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Kaisarion criticizes the current state of Ireland and urges the Irish to strive for a society free from modern democracy and united under a benevolent monarchy, while warning against violence and reactionary ideologies.

Firstly, I must stress that I bare my teeth in frustration with you. Ireland, once fabled Hibernia, has been reduced to the meanest of forms: crushing unemployment, rampant alcoholism, mass immigration by those least deserving of pity, broken trust in the Church that defined Irish resistance only a century ago; even the Island itself remains splintered along sectarian lines. The Irish drift aimlessly, a third-string concern of the European Union to which it is subservient, utterly failed by Democracy and betrayed by the authorities that have sworn to keep your communities safe. Change must come, and it cannot come soon enough.

My greatest encouragement is this: dream big. Dream, if you will, of an Ireland free of Democracy and Capitalism, Despotism and Socialism. Dream of workers that, free of the manic pursuit of monetary wealth, may commit themselves wholly to their crafts, high and low, with the peace of mind and security that they have homes, and meals, and families, and the guarantee of safety in their elderly years. Dream of merchants and tradesmen that are able to exchange the excesses of Irish labor for the finest luxuries and novelties the world has to offer, sold back to their people at little more than the cost of acquisition. Dream of warriors who may commit themselves to martial excellence, day and night, with the noble purpose of protecting the Motherland and all who dwell within. Dream of scientists and scholars, philosophers and priests, whose sole objective is the perfect fathoming of order and administration of the Realm. Most importantly, dream of Kings; Kings with the light of the Sun on their faces, the living embodiments of the Realm, the intermediary between the Divine and their people, austere of mind, who cherish Ireland as the most brilliant of emeralds. Dream this; then understand the dream can become a reality, for Modernity is built only with cardboard walls fashioned to resemble stone.

With this highest of aspirations in your spirits, you may then begin to right the Island.

You must remain vigilant, however, for the easiest and most obvious solutions will lead to one bad result or another. You see, ends do not always justify the means, for you cannot return to God with a murderous heart. A new Ireland forged in blood will always thirst for blood, and as such, the slaughter of foreigners is wholly unacceptable. If you mean to remove many of them and ethnically “purify” the Island, as if that constitutes purification, you must conduct yourselves with decency and restraint. Remember, the mind is greater than our animal impulses; if you want the last laugh over those who abuse your charity, let it be the mirth you experience when Ireland achieves greater glory and prosperity than that which the foreigners were capable of taking from you.

Another pitfall you must avoid is the lure of the Third Position, by which I refer to the umbrella overhanging Fascism, National Socialism (and its degenerated form of Neo-Nazism), Falangism, and so forth. The Third Position is built around reaction and only ever reaction: reaction against Liberalism, or Communism, or Protestantism, or a specific minority group. Naturally, the goals of Third Positionists are always so pitifully shallow: the elimination of a given minority group, or intrareligious rivals, or narrowly defined political opponents, or women’s suffrage, or what have you. No, the awakening of Ireland must be something so much more. It must rise above Modernity itself and leave its silly political categories and trappings behind.

In the vein of that, I offer a starting point: accept now that Democracy is incapable of saving you, and only bother engaging the democratic system as a means to an end.

That end must, of course, be the promulgation of Monarchist sentiment and the establishment of a new line of High Kings. Contrary to what the lying Press and manipulative educational institutions teach, a true Monarchy is inherently above and beyond the political brackets of Modernity, because it considers the entirety of the Realm monolithic and undivided before the ruler, who by necessity considers all its territory and everything within his personal domain. In the eyes of a King, and free from political partisanship, all of Ireland would be indivisible save those who would choose to divide themselves through crime and treason. Pay no heed to the fearmongers, for which of their solutions have availed you? How has the slow, inconclusive grind of Democratic Republicanism spared Ireland from suffering? And what exactly have the Bourgeois left whole and sacred in their unwavering pursuit of hoarded excesses? Is the Island itself more beautiful and unblemished now than it was a thousand years ago, with all of Modernity’s regulations and standards? Is having a King to embody your Realm and labor ceaselessly to ensure your prosperity such a terrible fate?

Sons and daughters of Ireland, you have the power to turn away from the dystopian materialism so characteristic of Modernity. Recognize that amidst all of your desires and frustrations, it is your spirits that cry out for deliverance louder than your mouths.

The time has come to see through the lies of your smiling oppressors. It is no longer acceptable to merely stand among the ruins, shackled to the machines that feed the tiger. The beast has been struck in the leg by an emerald serpent; strike now at its head! Revolt Against The Modern World! Erin Go Bragh!

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6 months ago

for a vision and plan for the sake of my nation, Ireland, go to

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