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Tim Kelly, host of Our Interesting Times, joins Interregnum to discuss the epochal demographic changes currently underway in the United States, what forces and agendas are causing and shaping them, and the systemic and dramatic consequences they are having on the level of society, economy, politics and culture.

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4 years ago

An interview with Sir Charles Coloumbe would be apropos, particularly regarding his many books and his experience in the Anglican Ordinariate. He is quite the guest. Please find him on Youtube and Tumblar House books.

I think a good line of questioning might be the case of Father Vaughn Treco; excommunicated for being too good.

4 years ago

This interview was very interesting. For more on Freedom as an enfranchisement, which I’m not sure was fully explained or possibly even understood correctly with its mention in discussion here, and the role of religion in America you fellows may want to consider interviewing Clint Richardson. I think he might take you up on the offer, since most run away from him when contacted for interviews. People say they want the truth but smashes into their faulty and weaponized paradigms, they invariably run away or ignore it.

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