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Diet as Revolution with Tristan Haggard

Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health joins the Arktos crew to talk about the keto carnivore diet and its ramifications, not only for physical and mental health, but for our Western cultures and society as a whole. From industrialized agriculture…

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Imperium Europa with Norman Lowell

The Interregnum crew are joined by Norman Lowell to discuss the recent Arktos publication of his Imperium Europa. Norman tells us about his singular vision for the future of Europe with its unique mixture of past and future, spirituality and…

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On Modern Manners with Peter King

The Arktos crew is joined by our author Peter King to discuss the anti-radical disposition in his new book On Modern Manners, a multifaceted collection of aphorisms which spark a variety of reflections on politics, psychology, philosophy and the way…

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Environmentalism on the Right

What is the environmentalism of the Right, and how does it compare to that of the Left? What can it teach us about modernity, nature, and the relationship of man to both? Join the Arktos crew as they tackle these…

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Alexander Dugin with Michael Millerman

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the groundbreaking philosophical and geopolitical work of one of the most challenging thinkers alive today, Alexander Dugin, with preeminent Dugin translator and scholar Michael Millerman.

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