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Feminism: Gender and the Social Order

Masculinity and femininity, the souls of men and women, the undermining of traditional gender roles — what do these questions have to do with the political and social crisis of our times? The Arktos crew submits the idea of feminism to metapolitical analysis.

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  1. We humans want the freedom of minds dissociated from the contingencies and constraints of embodiment. We also want the freedom of bodily actions detached from the ruling powers of the intellect. At the same time, there is strident demand for–or perhaps better yet a displayed exaltation of–the integration of body and spirit, or body and soul. It all sounds so wholesome and “healthful,” like a good bubble bath or a pleasant potpourri, as long as the hard work of integrating is not taken too seriously.

    That corrupted by vice refuses to admit the counsel of reason.

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