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Richard Storey returns to Interregnum for our first podcast of the new year to discuss some of the major themes confronting the contemporary Right, some of the most recent trends in Arktos writing and some possibilities for the future in the populist awakening of the West.

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David Schmitt
4 years ago

Here are some thoughts. 1. Protestantism is dead. I live in the belt buckle of the Bible Belt. It is patently obvious that Protestantism has run its course. I will let the sociologists clean up with their scientific surveys and studies. 2. My (and your) neurobiology and general biology, therefore our psychology and spirituality as well, are extended into the social, cultural and economic realms of our environments—and back. The multitude of feedback relations are vital and cannot be severed without destroying the individual and his protective institutions. This is my part of my argument for acknowledging ethnicity and the importance of sovereign borders. 3. Our nervous systems possess mirroring and imitative features when we observe others behaving, thus, we absorb patterns of activity and the implicit rules, reasons and meanings. Because our constellation of patterns of mind-in-culture are characteristic of our ethnicity, those feedbacks into our perceptual systems need to be consonant with our ethno-natural inclinations (of course with all the provisos for shared traits, learning, cooperation, acceptable adoption and enculturation. Thus, our perceptual filters are tuned for particular cultural and ethnic semantics. The whole iterative process of perceiving, informing and acting works best when the large body of an ethnic group are free to interact with each other with only limited foreign admixture. 4. I am appreciative of the desire of many Arktos readers and others of the Right to rediscover our European, mythical roots. I lived in Scandinavia for three years. I absolutely loved the close exposure to artifacts and details of Nordic history. Mythology is a window into our ethnically-specific, neurobiologically-based, psychocultural characteristics mentioned above. All ethnic groups possess these characteristics. These characteristics, in their natural form, need to be groomed—like hair needs to be combed in the morning. 5. I had a fruitful conversation with a close and intelligent friend about this crass, imposed, pseudo-institution called the “Super Bowl half-time performance.” She is from another nation, a Catholic nation, but a Catholic nation with a much more festive and liturgical national life. She did reject the use of the performance for political purposes, but seeing only portions, she was not terribly put off by the form of pageantry displayed, a pageantry that this Teuton and Slav found too burlesque. Her point, not without some merit, is that the U.S. retains an odd Puritanism while being morally corrupt in its actual institutional and personal practices. She cited as an example her own experiences witnessing dorm life in an American university. Analyzing the contradictions and assumptions in our disagreement is not necessary here. 6. I had already written down in my notes the following comment before this guest, Richard Storey, mentioned the topic of the Eucharist. I was encouraged. This suggests to me that large numbers are tuning into the same idea spontaneously. In religious terms, it is the creative action of the Holy Spirit acting on both the natural and supernatural planes. When I begin to become gloomy about the capture of the whole medium of material communication and the growing oppression of the surveillance state, I cheer up when I call to mind that we have this gift of the Eucharist, a gift infinitely more potent than all of the coercive tools of whatever tyrant arises. Just think–in natural terms–of how fast a silly, new, children’s joke would spread around the world, even before the internet. Add to this a spiritual dimension. I believe that the material Powers’ attempted, flimsy imitation of the Eucharist using artificial media will be doomed. The true, religious, spiritually-organic community (the Catholic Faith a with its Sacraments and intellectual corpus) is the only means of protection that we have against the current instruments of the powers and the principalities of this world. We are an organic body, their imitation is not. Their system relies upon punitive force. Ours relies upon genuine love. 7. The coherence of the Left is not one of fundamental theory or reality, but rather of it is one of superficial, material, organizational loyalty: it relies of frail, though presently very troublesome, props. 8. The Catholic view is one not of denying the materially natural, but instead it is one of properly integrating the material and the spiritual aspects of life. 9. I believe that as the Church regains it vitality, naturally and morally virtuous men will immediately discover themselves to be neither alone or nor alien in the ecclesial world, their world. Indeed, they will reform it, in part, merely by their presence just as their abandonment of the Church harmed its presentation, attractiveness and its effectiveness. The soon-coming, revived Church environment will provide every bit of affirmation for the strong male, the warrior type, as these men now seek in gymnasiums, biker rallies, extreme sports, the military and sporting events. This reinvigoration will happen as a fusion of natural processes with intentional training, education and empowerment of the endeavoring masculine presence in the Church—a process of masculine leadership, intellect and enterprise, not the denial of, not the humiliation of, not the dismissal of, not the feminization of, and–for Heaven’s sake–not that bogus version of “civilization of” men employed as a trope by the insecure priest seeking to score points and a destructive peace with the parish women who protect him as his replacement mommy figure. This is a pattern has been replicated throughout the other institutions and bureaus of society. As the Church is repaired, many structural, societal and civilizational ills will be repaired and even improved and advanced leaving us better able to resist our persistent spiritual predator, the Dragon that prowls the world. 10. Scientific activity, a thing natural Man, can be used in our whole moral effort to become more human, not trans-human. This will occur when we actively employ it as part–a high and honorable part–of the whole of our action on our own minds, our understanding of ourselves, the universe and God. We must reject the actions of manipulative tyrants, the Dragon’s helpers, in corrupting our souls. But first, we must reject the passive acceptance of these mutilations of Man for the sake of convenience. There is so much more to living actively and deeply–to living as intellectually growing and legitimately assimilating beings–as opposed to lazily adopting, submitting and yielding for cheap comfort and totalized sensory pleasure. [Off, to you my final editors.]

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