Towards Awakening


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An Odinic Perspective

Myth tells of a Hyperborean folk, those from ‘beyond the north wind’, precursors of the European kindred. This myth offers the spiritual seeker a logical, rational lineage for a faith which continues to evolve.

Vibrational messages, which vary in frequency depending upon the age in which one resides, flow through the multiverse. As one treads the path towards awakening, these vibrations become ever more apparent as one tunes in to the poetic nature of ancestral spirituality.

This book is written in two parts, designed to work holistically. The first creates a shift in psyche, which is required to ride the tiger of the present era. The second offers a series of exercises to be undertaken, ending in a holy pilgrimage, which is in fact a new beginning as one rises from the darkness of the Wolf Age and strides towards the Golden Age.

Waes thu Hael — Be Thou Whole.

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