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Ten Traditionalist Essays about the Crisis in the Modern West

Alba Rosa is dedicated to the self-surpassing re-birth of the Western peoples — and to the cause of their nationalist-identitarian avant garde.

Alba Rosa gives a Traditionalist analysis of the deepening Crisis of the Modern West under the aegis of the increasingly totalitarian ideology of Culture Nihilism. This ideology — defined by historico-materialist myopia, militant secularism, socio-cultural deconstruction and collective narcissism — is being implemented ever more rapidly by the globalist hostile elite of the West. During this final stage of the Cultural Nihilist onslaught, characterized by wholesale ethnic replacement and total social deconstruction, Western civilization is approaching its historical ‘event horizon’. Alba Rosa exposes the psycho-historical dynamics of Cultural Nihilism and puts the approaching ‘hellstorm’ of the Postmodern West into a Traditionalist cultural-historical perspective. At the same time, it sketches the looming spectre of the historical Nemesis of the Cultural Nihilist hostile elite: the Archaeofuturist Revolution.

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