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The worst scenario for Europe is becoming ever more likely.

The following has been excerpted from the last book of Guillaume Faye, Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming Civil War in Europe.

In Germany, because of the state’s laxity (or rather the complicit will of the disastrous Angela Merkel), more than a million1 self-declared refugees have been welcomed since 2015.

This is nothing more than the exponential acceleration of a movement that began more than thirty years ago. What started in drips has now become an open tap.

By the end of 2016, there were almost two million migrants across our continent. Just think of all the problems that this poses and that are simply ignored by the authorities. How surreal! This, however, is nothing more than the exponential acceleration of a movement that began more than thirty years ago. What started in drips has now become an open tap. With Greece already submerged, the European Union seems impotent and its elites are plagued by a masochistic logic of self-destruction.

‘We have not seen anything yet in terms of migrational expansion’, says Serge Michaïlov, a researcher at Iris (Le Figaro, 01/02/2016). The nightmare has just begun…

A Premeditated Invasion Movement

They have come from everywhere, taking advantage of the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars — from Afghanistan to sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa through all of North Africa. It is no longer regular immigration occurring in continuous spurts but an actual invasion movement. This process may well be the beginning of a demographic flooding that shall cause the demise of our European peoples and civilisation, as part of the ethnocidal project of authorities that govern Europe in a manner that is detrimental to its inhabitants. The death and disappearance of white people is a goal which, for different reasons, brings several agents together: a certain part of Europe’s ruling class (especially the Left, but not exclusively, as seen in the case of Ms. Merkel); the majority of the anti-racist leftist intelligentsia (comprised of degenerate whites and impudent Jews); some US political and economic circles who long to be rid of their European competitor; and, of course, Islam itself, along with its various governmental and religious authorities.

Mark my words: this historical phenomenon is much more important and much more serious than the two world wars of 1914–1918 and 1939–1945 and Soviet Communism (1917–1991). This invasion shall, indeed, have far more devastating consequences.

They Come, Millions at a Time

In 2015, 1.25 million migrants arrived in Europe, 270,000 of whom were minors. According to the IOM (International Office for Migration), the Aegean islands of Lesbos and Keos alone experience 3,000 arrivals a day. They are taken in, fed, and helped at the expense of the EU, i.e. at our expense; they are, in fact, treated better than our impoverished local populations and the unemployed! This is plain and simple foreign preference… In Greece, which serves as a ‘waiting room’ for alleged refugees before they are allowed to settle amongst us, 70,000 of them were expected at the end of March and their progress impeded, with 50,000 housing locations chosen to provide them with temporary accommodation. During the summer, with mild weather prevailing, the arrivals exploded. Since the beginning of January 2016, more than 350,000 migrants have already arrived in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia. Historically, this human tidal wave exceeds anything that Europe has ever experienced.

Using barbed wire fences or legislations to seal their borders shut, Central European and Balkan states are attempting to protect the continent against the invasion. Despite these measures, the Balkan route still witnessed more than one million migrants in 2015.

Favourite destinations are Germany, France, and Western and Northern Europe. 2.7 million Syrians and Iraqis (and others taking advantage of the windfall) are currently on hold in Turkey; not to mention the ‘Italian road’ that begins in Libya and passes through the Mediterranean. In Sweden, the country that has experienced the fastest demographic flooding in all of Europe, 35,000 unaccompanied migrant children — representing a total of 20% of the migrants that had arrived — were sheltered in 2015, all at the expense of the local community.

Since 1st January, 2016, 133,000 migrants have arrived in Greece from Turkey, with 470,000 others, most of whom were young men, having come in 2015 through Lesbos. Their aim is to join their already established communities on the other side of Europe. Taking advantage of our weakness, these ‘migrants’, who have no reason to be here at all yet are confident of their rights, turn out to be demanding and aggressive (as witnessed in Calais), never doubting the fact that they shall remain unpunished, evade deportation and enjoy the assistance of both ‘humanitarian’ associations and the state itself. Such is the invader’s logic, an invader that would be foolish not to take the trouble of pretending to be a victim… One must really be an idiot or a raving lunatic not to give in to concern in the face of these immigrational figures.

A Europe Disconcerted in the Face of the Islamic Conqueror

Using barbed wire fences or legislations to seal their borders shut, Central European and Balkan states — Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, and Slovakia — are attempting to protect the continent against the invasion. Despite these measures, the Balkan route still witnessed the transition of more than one million migrants in 2015.

In Slovakia, the outgoing Prime Minister, Robert Fico, had his mandate renewed after a campaign focused on his refusal to welcome a single Muslim refugee. And this reflects precisely what we are dealing with here — an invasion of our world at the hands of Islam, to call a spade a spade. This fact should please Tarik Ramadan, the Muslim ideologist preaching the conquest of Europe, whose authority was recently undermined by the rape charges filed against him by numerous women.

