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Institute for Strategic Dialogue

A primary question to be asked is the whence of the media’s information on the Identitarian ‘Far Right’? It is the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD). Here we reach ‘conspiracy theory’, although Dr Richard B. Spence, senior historian at Idaho State University, an altogether brighter chap than most academics, draws a distinction between ‘conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact’.1 Indeed, following the ‘Far Right’ and ‘white supremacist’ websites, according to the ISD, ‘conspiracy theory’ websites were most responsible for spreading Mr Sellner’s so-called ‘lies’ on the U.N. migration compact. It is not plausible, we are assured, that conspiracies among oligarchs exist, in contrast to an ‘international Austro-Nazi conspiracy’, which is so pervasive, well-placed and funded as to be determining the policies of major political parties and governments.

Mr Gower cites the ISD as his source on the ‘Far Right’:

An investigation by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which monitors extremism online, found: ‘Far-right and right-wing populist influencers … began spreading large-scale distorted interpretations and misinformation about the UN migration pact’.2

Who is going to investigate the character of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue? According to Mr Gower it is some type of definitive authority ‘monitoring’ ‘extremism online’, and almost sounds official, like a branch of Interpol or whatnot. The ISD has embarked on an international smear campaign against Generation Identity and Mr Sellner. It is pertinent to ask whether this has been undertaken precisely because Mr Sellner and GI have upset the proverbial applecart in regard to the U.N. Migration Compact – a cause that happens to be a part of the ISD agenda?

Among the major smears against GI and Mr Sellner, the Freidrich-Ebert-Stiftung features an interview with Jakob Guhl, ‘Project Associate at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), where he mainly works with the Online Civil Courage Initiative, a project that aims to improve and promote civil society reactions to hate speech and extremism on the Internet’. Guhl claims in regard to the U.N. Migration Compact that,

While the agreement was barely talked about on social media until mid-September, far-right and right-wing populist influencers ‘discovered’ the issue in mid-September and began spreading large-scale distorted interpretations and disinformation about the UN migration pact. … [A]nd far-right representatives such Martin Sellner played a big role in shaping the discussion about the migration pact online. His ‘Stop Migration Pact’ petition was the most shared URL link in our dataset until the end of October.3

Guhl complains that there was insufficient information about the Compact, until the ‘far Right’ discovered it. That the U.N. was negligent in providing information on the Compact is surely an indictment on that body, not on the ‘far Right’, which sought to address the information void. Indeed, it was the ‘far Right’ that seems to have helped publicise the very scant information that the U.N. did provide, enabling others to make an informed judgement based on the presentation of both sides, which clearly the U.N. and its allies were unwilling to do.

‘The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the oldest political foundation in Germany with a rich tradition in social democracy dating back to its foundation in 1925. The foundation owes its formation and its mission to the political legacy of its namesake Friedrich Ebert, the first democratically elected German President’.4 There is nothing new about a Leftist outfit taking its party-line from a plutocratic think tank such as the ISD. Indeed, in good Social Democratic fashion, the Ebert Foundation promotes NATO, trans-Atlantic free trade, and generally how to keep Germany subservient to the USA.

A report at Politico covers similar ground.5 A report in the New Zealand Herald states that ‘European investigators are digging deeper into possible links between far-right ideologues and the suspected Christchurch mosque gunman, who sent at least two donations to an anti-Muslim group with branches around Europe. … “One of the dangers of this ideology is that it creates an imminent threat from the outside: a coming war if we don’t do anything about it,” said Austrian right-wing extremism researcher Julia Ebner, with the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue. “A violent escalation is part of their ideology.”’6 What nonsensical scare-mongering, posing as ‘expertise’. As GI shows in a detailed response to media smears and Establishment repression, there is no violent intent.7 As the Tarrant episode shows, violence can only serve the globalists.

A report in The Washington Post includes the widespread theme that there were ‘extensive’ links between Mr. Sellner and Tarrant, citing Jacob Davey, ‘the author of a forthcoming Institute for Strategic Dialogue paper on the subject’;8 meaning, there were three brief emails in regard to Trarrant’s little donation. Post columnist Anne Applebaum, introducing a Judaeo-centric dimension added:

The obsession with the Jewish financier George Soros, a feature of far-right propaganda everywhere from Hungary to Alabama, is linked to this set of ideas. And when President Trump or Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini talk about immigrant ‘invasions’, they are nodding and winking to Identitarianism, too.9

An ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiracy theory can never be too far away for such commentators: reductio ad Judaeum. But since Ms. Applebaum has mentioned Soros, let us take a look behind the ISD; if we find Soros lurking there, are we supposed to overlook the fact lest it indicates an ‘obsession’?

