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Andrej Sekulović discusses the complex legacy of H. P. Lovecraft, exploring how the renowned horror and science-fiction author’s personal political views, particularly on race and multiculturalism, have become a subject of controversy in our liberal times.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is considered to be one of the biggest names in horror literature. His influence in the horror and science-fiction genres, both in literature and the movie industry, remains of great importance. However, as Dr. Kerry Bolton has pointed out in his essay “Lovecraft’s Politics,” for many of his admirers, the scariest things that Lovecraft wrote were not about the ancient creatures out of space but his political views. The modern reader may be left speechless after reading Lovecraft’s letters and opinions, where he discusses the inequality of races, the rising decadence of the liberal democratic system, and even the much dreaded “Jewish question,” just as his characters are left on the brink of madness after discovering the existence of the ancient alien beings inhabiting our planet, or the ruins of their colossal cities hidden under the seas or beneath the Arctic ice.

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Andrej Sekulović

Andrej Sekulović was born in 1987 and lives in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. He has been active within the dissident right and identitarian sphere for more than ten years. He currently works as a journalist for a Slovenian conservative magazine and publisher. His articles, columns and translations were mostly published on various Slovenian blogs and websites, and he has also contributed interviews, essays and forewords to different books published in Slovenia and other countries. In 2017, he started the metapolitical project Tradition Against Tyranny, which focuses on introducing identitarian and authentic right-wing views to the Slovenian public. He enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with his family and dogs.

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