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Guillaume Faye confronts the emergence of multiracial societies in Europe, tracing the ideological roots and societal implications of this shift from a once homogenous continent to one grappling with identity, cultural preservation, and the consequences of colonialism and immigration.

In recent years, most European countries have suddenly awoken in the midst of an entirely new form of society — one they could have foreseen twenty years earlier but did not — a form previously thought to be exclusive to the USA: the multiracial society resulting from decolonisation, the immigration of labour, and the differing population growths between North and South. For the first time in its history — at least in the last millennium — Western Europe became a host to Afro-Asian minorities, whose proportion is steadily increasing. The shock is substantial, and it is most pronounced in France. The question of identity is raised with unprecedented brutality and urgency. But this challenge enables Europeans — finally — to become aware of the nature of their own specificity, or at least to contemplate it. Identity, the strength of the sense of belonging, and the meaning of the term ‘citizenship’ obviously rest on a relative ethno-cultural homogeneity of Europeans, and therefore, we must ask about the ‘desirability’ of a multiracial or…

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IArcheofuturism (Limited Edition)
Racial Civil War (Limited Edition)

Translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Dr. Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye, born in 1949, obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. He was a principal organizer of the French New Right group GRECE in the 1970s and 80s, while also pursuing a career in journalism for magazines such as Figaro and Paris-Match. After leaving GRECE in 1986, Faye worked as a broadcaster for Skyrock radio and France 2 TV's Telematin program. He returned to political philosophy in 1998, publishing Archeofuturism, and went on to produce several challenging books. Faye passed away in 2019.

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