The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset

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Alexander Dugin’s The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset is an open declaration of war against the twin diseases of liberalism and Western political modernity. Dugin calls upon the inhabitants of the Heartland to relentlessly attack, on all theoretical and practical fronts, the global elites of the coastlands, who try to impose their perverse, anti-human ideals by ruthlessly eradicating the long-standing cultures and traditions of all peoples in the world.

The demented usurper Joe Biden and his slavish Democrat acolytes are opposed by the Trumpists, who represent normal America and do not want to see their country submerged in a one-world, transhumanist dystopia. Just like the other rooted societies, they want to preserve their time-honoured way of life amidst the strangling tentacles of hysterical trans- and homosexuals, treacherous anti-White agitators and murderous Black Lives Matter grifters and terrorists.

Thus the stage is set for a showdown of truly apocalyptic proportions, pitting the forces of righteous anger, those who want to preserve traditions and the true richness of human diversity, against the Antichrist and his Soros-backed minions of insidious degeneracy and evil, who want to erase all bonds and communities — down to the human race itself.

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15 reviews for The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset

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    John A. (verified owner)

    I would say this book is required reading for any human being who is increasingly disgusted by the hegemony, warmongering, deceit, propaganda, and censorship of western governments and by the blatant lying, hypocrisy, hubris, and idiocy of western political leaders. I found Dugin’s book not only refreshing, but inspirational. I couldn’t find a copy available in the U.S.—which is perhaps not surprising given the extent of censorship here—so thankfully Arktos could get me a copy, which arrived much quicker than I expected. I had only a shallow knowledge of Alexander Dugin, but I will be reading more of his work soon. This is a superb, brief, and accessible introduction to Dugin and to his Fourth Political Theory.

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    Ron Sorrells (verified owner)

    Great book! Great service! Thanks.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Andrew Oakley (verified owner)

    High-quality book with fast delivery!

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    Aaron M. (verified owner)

    An awesome message of rational hope in these dark times.

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    Drew Hunkins (verified owner)

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    Richard Fellows (verified owner)

    Swift and efficient access to crucial texts.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Susie (verified owner)

    Happy with service and book. Thank you.

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    Frank G. (verified owner)

    Interesting introduction to A. Dugin’s ideas.

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    Philip B. (verified owner)

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    Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Shipped 1 copy originally but did end up shipping other three after a bit.

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    Robert (verified owner)

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    Rachel (verified owner)

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