Ethnic Apocalypse (Audiobook)

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In the last book he completed before his death, the irrepressible and trenchant Guillaume Faye takes a bold and ruthlessly candid look at the increasingly volatile situation on the ground in Europe.

With the growing incidence of Islamist terrorism and inter-religious violence on European soil, alongside the first signs of native resistance to the demographic changes that have made this violence possible, Faye compellingly argues that Europe is poised for a terrible new civil war, threatening to break out along the many ethnic fault lines that have arisen, thanks to years of bad immigration policies and bad political will.

Using some of the most troubling developments in French politics, culture, and society as his arguments, Faye throws off the blinders of political correctness and confronts his listeners with the harsh reality of an unsettled and deeply divisive multicultural Europe. Ethnic Apocalypse is a wake-up call aimed at making Europeans aware of their increasingly dire situation — before it is too late.

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2 reviews for Ethnic Apocalypse (Audiobook)

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    Ryan (verified owner)

    It’s a good recording. The voice is very easy to listen to.

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    Nicholas C. (verified owner)

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