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Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
2 years ago

Americanism is based upon a contradiction, an impossible one, namely a form of Nationalism based upon Cosmopolitanism. America is the first, the only, and in all likelihood, will be the very last of its kind:a Globalist Country (or, a Globalist entity if one would prefer). None adhere to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution in any event. They are not content to identify as mere Americans, let alone US Citizens. Usually they call themselves Irish Americans, Italian Americans, or perhaps Polish Americans.

Used to wonder: how could Blacks belong to the same Nation, as Whites, when they are not even of the same Race? Many dip their heads in the sand by trying to say there is no such thing. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will learn to become more interested in my European roots, rather than be Patriotic to a paradox. How about the rest of you?

The WASPs, are the worst off. Still, were it not for White Genties, WASPs particularly, I wonder who everyone else will blame all their little problems on? That is a good question to ask. I used to consider myself to be an Atheist, and after a while I thought I might be a Deist of sorts.

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