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Alexander Markovics examines the German government's purported intention to engage in a war with Russia, despite the opposition of most German citizens to such a move.

‘We are at war with Russia!’ With these words, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock caused a stir. The German government had previously stated that Germany was not a party to the war against Russia, despite providing weapons, such as Marder infantry fighting vehicles, and ammunition to Ukraine. Never before in German history has such a consequential statement been made so casually. Baerbock appears to be like the proverbial bull in a china shop, sent in to destroy the already strained German-Russian relations completely.

War against Russia – Baerbock Drops the Mask

Ministers do not say such things unconsciously – every sentence is an act of state. Baerbock has not apologised for it to this day. Her body language does not indicate a mistake, but rather that she accidentally blurted out and said aloud what she discusses behind closed doors with her transatlantic allies. Although the German government flatly protested, saying that it still was not a party to the conflict, neither Moscow nor the German people believed them. The German government is therefore determined to go to war with Russia, as evidenced by the German tank deliveries to Kiev – and this even though the identity of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) is actually based on its mantra ‘Never again war!’ and that of the Greens on an alleged rejection of arms deliveries to war zones. But what does the nominal sovereign, the German people, say about it?

The Germans Overwhelmingly Reject further Escalation of the War

The German government has betrayed its people.

Does this warlike attitude correspond to the will of the Germans, or does their government betray the people? As a survey by the the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau shows, almost three-quarters of Germans are against the delivery of the Leopard 2 main battle tank to Ukraine – in the territory of the former GDR, it is even 90%. This rejection is not without reason: as a survey by Forsa-Themenradar shows, 72% of Germans fear that the war will expand beyond Ukraine, and 62% believe that the economic situation in Germany will continue to deteriorate. And rightfully so: since the Western sanctions and the most likely Western-sabotaged Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, the German economy has suffered a massive decline. Comparatively cheap Russian oil and gas were replaced by more expensive American liquefied gas or had to be purchased at a higher price from intermediaries such as India. The resulting significant increase in inflation – whose mother, however, is the lax monetary policy of the European Central Bank, not the conflict in Ukraine – was further driven by the war.

Today Tanks, Tomorrow Fighter Jets, and Maybe Conscription?

The German government has betrayed its people. The fear of further escalation is not the only concern driving Germans, but also the sudden debate about conscription sparked by the new defence minister, Boris Pistorius. If German planes and possibly even submarines are delivered soon, the only escalation option left for the government will be the deployment of German soldiers to the new Eastern front. The logical consequence of the continued warmongering of the German government will ultimately result in dead Germans. When the first dead sons and daughters return to Germany in coffins, even the voters of the Greens and FDP (Free Democratic Party), who particularly radicalise against Russia, will realise that this war is not a game but a bloody reality. Against this background, the debate about conscription is by no means a ‘ghost discussion’ – since we have already seen with the previous escalation steps how quickly the German government can change its mind – but a deadly serious issue. The German people do not want war, but the government is doing everything to bring it about. From these facts, it is clear that the German government has betrayed its peace-loving people.

The German Government is Building a Madhouse Wall around Germany

As recent statements by the Croatian President Zoran Milanović prove, Germany is increasingly perceived as arrogant and insane due to the warmongering of its government. The German government is building a madhouse wall around Germany. This means a massive loss of reputation for Germany. While we Germans were highly regarded until recently as a technically competent and hardworking people, we are increasingly perceived from the outside as insane, rainbow-flag-waving warmongers.

What does this war mean for the German people? Germany has never been so poorly prepared for an armed conflict in its recent history. The Bundeswehr is only partially ready for action. Whether it is tanks, warships, or planes: only 77% of the primary weapons systems are ready for use. This number is only so high since the troops have significantly reduced their training and exercise operations in the past three years due to the pandemic. Under actual combat conditions, this number would drop drastically, not to mention the effects of possible Russian missile attacks on civilian and military infrastructure. Given these bleak prospects, the Germans must now stand up to form an unprecedented peace movement. Because only they can make this insane government finally step down and restore peace in Europe.

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Racial Civil War
The Path of Cinnabar

Translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Alexander Markovics

Born in 1991 in Vienna, Alexander Markovics is a historian, journalist, and translator who follows the New Right, Fourth Political Theory, and Neo-Eurasianism. Alexander is the editor-in-chief of the German magazine Agora Europa which follows the real right. He has a BA in History and was the founder, first chairman and spokesperson of the Identitarian Movement in Austria from 2012 to 2017.

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Bronek (ben)
Bronek (ben)
6 months ago

I’ve spent time in Germany, when it was divided. The citizens were hard working, industrious and most were highly civilized. It was easy to make friends. The author has made many correct reiterations. First of all, like in many countries, the masses are against war. Evidently what the masses desire is irrelevant.

As in the Czech Republic and Poland people have demonstrated against the insane war. The problem: As in America, even if you have a destructive regime, how do you remove it? After all, much of media gets funds from gov., disinformation is staggering.

By supporting the Deep State’s war Germany could go into economic depression. Should it expand, Baltic, Czech, German, Polish and other cities will be reduced to ruin. Is it even possible to trash these war-supporting regimes without revolution?

Biden’s team is a key mover of the war. Biden’s intellectually inferior and dishonest by most sources. However, he’s a heavenly gift for the Deep State. Will he go down in history as the man who was responsible for creating the biggest catastrophe in the history of man?

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