The ‘partners and funders’ of the ISD are high-powered globalist corporations.10 They include: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Jigsaw, M & C Saatchi, Microsoft, Love Frankie, Asia Foundation, Carnegie Corporation NY, Eranda Rothschild Foundation (the famous banking dynasty), Gen Next, Open Society Foundations (yes, Soros), Robert Bosch Foundation, Vodafone Foundation.

Love Frankie is a Saatchie-sponsored ‘social change’ project in Asia. Among those who ‘Love Frankie’ are the U.S. State Department, USAID, World Bank Group, Facebook, Google, sundry U.N. agencies, et al.11

Other partners of the ISD include the U.S. State Department, International Republican Institute, Brookings Institution, Chatham House, the London School of Economics ‘Arena’ project that targets anti-globalists; Royal United Services Institute , etc.

The ISD is a globalist institution founded to smear and hence agitate for the suppression of opposition to globalisation. The character of its sponsors makes this clear enough. They exist to target anti-globalisation as ‘fascistic’. That is their terminology:

We believe it is the task of every generation to challenge such divisive, fascistic movements and to invest in the ongoing edification of open, democratic, and free civic culture, without which there can be no lasting protection of the rights of others, no cohesion and no lasting peace.12

Of its programmes it states that ISD had ‘advised 40 governments’, reached 120 ‘strong cities network members’, indoctrinated with their globalism 80,000 youth in ‘education programmes’, presided over seventy-five reports and policy briefings, and ‘trained over 32,000 activists’. 13 ‘Activists’ is usually a euphemism for psychotics of the Antifa variety. Is this what ISD is referring to?

Based on our far-right analysis and research we briefed and advised a range of national and regional policy makers, ministries and security and intelligence agencies on the latest trends in online and offline extremism. Our research and analysis featured across major international and national news outlets and informs our engagement with tech firms and civil society.14

This is where the governments and media are getting their smear briefings from – and it should be noted, ‘security and intelligence agencies’, which might explain the nonsensical character of the police witch-hunt for elusive ‘far Rightists’ in New Zealand, and the half-witted questions police pose.

Among ISD ‘partners’ we find sundry organisations that have been involved in ‘regime change’ and ‘colour revolutions’, on behalf of the U.S. Government and/or international plutocracy. The International Republican Institute was established to promote the USA’s version of democracy and culture-pathology worldwide. Its aim is U.S. global hegemony. IRI funders include USAID, The Bush Institute, Freedom House, National Democratic Institute, Solidarity Center of the AFL-CIO, Australian, Canadian and British governments, and many others.15 IRI overtly states that it influences the formation and policies of political parties around the world.16 It encourages ‘civil society organizations’;17 that is, it establishes subversive organisations in states marked by the USA for ‘regime change’ of the type that were expelled from Russia and Hungary. It uses ‘the digital revolution’18 that has been a major factor in facilitating ‘colour revolutions’ across the world. While IRI boasts of its global interference in the internal affairs of states, they have the audacity to moralise via their ‘Beacon Project’ (founded to suppress alternative views over the internet), that, ‘IRI is launching a new program aimed at countering the increasing threat of Russian soft power and propaganda’.19 What is the IRI other than an agency to purvey the ‘soft power and propaganda’ of the USA?

Other ISD’s sponsor, Gen Next, Facebook, and Google, were among the founders of, a globalist project aiming to use digital technology to foment ‘regime change’ in states targeted by globalists and/or the USA. Its original name was Alliance of Youth Movements. Corporate sponsors of have included Howcast, Edelman, Music TV, Meetup, Pepsi, CBS News, Mobile Accord, You Tube, MSN/NBC, National Geographic, Omicom Group, Access 360 Media. Public Partnerships are Columbia Law School and the U.S. State Department. Representatives at the organisation’s summits have included those from the Rand Corporation, World Bank, National Democratic Institute, YouTube, Freedom House, et al. was particularly active in the ‘Arab Spring’, where a string of regimes were toppled in quick succession.20

ISD initiated its own youth focused, digital project similar to, YouthCAN (Youth Civil Activism Network).21


The ISD is part of a large, world-wide network of NGOs, so-called ‘civil society’ that promotes globalisation in the interests of plutocracy. The part the ISD plays in this process is to help suppress dissent against globalisation in the name of combatting ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’ and ‘fascism’. Open borders and so-called ‘inclusive economies’ are primary aims of globalisation. Those who dissent from this process must be eliminated by being demonised and delegitimised, and smeared as a prelude to the actual banning of dissidents with the use of terms such as ‘hate speech’, ‘and ‘counter-terrorism’. This is the function of the ISD.

