The Ideology of Sameness


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Alain de Benoist attributed liberalism and the individualism that stems from it to the idea of making man, a social animal, a being removed from the soil, uprooted from any community and therefore interchangeable. This essay gives Benoist the opportunity to return to this theme by developing a definition of what he calls ‘the ideology of Sameness’.

If we reject egalitarianism, should we accept all kinds of inequality? No, because equality is never an absolute. Men can be equal in certain respects — for example, their political membership in a community — and unequal in others. As communal beings, men must necessarily accept such forms of equality. What needs to be fought against, however, is the ‘ideology of Sameness’, which lies at the heart of modernity. This sinister dynamic aims at the complete annihilation of all differences, the neutralisation of the world, and the destruction of communities — all in the name of a purely mathematical vision of equality. This is a pathological distortion of the concept of political equality. Equality is not synonymous with Sameness.

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