk wanderings took deep spiritual knowledge into India and elsewhere, and it should not be seen as in any way foreign.

The meditator will watch his thoughts and notice how his emotions alter.

One issue most will encounter is the image of the monk on the mountaintop. The idea of ‘awakening’ can seem far away and idealistic, somewhat akin to the black belt in martial arts.

Yet one will reap great benefits even in the early stages of proper, focussed meditation practice. Almost everyone is ruled by uncontrollable daily thoughts and a rollercoaster of emotions. These thoughts and emotions dictate how each day pans out. And this being the case, how is one to pause and see things as they really are?

The powers that be play on this so that regular folk bounce between the issues of the day rather than seeing the puppeteer’s shadowy hand.

Perhaps you even engage in practices which are detrimental without even realising it. The meditator will watch his thoughts and notice how his emotions alter. But Mr Normie may come home from work, watch some pornography on his smartphone and down a beer without noticing the manner in which his mood alters after doing such things. Thus his family life suffers and he places the blame upon others.

Indeed, it can be very enlightening to watch oneself after engaging in an activity which is not entirely wholesome and noticing subsequent mood and behaviour. Let us not be too pious here; our mistakes are there to be learned from. It is our failure to adequately learn that is the biggest mistake.

The spirit which resides within us reacts badly to such negative things. These bad reactions may be very subtle and some minor bad actions can be brushed under the carpet to a degree, but the Karma (Odinists use the terms Wyrd and Orlog) of bad action (and bad thoughts) builds up over time.

One’s muscles built in the gym keep one healthy; martial arts practice keeps one safe; religion offers a high and noble ideal; meditation training allows one to see things as they really are.

Be Whole and Healthy — Waes thu Hael.

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P R Reddall

P R Reddall grew up in the industrial midlands, but a love of the countryside saw him move to a small village in the west of England where he presently lives with his wife, three children and dog. Always pagan in his views, he came upon the faith of Odinism in his late teens. It appealed to his sense of natural order and offered a logical folkish lineage to gods and ancestors. He leads a small Odinist hearth, enjoys hikes in the mountains, lifting weights, riding his motorcycle and playing the guitar.

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