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Fourth Political Theory with Tim Kirby

Tim Kirby of the Center for Syncretic Studies talks to the Arktos crew about Fourth Political Theory and the state of affairs in modern Russia, where Tim has lived for many years. What is 4PT and why is it necessary? Does Russia offer an alternative to modern liberalism? How do Russians see the West? Is Russia a threat to Europe, and Eastern Europe in particular? Join us for new perspectives, from an expert on the ground, regarding Russia and its political, social and geopolitical situation.

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  1. We have already had a number of attempts to dumb down Fourth Political Theory and Alexander Dugin, and all of them have failed. The market for Dugin is a high reading level demographic. We want more high quality Dugin content, not Libertarian with Eurasianist word salad.

    If you think that the mission of 4PT is to save Liberalism or America, you are not a part of the Fourth Position, you are not a student of Alexander Dugin, and you didn’t bother to do the most basic reading. Go back to Libertarian and stay there.

  2. Guys,
    Liberalism IS the political ideology (that is, it’s cover for) the Rule of Capital (capitalism) AKA oligarchy. It is part of Seapower culture and structure, it is not part of landpower. Liberalism is dying, not because it has run its course, but because the US is retrenching from its post-cold-war Seapower structure to it’s natural position of as a hegemonic continental landpower.

    Liberalism was indoctrinated into the general public not by political theorists, but by narrative structures. If you want to be useful, write a narrative that can indoctrinate the US population.

    Libertarianism is totally insane. It has never been used to build a state because it immediately puts the state at risk by rival states.

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