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What Is Retroculture?

Retroculture is a rediscovery of the past and the good things it has to offer. More, it is a recovery of those good things, so we may enjoy them as our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents enjoyed them. Retroculture rejects the…

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The Sense of History – Part 3

While the Greek ἱστορία forms the first origin of our concept of history, it would be natural to suppose that its nearer source, particularly etymologically, lies in the historia of the Romans. Yet upon reviewing the Roman historians, in particular…

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The Sense of History – Part 2

1. History versus Pre-history There is a perennial sense of ‘history’ which is nothing more than the persisting and transmitted memory of past events and deeds, and which forms a marker of human existence as opposed to animal existence. There…

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The Sense of History – Part 1

The history of modernity is almost coeval with the ‘history of history’ itself – the history, that is, of a specific idea or sense of history which has emerged specially in our time, and which governs us like our very…

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Disquisition on the Origins – Part 3

History and the Origins Following the course of our argument so far, we have been carried to a disquieting vista. Traditionalism and Modernism, these evident uncompromising antipodes, apparently agree on a crucial point: the present moment must be abolished. They…

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Disquisition on the Origins – Part 1

[I]t is interesting to clarify the objective value of a principle by means of the demonstration of its universality, that is to say, of its conformity to the principle of quod ubique, quod ab omnibus, et quod semper. Only in…

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