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Culture, Ritual and Sacrifice – Part 2

Everything we have said presupposes that culture in today’s anti-culture modernity is readily understood in any kind of robust fashion. But what exactly is culture? Or, more to the point, how do we understand the manifestation of culture in any…

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Culture, Sacrifice and Ritual – Part 1

Metaphysics is the framework from which one’s self understands reality and one’s place within this reality. It is fundamentally a conscious reflection of one’s unified being, passed through the lens of one’s specific genetic and environmental legacy. A robust metaphysics,…

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How One Steps Over – Part 2

Modernity and Lawfare Thus far we have identified what we believe to be the main strategy by which modernity seeks to erode the metaphysical foundations of European man and his civilization. This has been conducted with the aid of Monika…

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How One Steps Over – Part 1

Much has been said regarding diagnoses of the cultural and political malaise afflicting the West. Astute observers of this disease typically single out a few general themes, thereby identifying the ways in which this sickness nurtures and digs itself ever…

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Philosophia Mortis – Part 2

The Evolving Manichean Principle When asked what the goal of modernity overall was and still is, sociologist Carlo Bordoni candidly replied that besides the touted aims of liberation, progress and rationalism, it is the impetus to create something new.1 He…

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Philosophia Mortis – Part 1

Among the existing surfeit of justified criticism towards modernity, there is a considerable dearth of theoretical explications concerning modernity’s ramifications on human consciousness. Besides its great propulsive force in the fields of technology and natural sciences, modernity’s main revolutionary act…

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