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Dr. Kerry Bolton explores the intricate connections between secret societies, Masonic traditions, and the historical underpinnings of the European Union, shedding light on their influence in shaping Kalergi’s vision of contemporary Europe.

Anti-Tradition and Revolution

Levi devotes an entire section of The History of Magic to the subject of ‘Magic and Revolution’.

Continental Masonry became the current for spreading atheism and materialistic doctrines in the manner described by Guénon.

Some particularly interesting commentary on the role of secret societies comes from Conrad Goeringer, the Director of Public Policy for American Atheists and staff writer for the American Atheist Magazine. Goeringer, a well-known atheist scholar in the United States, often focuses on such subjects, and while eschewing any notion of ‘conspiracies’ nonetheless has written of the mystical association of revolutionary secret societies in a manner that accords with the ‘counter-’ and Anti- Traditional descriptions of Guénon and…

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Dr. Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton holds doctorates in Historical Theology and Theology. He is a contributing writer for The Foreign Policy Journal, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research in Greece. His papers and articles have been published by both scholarly and popular media, and his work has been translated into several languages. Arktos has also issued his books Revolution from Above and Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey.

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