There are multitudes of useful idiots in politics, academia and media who will play their part whether through a banal idealism or plain opportunism. While the globalists and their allies discount as ‘conspiracy theorists’ those who object that globalism means plutocratic exploitation and the reducing of humanity to a nebulous globule of economic units, they proffer their own theory of an ‘international Austro-Nazi conspiracy’. They have used the Tarrant atrocity to cynically justify a witch-hunt against dissidents. Is the term ‘witch-hunt’ an exaggeration for what is taking place? Consider this:

Firearm licence applicants are being checked for shaven heads, Nazi symbolism and camouflage clothes after the March 15 terror attack. Stuff has learnt police issued a new directive informing vetting staff to be wary of the ‘extreme right’, which includes white supremacy and far right ideology. Signifiers of the extreme right include tattoos, Celtic or Norse symbolism, books on the Third Reich, confederate flags, and reference to Norway mass-shooter Anders Breivik.22

A New Zealand branch of the Norse folk-religion Asatru had been grossly vilified because Tarrant had painted a rune on his firearm. That was enough for the media. In a small victory, the Asatru group successfully filed a complaint with the Media Council.23 The Otago Daily Times carried a feature portraying the South Island Independence Movement as part of this ‘Far Right’ ‘racist extremism’. Opposition to the Government’s fringe antics is enough to get one black-listed.24 Such was the widespread disdain for this trash journalism that the newspaper’s online public feedback forum was quickly suppressed.

The aims of the liberals, communists and plutocrats have always proceeded behind high sounding slogans such as ‘liberty, equality, fraternity,’ ‘peace, land, bread’, and more lately ‘human rights’, ‘equality’ and ‘anti-racism’. The result has been guillotines, firing squads, kool aid, and concentration camps; the Reign of Terror, the Red Terror, and Jonestown – perpetrated on the altar of Equality. Since the media, police, academics and politicians claim there is an ideological link between the ‘Right’, ‘white supremacy’, Nazism, fascism and xenophobia, then might we say on the same basis that Mr Gower and his ilk are the ideological children of Jim Jones and Robespierre, and that Prime Minister Ardern and her ‘Labour’ Government are the ideological children of Pol Pot?

Had such actions of police, state and media towards the elusive New Zealand ‘Far Right’, ‘white supremacists’, critics of the U.N., gun-owners, and admirers of Donald Trump, been taken against the ‘Far Left’ there would have been a reaction of outrage with cries of ‘McCarthyism’ and, yes, ‘witch-hunt’. Indeed, the only ‘terrorist’ training subjected to police and court proceedings to have taken place in New Zealand concerned psychotic anarchists training with Maoris with firearms and explosives in the mountains of the Ureweras. There was an outcry that the police had interfered with such civil liberties.25

In the present situation, however, things are totally different. The twelve-year-old girl, surrounded by armed police on a farm while she was shovelling horse dung with a pitch-folk, is unlikely to receive an apology from them, or an outpouring of sympathy from liberaldom.26 Likewise with the family of the Russian army veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, who killed himself thanks to police antics.27 God knows how many others have been harassed by armed halfwits in police uniform, intruding on households to ask idiotic questions for hours, on the basis of the ‘governmental advice’ provided by ISD ‘experts’ (sic) in the search for elusive ‘Far Right extremists’ with links to an ‘international Austro-Nazi conspiracy’.


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24Daisy Hudson, ‘Racist Concerns Over SI Independence Site’, Otago Daily Times, 6 July, 2019.

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Dr. Kerry Bolton

Kerry Bolton holds doctorates in Historical Theology and Theology. He is a contributing writer for The Foreign Policy Journal, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research in Greece. His papers and articles have been published by both scholarly and popular media, and his work has been translated into several languages. Arktos has also issued his books Revolution from Above and Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey.

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