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Hans Vogel critically analyzes the World Economic Forum’s devilish influence and sinister policies.

This new year seems to have gotten off to a bad start: of course, around Christmas there were the usual reports of cute little ice bears or pandas born in some Northern Hemisphere zoo. However, the birth of twin spotted hyenas does not bode well for what the year has in store for us.

For some time now, prophets of doom have been asserting that 2023 was “the warmest year in recorded history.” Assorted financial experts have warned the current year will bring economic Armageddon. Finally, there are the rumors of an imminent nuclear exchange between the US and Russia, which would spell the end of Civilization “as we know it.”

The establishment media and state outlets have been duly feeding the public with these and other alarming prophecies. All things considered, it amounts to a giant PR campaign to gain sympathy and acceptance for the annual meeting of the international crime syndicate that thinks it is running the world.

Of course, we are talking about the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is holding its annual Davos convention from January 15 to 19, and where thousands of brothers and sisters in crime will be feasting, boozing and fornicating for a week. It would seem the syndicate is concerned about control slipping from its hand. Sure enough, they are not in control of events, but they are losing control of the narrative. Therefore, the motto of their 2024 meeting is “Rebuilding Trust.” This is actually sort of funny, since nobody in his right mind would ever trust the sweet talk of a sinister outfit such as the WEF. It is not only its president, Klaus Schwab, who is a pathetic caricature, but its other employees are hardly less ridiculous. Take their managing director, Saadia Zahidi. Apparently no more than a bimbo from Pakistan, she declared that the world is threatened more by “conspiracy theories” than by anything else. The WEF therefore has resolved to combat “misinformation” and “disinformation” by any means.

…the WEF eagerly supported official policies adopted during the Great Covid Show and the imposition of mRNA vaccines, which have cost the lives of millions around the world.

Meanwhile, in many parts of the world, rebellion against WEF-dictated policies has broken out. As expected, you will not find coverage of those events in the establishment media, many of which are official WEF “partners.”

Hardly a word on the massive farmer protests in Germany that have been paralyzing the nation for a week. The farmers can count on the support and sympathy of the vast majority of real Germans, who are anxious to finally get a government that represents them and is not hell-bent on destroying the economy and flooding the country with unemployable foreign males who molest German women. Dutch farmers have been protesting their government for its policy to reduce nitrogen and carbon emissions. Based on pseudoscience and brainwashing, it will lead to the destruction of all agriculture in the Netherlands, resulting in the elimination of the remaining 10,000 independent farmers. In France, farmers have been furious for years now, driven to desperation by EU-imposed red tape and suffocating regulations. Not a week goes by without some French farmers committing suicide. In Italy, as a result of policies dictated by Brussels Eurocrats having no clue about agriculture and the realities of rural life, agriculture is on the verge of implosion. Needless to say, the war on farmers will have dire consequences for consumers. Actually, famine can already be seen raising its ugly head.

It is indeed puzzling why the WEF, which really is an organization of big corporations, would want to eliminate substantial numbers of customers. Yet it does seem part of its modus operandi. After all, the WEF eagerly supported official policies adopted during the Great Covid Show and the imposition of mRNA vaccines, which have cost the lives of millions around the world. WEF partners Pfizer and Moderna are notorious suppliers of those jabs.

WEF partners Google, Meta, LinkedIn and major media corporations have duly been censoring unwelcome information during the Great Covid Show and otherwise cooperate closely with whatever decisions are being taken. With investment tycoons, such as BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and Carlyle boss David M. Rubinstein, on the WEF Board of Trustees, you can be sure all decisions are in the interest of big business.

With Russian firms notably absent from the list of WEF partners (though in 2022 Lukoil and Sberbank still were), it is safe to say that WEF fundamentally represents business from the US and its principal colonies in Europe and Asia (Japan and South Korea).

The Davos meeting will explore four major themes, the first being “Achieving Security and Cooperation in a Fractured World.” With the mass slaughter of Ukrainian kids, elderly, women and handicapped sent to fight the Russians and Israel holocausting its neighbors, with EU members imploding and US colony Ecuador, with its fully dollarized economy, now sliding into outright civil war, it is hardly surprising Davos attendants will dwell on this theme. Will all of that be good or bad for business? That is the question! Javier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina, will also be at Davos to receive detailed orders on how to make his unfortunate nation safe again for US investments and “democracy.”

…the US and its empire are descending into full-scale lunacy.

Another theme is “A Long-Term Strategy for Climate, Nature and Energy.” The hoi polloi will have to eat insects, worms and, God knows, perhaps also the remains of their family and friends, such as shown in the movie Soylent Green. Forced to live in urban concentration camps (15-minute cities), people, under 24/7 surveillance, will have no freedom of movement and no access to nature. How this would benefit business is the question!

The other themes (AI and job creation) are thrown in for good measure, and it is difficult to see how one can introduce AI and create jobs at the same time. Many, many people will have been made redundant before any new jobs become available at all. Perhaps this is where the butchery in the Ukraine, the Gaza Strip, Disease X and the anti-farmer policies and projected famine come in: many people need to be eliminated to make room for AI. The WEF and its members do not care about human life, human rights and civil liberties. Is there anyone who has spoken out on the murder of US journalist Gonzalo Lira by the Ukrainian spy service? Since the Ukraine is said to defend “Western values,” it is obvious what those values actually are.

Meanwhile, the US and its empire are descending into full-scale lunacy. Joe Biden continues to amaze us, thus making it clear to the whole world that the US President does NOT call the shots. The new French PM, a WEF “Young Global Leader” and homosexual, has made his ex-“husband” Minister of Foreign Affairs, while in Spain a woman with Down Syndrome was elected to a regional parliament.

There once was a time when possessing ample knowledge of serious matters was a precondition for competing for public office or becoming a government minister. Knowing the right people was certainly a requirement, but not the only one. There was a time when government ministers were addressed as “Your Excellency.” That was also a time when companies tried to make products that were reliable and would last. In those days elected officials still respected their voters, who in turn respected them. In those days, not all politicians were bought by business. Companies still respected their customers and customers responded with brand loyalty.

Today, politicians want more than just our votes and taxes and companies more than just our sweat and money. They want us to live in fear and misery and they intend to kill us.

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Hans Vogel

Hans Vogel spent his youth in Indonesia and the Netherlands, studied at Leiden University and received a doctorate in history from the University of Florida. After teaching Latin American and military history at Leiden University, he taught European and world history in Buenos Aires (UADE and ESEADE universities). He is the author of a standard history of Latin America and numerous monographs and articles on military, European and Argentinian history. Over the years, he has served as an advisor to several governments and state agencies, and as a lecturer on Latin American politics for the Netherlands Institute of International Affairs, while he has also been active in journalism for Dutch and Russian outlets. Since 2002, he has been living abroad (mainly Argentina, Belgium and Italy).

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