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Latest Publications

Arktos Journal

Arktos Journal

Reviews and Mentions

Man and Technics […] despite being ignored by mainstream historians and academics for more than eighty years, remains one of the most accessible and illuminating introductions to Spengler’s work.

Seeking comfort, profit, and utility, we are being lulled to sleep, dominated by ‘technics’, surrendering our vital power and spirit. Man and Technics contributes to a ‘philosophy of life’, then, by awakening in us a sense of our ‘doom’.

Very rarely does a book make you feel good about receiving bad news. Usually, there’s something you fear so much that you want anything but to face it. But if someone is able to explain in clear steps what you must do to face it, and how the other side is indeed brighter, it lessens the burden. With decreased resistance and doubt comes greater effectiveness, and you may emerge with more triumph than suspected possible. Can Life Prevail? is one such book.


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Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Who Are We?



The Blackening of Europe (vol. 1) by Clare Ellis

Coming soon!

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The Taxi Driver from Baghdad by Peter Goodchild

Editing 100%
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Catholic and Identitarian by Julien Langella

Translation 100%
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Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

Editing 60%
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Other upcoming titles

Before the War by Guillaume Faye, CBRN by Piero San Giorgio, Einheitliche Architekturtheorie by Nikos Salingaros, The Taxi Driver from Baghdad by Peter Goodchild, Rogue House on the Hill by Leonid Savin ...

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