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Dr. Kerry Bolton discusses the intricate concepts of the Universal Republic and the ‘New World Order’, unraveling the symbolic and esoteric elements embedded in global institutions, and revealing the influential role of secret societies in steering the course of history.

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Universal Republic

This Novus Ordo Seclorum is also called the ‘new world order’. Although it is erroneous to think that the latter is an English translation of the former, a semantic matter made much of by Masonic apologists in dismissing the contentions of anti-Masonic writers and conspiracy theorists, the terms nonetheless mean the same in principle. Alice Bailey, heir to the Theosophical mantle descended from Helena Blavatsky, and who had a seminal influence on what is generally called the ‘New Age’, wrote of the ‘New World Order’ (sic) as an esoteric aim: ‘To reorganise world affairs and so initiate the new world order. This is definitely in the realm of ceremonial magic…’ Bailey states that such a ‘new world order’ would emerge out of a demand for peace from a world wracked by conflict, the process being recognisably dialectical:

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Dr. Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton holds doctorates in Historical Theology and Theology. He is a contributing writer for The Foreign Policy Journal, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research in Greece. His papers and articles have been published by both scholarly and popular media, and his work has been translated into several languages. Arktos has also issued his books Revolution from Above and Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey.

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