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For much of his career, Hampl has focused on the class conflict between the global multicultural elite and ordinary working people. In the beginning, his ideas were neglected and even labelled communist, but later they were accepted by a broad swath of Czech society and became more mainstream.

Jorjani’s primary thesis is that UFOs are time-travel devices from a future humanoid civilisation—a future humanoid civilisation that extends into our own past. Essentially, Jorjani holds that we live in a loop: at a certain point in the 20th century a few humans developed time travel; they then established new civilisations on Mars (to travel in time implies an ability to move in uncanny ways in space) and on Earth in the distant past—eventually, these civilisations diverged, mainly through genetic self-enhancement, from humans to an extraordinary degree; in turn, these diverged and enhanced species created man. The human race is its own grandfather.

An intelligent, relevant and well-documented book…

Julius Evola

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Guillaume Faye (1949–2019)

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Who Are We?

Jason Rogers

Translator and Editor

Tor Westman

Chief Marketing Officer

Constantin von Hoffmeister

Translator and Editor

Roger Adwan

Chief Translator and Editor



Sex Differences in Intelligence by Richard Lynn

Editing 100%
Cover Design 75%
Layout 75%

Einheitliche Architekturtheorie by Nikos Salingaros

Editing 100%
Cover Design 75%
Layout 50%

SJWs and the PC Cult by Glenn Lazar Roberts

Editing 100%
Cover Design 90%
Layout 90%

Prometheism by Jason Reza Jorjani (Audiobook)

Recording 100%
Post-Production 100%

The Blackening of Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the Migrant Crisis (vol. II) by Clare Ellis

Editing 100%
Cover Design 100%
Layout 20%

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Survive the Economic Collapse by Piero San Giorgio (2nd ed.), Rogue House on the Hill by Leonid Savin...

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