By resisting the invasion, the above-mentioned states contravene the Schengen Treaty and disobey the injunctions of EU officials. For Nicolas Bay, the then secretary general of the Front national2 (whose correct title is now Rassemblement national, having undergone a dramatic change of name, as we can all see): ‘What these unelected commissioners reproach the — democratically elected — governments of Poland and Hungary for is actually their decision not to comply with their injunctions on “the welcoming of migrants” and other similarly suicidal impulses’ (in Valeurs actuelles,3 3rd–9th March, 2016; as stated in the opinion column entitled ‘When the Union Strives to Prevent European Nations from Protecting Themselves’). The fact that the institutions in Brussels choose to negate our European civilisation, as well as its values, traditions and future, is not only due to the EU as such, as Mr Bay understands it, but results, above all, from the European governments themselves.

This issue is thus well worth pondering.

The Worst Scenario Is Unfortunately a Probable One

The lucid (and courageous) Muslim intellectuals are a minority. The appeased and reformed Islam that they wish for is a distant dream invalidated by the very reality we observe. The most extraordinary paradox is the betrayal that certain European elites are guilty of, elites that act as both the accomplices and the organisers of mass immigration and Islamisation alike. They oppose those lucid Muslim-Arab minorities and turn their backs on the common good. It is the very same configuration as the one that characterised the 1940–1944 period, namely Collaboration; or, more to the point, the FLN’s French ‘suitcase carriers’4 during the Algerian war.

The strength of this invasive movement lies in its reliance on the pity aroused by the system’s media for those ‘refugees’ — and especially the boat people that end up drowning — in the minds of our versatile and emotional public. These millions of Muslim migrants that come from open-air waste bins such as the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Africa and Black Africa and arrive in Europe, adding to the Muslim masses already present, will of course import their problems and chaos along with their persons, with Islam at the very centre of this future flare-up. It is this probable development that Ivan Rioufol mentions in his book entitled La guerre civile qui vient5 (Pierre Guillaume de Roux Editions).

We must therefore prepare for the worst (or perhaps the best, depending on the opinion): a racial war in Europe, in the West, and above all in France.


1 AN: This is not a figure of speech — the number is truly one million.

2 TN: The former ‘National Front’, which was recently renamed Rassemblement National, i.e. ‘National Rally’.

3 TN: Valeurs actuelles or ‘Current Values’ is a French conservative weekly news magazine published in Paris.

4 TN: The ‘suitcase carriers’ were a network of leftist activists who chose to transport documents including brochures and newspapers to the French territory, or alternatively to Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Although some of them did transport arms, the majority carried documents or even money that was raised in France by FLN activists.

5 TN: La guerre civile qui vient or ‘The Coming Civil War’ was published in cooperation with Sandra Musy, the book’s editor and illustrator.

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Dr. Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye, born in 1949, obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. He was a principal organizer of the French New Right group GRECE in the 1970s and 80s, while also pursuing a career in journalism for magazines such as Figaro and Paris-Match. After leaving GRECE in 1986, Faye worked as a broadcaster for Skyrock radio and France 2 TV's Telematin program. He returned to political philosophy in 1998, publishing Archeofuturism, and went on to produce several challenging books. Faye passed away in 2019.

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4 years ago

There will be total collapse of European countries if immigrants will not be integrated. Wars, starvation and deseases will follow the collapse.

David Schmitt
4 years ago
Reply to  Aivaras

Integration will not happen in a biologically, politically and a spiritually harmonious manner. Calls for integration are misguided and are part of the pathology of acquiescence. Such talk is dangerous because it merely fosters delay and lack of preparation for the day when immigrant invaders and cultural thieves are to be politely sent out of our ethnonations and boarded on a cruise back home where they can work to build their potentially beautiful home nations.

A response other than seeking integration is absolutely necessary and inevitable. Integration is neither a sound genetic strategy nor a virtuous option.

Pro-immigrant authorities and members of the public must now be shamed, just as they have been attempting to shame us and to deprive us of our livelihoods, our opportunities to launch enterprises and to reproduce and raise families. This is a serious state to which tyrants have brought us with the complicity of the timid, the falsely polite and the culpable and the malignantly obedient.

Do you know what is “wrong” with passive Europeans? Do you want to fix it and not merely complain? Here is the answer: We must begin to speak without wavering for ethnic unity. We must speak forcefully and confidently as I have done here. One need not become unhinged. One should not advocate any sort of non-state violence. It can be done peacefully with properly ethnically-shaping laws. But even in this interview, I was pained to listen to the unappealing attempts to “be polite.” Polite gets people killed, eventually.

“Politeness kills.” Put that on your bumper and smoke it.

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