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Europe: An Empire of 400 Million

Author(s): Jean Thiriart

Jean Thiriart was a true prophet of the coming age of empires and continental multipolarity. He foreshadowed a conservative European Union by decades, arguing that such a supranational organization would be necessary to crush outmoded nationalisms, which only lead to disunity and eventual fratricidal slaughter. Needless intra-European competition will only ensure the defeat of all Europeans, in competition with the scheming Americans and the multiplying Asiatics, on the world stage. Only a unitarian Europe, bonded by a common heritage and a truly Faustian goal, is a strong and defensive Europe!

He envisioned the age-old dream of a Magna Europa, stretching from Brest to Bucharest, at that time in collaboration with the Soviets in the East and in opposition to the Americans in the West. His Europe would be a marriage of the technological West with the resource-rich East, leading to an unchallenged hyperpower status, unbeatable and invincible — a beacon of the only worthy civilization radiating its glory all across the globe, elevating itself and mankind with it.

This new edition is translated, annotated and introduced by author and historian, Dr Alexander Jacob.

  • All in all, a good book; it is recommended. After reading this, I am rethinking my previous emphasis on a confederated Europe of nations – as long as the non-negotiable baseline of the preservation of the unique European ethnies (and their EGI) is assured, an integrated European Nation is preferable (although, unlike Thiriart, I see this as including the overseas Diaspora). Why should we continue to cater to the petty nationalists, Nordicists, and other Culture Retarders who themselves never compromise and simply “double down” on their nonsense? Thiriart, in the broad sense, details aside, was essentially correct. Thus, I'm moving toward a more explicit pan-Europeanism.
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Introduction by Alexander Jacob



Chapter I: The Dimensions of the European State

Chapter II: The Style of the Unitarian European State

Chapter III: The Friends and Enemies of Unitarian Europe

Chapter IV: Legal Europe Against Combatant Europe

Chapter V: The Place And the Role of Man in the European Communitarian Society

Chapter VI: The Universal Mission of Europeanism, Our Natural Right to Hegemony

Chapter VII: How Unitarian Europe Will Be Formed

Chapter VIII: Those Who Will Constitute Europe or the Modern Party, That Is to Say, Organisation Introduced into Politics

Chapter IX: For a Lucid Morality and against a Debilitating Morality


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