The Epic of Arya


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I am searching for the Light… not the light made by man, but the Light that made man.”

Know that it was but one god who died on the cross, and many are waiting to be born.”

Abir Taha

The Epic of Arya is about man’s eternal quest for the divine. It depicts man’s perennial inner struggle between light and darkness, and teaches him to re-conquer his lost divinity by unveiling the “god within”, the Inner Light. Overcoming the “death of God” declared by Nietzsche, The Epic of Arya speaks about the redemption of the divine and its rebirth in man. To redeem God in men: that is Arya’s sacred mission.

Half-woman, half-goddess, Arya is torn between Love and Truth, between passion and duty. Confused, she wonders: should she accept her human plight, or fulfil her divine destiny? A fundamental question ever haunts her: is Love human or divine? In that fateful question lies the future of humanity, for in each man, the divine flame slumbers, waiting to be kindled by the Light of Awakening. Rising above her fears, and breaking her idols, Arya, awakened and liberated, preaches the Eternal Religion which is above men’s fleeting religions, narrow identities, and imperfect creeds, heralding a new, higher consciousness beyond the frontiers erected within man and between men.

An inner journey of self-discovery, this inspirational, allegorical novel is the spiritual bible: it heals, awakens, transforms. Arya’s epic conveys a universal message of unity, hope, and salvation in a world torn apart by the clash of civilisations and religions, offering a spiritual alternative to the two scourges plaguing mankind today: the scourge of religious fundamentalism—God idolatry—and the scourge of atheist materialism—God denial—for only a spiritual awakening can save man from his own blind folly.

Second edition – First published by Authorhouse, USA, in 2009.

About the Author:

Ambassador, Philosopher, Scholar, Author, Poet. Dr. Taha Audi holds a PHD in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the American University. A senior career diplomat, she has previously served in Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo, and was appointed Consul General in New York in 2019.

In addition to her diplomatic and academic careers, Dr Audi is also an internationally published author of several books, translated into several languages, and numerous articles, in the fields of Philosophy, Spirituality, Politics, Poetry, and Literature, as well as several works on International Law and Organizations, most of which were adopted as official documents by the UN. Versed in philosophy and mysticism, the author espouses a spiritual worldview and believes that man’s ultimate purpose and vocation in life is the fulfilment of his divine nature and destiny. Dr Taha speaks fluent English, French and German.

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