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Alexander Dugin narrates the saga of Baron Ungern-Sternberg, who waged war against the corrupt forces of communism and democracy, seeking to fortify Mongolia as a bastion against the decaying West and battling the red tide as a champion of Traditionalism and the resurgence of perennial truth.

Written for the radio show Finis Mundi (1996)

Petrograd, 1920. Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii concludes his report to comrade Lenin:

It would appear that Ungern is more dangerous than Semenov. He is obstinate and fanatical. Intelligent and merciless. He is holding key positions in Dauria. What are his intentions? Does he aim to make an attack on Urga in Mongolia or on Irkutsk in Siberia? Is he planning to make a retreat to Kharbin in Manchuria and, then, to Vladivostok? Will he go to Peking to restore the Manchurian dynasty to the Chinese throne? His monarchical conceits are without limit. But one thing is clear: Ungern is preparing a revolution. Today, he is our most dangerous enemy. We must annihilate him, for this is a question of life and death.

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Racial Civil War

Translated by Charles Ybdis

Dr. Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin (b. 1962) is one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia, having been active in politics there since the 1980s. He is the leader of the International Eurasia Movement, which he founded. He was also an advisor to the Kremlin on geopolitical matters and head of the Department of Sociology at Moscow State University. Arktos has published his books The Fourth Political Theory (2012), Putin vs Putin (2014), Eurasian Mission (2014), Last War of the World-Island (2015), The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory (2017), Ethnosociology (vol. 1–2) (2018, 2019), Political Platonism (2019), The Theory of a Multipolar World (2021), and The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset (2021).

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