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Borzoi Boscovic joins Interregnum to discuss the unprecedented influence of the contemporary mainstream media. What is the media, historically and actually? What are its biases, its agenda, its structure and its effect on society and human life? We discuss along the way technology, the struggle for mental independence in our day, and the overall strategy of the dissident Right, at a time when media power has grown more expansive and invasive than ever before.

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David Schmitt
4 years ago

This was an excellent discussion. The criticism of gossipy, catty and ironic snark among the Right’s social media (SM) crowd was much appreciated. I believe that I was usually able to maintain an emotionally-controlled interaction on SM. I was able to deflect trolls. Only in one case did I need to get very serious about someone’s reckless name calling. I tried always to bring the mode of communication back to examining the topic objectively. Experience as a high school teacher and a college professor helped in this regard. There does seems to be, as sequelae to the pathological condition of arrested intellectual development, a tendency to flip immediately to ‘ad hominem’ attacks, vitriol and sarcasm. When one is not always using emotions merely as an alert system to drive oneself into a better use of the mind and words, an understanding of what words really mean and what a better narrative is, then one becomes merely a trashy player.

In my case, I was forced by circumstances into flight to a rural community. What a breathtakingly great change this has been, although of course painful early on. I recommend it for anyone who has the means to do it. It is actually better to have it forced on one, I think, that is, to not have the means to do it. One needs to be stripped of the usual accoutrements and powers of financial and social control. One needs to have to make it in a world where people work hard, where people know how to fix things, where people are comfortable getting dirty and greasy and working in extremes of heat and cold. One needs to adapt oneself to a rough and disciplined people. I do not intend to apotheosize the rustic beyond what is due. There are failures and vices characteristic to this way of life as well—but this is true of all human conditions, it is simply expressed in different ways. But the rustic and agricultural dweller deserves to be regarded much more highly than is typically done. It is a different set of virtues that are available here away from the city centers and it is a blessing and honor to be among people where I can be a learner again, to humbly watch and simply ask questions—and then to try and do. Saturday, at a county fair, I watched young boys and girls present cows and sheep for judging. I learned much more than simply the judging of animals. I learned about many things human.

For the present discussion regarding media, a refreshing thing is to get some (albeit incomplete) relief from the oppressive nature of SM, even though SM was a place to polish one’s discipline of interaction. My goal was conversation, not argument if possible. But withdrawing from a quasi-virtual world and re-inhabiting a fleshy world of a small, rural town, one can find a place to explore the rebuilding on groups of men in societies of loyalty, as you two discussed.

To accomplish this this one must accept people, one’s brothers, as they are—not according to false manicured images that were presented in earlier stages of the Right on SM and the internet. Yes, it is good that men try to remain physically attractive and physically capable, but this plays into the schemes of the techno-manipulators when we given into the tyranny of appearances and perception. And not all men come looking like statues of Greek Gods. The very men that make up The Great Phallanx of Ethnic vitalization, are often bald, have pot bellies, may have skinny arms, are missing teeth and by middle age take a while to straighten up when standing. They’ve broken a number of their own parts in the war with powerful machines. To yield to these Sirens of Bernaysian society by rejecting the real form of most of humanity, is to step backward from the truth and the power of the intellect as it rises above superficial form. To float away into the cloud of virtuality and photoshopping, we step away from the real places, the reliable means and the genuine opportunities in which and by which truth and power can be integrated and further generated—the only ones, in fact. It is via these things that truth and power find their natural soil in a working community of warriors, builders, scribes and priests not maintained by frail timbers and props placed in ‘ad hoc’ fashion in urban settings—but by necessities born in nature and natural law.

Go to those meeting places in a rural farming and ranching community, the early, early-morning coffee shops, and be a good man and a good friend. Listen and appreciate. And, yes, read and listen to things like Arktos and many other things available in your own books, libraries and on the internet. Span the world of the sublime and heady with the world of the reality in places where reality means something.

4 years ago

amazing polly
blazing polly
our jeanne d’arc gives us a pep talk about being strong. ;
Freeform Thursday – Stand and Fight
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First published at 21:26 UTC on August 22nd, 2019.
channel image
Amazing Polly
6752 subscribers
Bullies these days cloak themselves in one of the various ‘victim
costumes’ that culture has made available to them. It’s an epidemic!
But we are STRONG. We can’t let them leverage our kindness &
compassion any more – it is no…
Category News & Politics
Sensitivity Normal – Content that is suitable for ages 13+
————– ;

and she points out the facts, but does not mention the underlying

the ice nine guy, vonnegut, came the closest in a short novel, to a
perfect description of the tactic in action, ;
In the year 2081, the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments to the
Constitution dictate that all Americans are fully equal and not
allowed to be smarter, better-looking, or more physically able than
anyone else. The Handicapper General’s agents enforce the equality
laws, forcing citizens to wear “handicaps”: masks for those who are
too beautiful, loud radios that disrupt thoughts inside the ears of
intelligent people, and heavy weights for the strong or athletic.

——- ;

so the tactic in action is to *first* mind control the strong ones,
to shame them to accept the idea that we must all equalize by
pushing back the strong, and making the weak take the places in

but neither vonnegut nor polly mention the vulnerability of the
strong white species, and why they allow this to happen to
themselves, why they allow themselves to be defeated — but the
weapon is not the name or attributes of a god, not the name or
attributes of a king, much less the sacred defense of a place on
earth, nor evolution’s command to defend their children,

no — the weapon is word magic and it is not just because of the
higher IQs of the whites than all but the north west pacific asians.

there is some additional white species vulnerability which i think
arises from the same genetic gift which gives us creativity in all
artistic fields and expressions, much greater than any place except
the NW pacific asians.

this is the gift of imagination, and the access to our vast
imaginations by the influence of words. and also imagining gods and
kings, and homelands, and blood kin.

but actually, with the ascendence of word magic, hypnotizing us, and
i think that is the actual mechanism, it is an aspect of our
vulnerability to hypnotic suggestion in *words* and also
trance-dance, music, marching, war paint, religious and royal
processions, etc.

but we are more vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion in just plain
words particularly words which have some relation to logic and
chains of connection leading to a conclusion, and then, what springs
out of this is our unique ability to retain creative imagination to
service our hypnotic fixation, which we call ideology.

and this happened first–at least in the large sense–with a mass
demonstration in france where both the royals and the church were
put down, and written ideologic trains of spurious promises and
unfounded declarations about the nature, inclinations, and potential
of steady-state group identity–these were preached and published to
the masses as their true state of being, and their political future.

so this has the attributes of religious cult magic and royalty
magic, but instead the objectified focus of veneration was
themselves and what they *would* become — inevitably become — when
the false gods and kings were buried.

do we know of a prior time when the masses worshipped themselves?
and they were taught this self-worship by word magic.

this is the inflection point, which has directed us to this current
discontinuity, this ideology must be thrown down here and now, as
john bruce Leonard and Borzoi stated at the arktos
podcast, Aug.20, we need a counter ideology to pry open their word magic.

facts are not enough. self interest is not enough.

we need a point of attack. a plan and a counter word magic.

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