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The Druids Among Us

The Indo-Europeans, or Aryans, were an advanced culture that seeded or otherwise influenced many of the high cultures that are still thriving today. In the early twentieth century, a French scholar noted a pattern found widespread in Aryan societies. Georges…

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Nationalism and Folk Identity

Today in the West, we find ourselves on a dangerous precipice. Many of us see our nations changing in ways that are destructive if not terrifying for the direct threats currently leveled at our ethno-culture. We find our means to…

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Ethnicity, Nationalism & the Pan-Slavic Movement

When nineteenth and twentieth century nationalism is discussed, a picture is often painted which has been cherry-picked and grossly distorted. Public schools and mainstream media across the now multicultural West teach us from childhood on that one nation emerged on…

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The Romantic Era: A Lighthouse for Modern Nationalism

Nineteenth and twentieth century nationalism did not arise in a vacuum. Indeed, the massive political gains that nationalists succeeded in securing were instigated and buoyed by prior and concurrent cultural movements. We see a populist revival in political nationalist sentiment…

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